Chapter 17 La La Land

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And the demons all around you waiting
For you to sell your soul

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

They're singing
La la la la

La la la la

La la la la la

Buffy tried but nothing, Isabella was somewhere else right now. This wasn't good and they needed to get back to Sunnydale that's where Glory will go. Buffy just hugged Isabella not knowing what else to do right now.

"We need to leave," Xander stated. "We need to leave, call the slayers and end this."

"How?" Cordelia asked. "If Izzy can't take her then who can?"

"We need to get out of here for one." Cordelia answered.

"When we get back to Sunnydale where are we going to look?" Doyle asked. "We have no idea where to start."

"Well, then we'll get back, start with the notes we've found it's all in there." Wes started.

"How much time do you think we have?" Gunn asked as they were all sitting around. Giles was half in this but still in pain.

"Not much but we better start thinking of something, start thinking of a way." Evan jumped in and looked to Isabella was no longer with them.

"Think of what?" Xander asked. "We're screwed right now! Nothing can stop this hell god and now she has the key!"

"Shut up!" Spike jumped in.

"Make me!" Xander challenged him and Spike made his way over to him but Willow held out her hand and the two went flying back in opposite directions.

"That's enough!" The redhead witch was serious. "Angel's dead, Isabella isn't with us right now and Glory has Dawn. Real soon Glory's going to use Dawn for something and we need to pull it together and stop it even if it means we all die. Now if you two want to fight fine go ahead but that happens after the world ends. Right now I need you both understood?" Willow asked and both Spike and Xander nodded.

"We get back to Sunnydale and go from there." Doyle stepped in.

"Call the slayers down, we're going to need an army on this one." Wes added.

"Then look through those notes see if Glory has a weak spot." Giles chimed in.

"So why they hell are we standing around, let's move it! Assess and elbows!" Gunn called out and everyone started to get up. Spike walked over to Buffy and Isabella and he squatted down.

"How is she?" Spike asked and Buffy shrugged.

"She lost her father and sister in two days, how do you think she feels?" Buffy asked but Spike wasn't going to answer that. Buffy stood up and Spike scooped up Isabella as everyone began to file out.

Being back in Sunnydale wasn't easy for them as they all went back into the mansion. The two Watchers got into the notes while everyone else gathered the weapons. Isabella was sitting on the edge of her bed still not moving not making one sound. Buffy stood there watching her and had no idea what to do.

Buffy, Willow, Tara and Lorne were studying the girl as she was completely catatonic. Buffy wasn't far behind being like that but if she couldn't stay strong then who would? Buffy walked over to Isabella and squatted down before her.

"Baby?" She asked but Isabella wasn't even tracking her mom. She was staring off into some place. "Izzy, I need you, Dawn needs you please." Buffy begged but nothing. Buffy rested her head on Isabella's lap not knowing what to do and tears fell.

"I have an idea," Willow spoke up and Buffy looked to the witch and she was desperate to try anything. "Lorne can connect me or even you into her mind and we can pull her out." Willow finished and Lorne shrugged.

"I can try, won't hurt at this point." Lorne agreed. Buffy nodded and the two witches and Lorne came into the room and Buffy laid Isabella on her bed. Lorne put his hand on Isabella's head and grabbed Willow's hand. "This might feel weird." Lorne warned her and Willow nodded.

Willow opened her eyes and she was at the hotel in LA. Willow smiled a little remembering the place and started to walk around. She needed to find Isabella wherever she was. Willow walked the empty place she looked up the stairs. Isabella's old room was up there and that's a good place to start. Willow headed upstairs and looked into Isabella's room and sitting on the bed was Angel and tiny little girl. Angel was singing to her like he always did. Willow just had to stand there for moment and watch this moment.

It felt so long ago that this happened and it was some of the best times. Angel was so happy to have a daughter and he protected that child with everything he had and more. He loved Isabella. Willow kept walking to find Isabella knowing there was going to be lots of memories. Then a young girl of ten was before her.

"Izzy?" Willow asked and she nodded. "Izzy you need to wake up we need you."

"I'm waiting." Isabella answered.

"For what?" Willow asked.

"Dawn." Then the little girl skipped away and Willow walked further down the hall and into Angel's room. On that bed was a sleeping Angel and a sleeping Isabella. But it wasn't the Isabella she was looking for. Willow had another idea where Isabella was and that was the roof. She went up there and there was a sixteen-year-old Isabella standing there.

"Izzy?" Willow asked and the young girl turned around as Willow walked up to her and looked out to the city. "Izzy, please wake up." But the girl said nothing and in split second Willow saw that they weren't at the hotel anymore. Willow was at the mansion in Cleveland and turned around seeing Angel, Buffy and Isabella walk into the room together. It was Dawn's room when she was a baby. And in Buffy's arms was a baby.

"We're home Dawnie." Buffy announced smiling. Then she handed the little baby to Isabella and she smiled.

"Hi, Dawn," Isabella greeted and Willow smiled then sucked somewhere else. Isabella was sitting in a chair by herself. Willow walked over to her and stood before her.

"Izzy, come one wake up we need you." Willow insisted and Isabella looked up with a blank stare.

"It's over, it doesn't matter." Isabella then looked away.

Willow opened her eyes and she was back in Isabella's room at the mansion and she saw Lorne, Buffy and Tara. She then looked to Isabella and her state was unchanged.

Giles made the call to Cleveland and the slayers were on their way now. The mansion itself was under massive and high alert. The old AI team started to gather weapons and what they were going to need. The two Watchers poured over the notes to see where this ritual will take place and when and how it'll happen. They just knew time was against them.

Dawn sat alone and had sobbed for hours but stopped. She sat alone in the corner in the dark. She knew she was in danger and tried to get out of this little room but couldn't. Outside the room Glory was prepping for her return home. Ben was with her and he served his purpose and would die as well. The people she has turned crazy were here most of them at least. They walked around like zombies waiting.

Glory looked down at all this smiling. Soon she would be home again. She wanted to be home and show the other two hell gods not to mess with her. She was impressed with the monks for keeping the Key hidden for three years as a little girl but the secret was out.

Back at the mansion Buffy was going to try and Isabella. Maybe seeing her mother inside her head will help. Buffy saw the hotel and seeing Angel singing to Isabella melted and broke her heart. Buffy walked further into the room and sat on the bed watching them. Isabella was no more than two as Angel held her singing. The little girl was falling asleep as much as she was trying to fight it. Buffy looked up seeing Angel singing and a tear fell, she missed him. She's never felt so alone.

Angel looked up to Buffy and smiled.

"She's so tiny." He said and looked back down at little Izzy as she asleep. Buffy then came to the empty room where Isabella sat alone in a chair. Buffy rushed to her as Isabella hummed Parting Glass.

"Izzy, Izzy look at me." Buffy took a knee before Isabella and Isabella looked at her mother. "Please, wake up."

"Oh all the money that e'er I spent I spent it in good company." Isabella sung to herself and Buffy listen. "And all the harm that e'er I've done alas, it was to none but me. And all I've done for want of wit o memory now I can't recall. So fill to me the parting glass. Good night and joy be with you all." Isabella sung slowly and somberly. Buffy let a tear fall having no idea what to do. "Oh all the comrades that e'er I've had are sorry for my going away. And all the sweethearts that e'er I've had would wish me one more day to stay. But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise and you should not. I'll gently rise and I'll softly call. Good night and joy be with you all. Good night and joy be with you all."

"Izzy," Buffy looked at Isabella.

"I failed, I made a promise and I failed." Isabella said and finally Buffy had something to work with.

"What did you fail at?" Buffy asked because Isabella had to talk her way through this.

"I couldn't protect them. Brian's dead, daddy's dead, Dawn's going to die." Isabella answered in a plain and direct voice.

"No, Izzy, Brian and your dad didn't die because of you and Dawn's not going to die. But if you sit here then Brian's and your father's death will be in vain and Dawn will die. I need you on this. You and I are the only one strong enough." Buffy explained and Isabella looked to her.

"I'm not strong. I'm not the champion, I'm not him." Isabella stated.

"I don't want you to be your father, no one asked that I need you to be you." Buffy teared up but Isabella still did nothing.

Buffy's eyes opened but they were watery. Willow helped her up and sat Buffy in a nearby chair.

"I don't know what to do." Buffy sobbed. Isabella was disappearing somewhere and the longer she stayed there the more she'll fall. "What are we going to do? I need her."

"She needs her father." Willow stated. In these little worlds Isabella was in it all had to do something with her dad.

"I can't give her Angel. I want to but how?" Buffy asked as she panicked.

"Maybe we don't have to have Angel." Tara spoke up and everyone looked to her. "You're saying she's seeing him, reliving memories?" Tara asked and Buffy nodded. "Maybe we can protect Angel onto her have that image tell her to come back." Tara suggested.

"You mean make her see her father but really she's just telling herself to get up." Lorne stated the idea and Buffy's eyes widen.

"Can we do that?" Buffy asked as she was willing to take any chance now.

"We can do that." Willow answered.

Isabella sat in her chair looking into nothing when her mother was there. Isabella didn't make eye contact as Buffy once again knelt before her.

"You didn't fail and I don't what I can do to convince you of that. But I am here for Izzy, I was always with you and I still will be. I love you." Buffy reached out and put her hand on Isabella's cheek. "You're not a failure and brought someone here to prove that to you." Buffy then stood up and kissed Isabella's forehead. Buffy stepped aside as some else walked up behind her. Isabella looked up and saw a man. The man then knelt down in front of her.

Isabella saw her father before her and he reached out and put both hands on her shoulders.

"Where's your little sister?" He asked and Isabella shook her head and tears were already escaping.

"She was taken, I lost her." Isabella answered.

"She's out there alone she needs you to protect her." Angel was trying to push her.

"It's my fault she's gone. I couldn't protect her, I didn't protect you and I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm failing, I can't…" Isabella sobbed.

"You're strong Izzy, you are so strong, you always were to me. Failing is giving up, you'll never fail." Angel assured her and she looked up at her father. "You'll never fail me, ever." He then reached out and touched her face. "My Inion," Isabella leaned into his hand with tears.

"Daddy," She sobbed and fell into his arms. Buffy smiled as it was working. Angel kissed her head holding her. This was the safest place in the world. Her father's arms meant safety and love and she wanted to stay here forever.

"I'm with you Izzy," He still held her. "I'll never leave you, ever," He kissed her head again and she pulled back. "You stay alive in here." Angel pointed to his head and she nodded and put her hand over her heart.

"And in here," She finished their little phrase.

"Now," Angel's voice was stern as it was time to quit playing games, it was time to stop being sad and feel helpless. "Get up, you heard?"

"I heard." Isabella answered back.

Isabella blinked and looked around. The last thing she remembered was being in some broken down gas station. She looked around saw her mom at her side with Lorne and at the foot of the bed she saw Willow and Tara. Isabella shot up and hugged her mom and both started to sob. Isabella came back, it worked.

"I'm sorry." Isabella sobbed and Buffy shook her head no and pulled away tucking some hair behind her daughter's ear.

"You never have be sorry. I love you." Buffy smiled and Isabella nodded and hugged her mother again.

"I love you too." Isabella squeezed her mom and Buffy kissed Isabella's head.

Downstairs everyone was scrambling to get ready as the slayers would be here in a few hours. Everyone then stopped as Isabella came down the steps. She looked around to the group. They were all scared, broken, sad, everything but they were gearing up for battle.

"Izzy?" Giles asked and she looked to her Watcher.

"I'm not mad anymore, I just want to end this." Isabella stated looking around. "I'm ready."

"For what?" Gunn asked.

"War." She answered and everyone started to smile a little.

"She's back." Doyle whispered Isabella finished walking down the steps and to Giles.

"I know it's nothing good but what do we know?" Isabella asked and Giles nodded.

"No, it's not good and I pray we can stop it." Giles answered and Isabella nodded. "We've got one hell uphill battle on this one."

"Then let's get started." Isabella stepped into the leadership role it was time to end this and take back what was hers.

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"Gonna take them all out." Doyle stated meaning the minions. "For Angel, for Brian." Buffy and Isabella gave a very faint smile. "You never know your strength until you're tested, that's what Angel always taught me." Isabella remembered those words it would be something he always told her. "That is what made him the hero." Doyle then looked to Buffy and Isabella and he gave a small but reassuring smile.

"Now what? Sing Kumbya?" Xander ruined the moment. "This isn't about us or Angel, its death it's everywhere don't you guys get it?"

"You don't have to be here Xander." Buffy reminded him.

"Oh, right now you tell me. Didn't have join in the Scooby gang turned into AI, sure as hell didn't have to drive all the way out here." Xander finished his rant which was more or less him expressing his fear.

"Xander, we're all scared." Buffy assured her long time friend. Xander took a deep breath feeling Anya rubbing his back.

"Still, I say we should have brought a machine gun." Xander added as the trunks of the cars were closed and everyone gathered up and headed out.