Chapter 4 Sunnydale Alumni

Isabella was back in college again sitting with Evan and Levy in a history class. Isabella got done with her classes later than the other two because she started at ten rather than eight like the normal people. History wasn't a subject they liked but they were good at it because of their childhood. Back at the mansion everyone was doing whatever it was that they do and the slayers were training. Isabella opted out of the slayer school because she has trained a lot longer than all of them also she wasn't going to be training in the defensive so much as channeling some sort of inner peace. She wanted to know where she came from and who she was.

Other than trying to find records that for the most part were destroyed three years ago she had to find it within herself. Dawn these days was the class act at the mansion. She was just like Isabella and could make anyone laugh and was sweet. But if she's tired or hungry and melts down then forget it she's done. Right now she was content in Buffy's arms as they were looking through a book.

Evan and Levy were done with class for the day and in another hour or so Isabella will come home and start whatever a slayer at her level does. Brian was with Wes studying some strange language. The days were pretty normal now among this group. Also Cordelia and Doyle returned and were a little bummed they missed Dracula. While Cleveland was under control Sunnydale was still slightly active. Two slayers were placed there to keep watch over it and there was nothing too unusual about it. They killed vampires and what not but nothing out of the norm.

Isabella returned to the mansion ready for training and Angel was going to join her. Because he was human he had to keep with training even more to stay strong. So to stay challenged he trained Isabella. First and always it was strength training and then later at the end they would race each other. Back in the day Isabella first started Angel easily won these little sprints. Towards of his vampire days they were neck and neck. Now Isabella couldn't use her vampire speed that would be cheating so she just ran. But for Angel to keep up with a slayer it proved he was one human to not mess with.

After that it was time for Isabella to go beyond the strength and speed of a slayer and train in mind and soul and was meditating with Giles and Angel was watching. He was curious to see what Isabella would learn about herself. She was strong these days in body but now she had strengthened her mind. From the time Angel started to train her to now she has completely transformed. She was toned and defined; she knew her job and destiny and embraced it. She didn't know who she was completely but who or whatever she was she accepted it. It was a rare gift given to her so she had to take it or leave it.

Angel's changed since all this began back in high school when he met Buffy. When he was changed into a vampire and given a soul he hoped it was just a nightmare. He walked the earth with no purpose until he found Buffy. He had purpose now and was human. He earned his humanity and he thought there wouldn't be a snowball's chance in hell of getting. He still fights today for three people and one was before him.

Angel and Isabella have been through it all, the blood, the tears, the fears and it's only made them stronger. They needed each other; one couldn't live without the other. Angel raised Isabella on his own, he held her, loved her and seeing what she is becoming and he's a proud father. Isabella was a leader and a strong woman and he was a part of that. They had a strong bond both blood and emotional. It was just them and to a certain point it will always be them. He would never leave her and still to this day die for her.

Angel sat on the floor as Isabella stood before a wooden post that came about to her hips. She had both hands on it as she took deep breaths to calm herself. She now had to focus on her inner strength and core for this meditation workout.

"There is nothing but you," Giles stated and Isabella closed her eyes taking in deep breath. "You are the center so focus inwards." Isabella then jumped softly off the ground and lifted her feet high above her and held a handstand position with her hands on the post. Angel smiled a little just seeing how strong she really was. "Let the world fall away." She then held one hand balanced perfectly not moving and was solid. Just as Isabella was finding peace she fell and Angel looked up and sighed.

Dawn took the blanket off her head looked confused not understanding what just happened as she bumped the table with the crystals and causing Isabella breaking concentration. Angel sighed and didn't know if he should smile or not.

"Uh oh," Dawn said in her little voice.

"Yeah, uh oh," Angel repeated and Isabella sat up and then Evan came in.

"Oh you're done, you still want to go to the campus party Saturday?" Evan asked and Isabella rolled her eyes. Maybe mediation was off the list today.

Night at had settled and Isabella was on patrol searching for vampires. She wasn't patrolling alone as she with her father and mother. Isabella walked into a crypt feeling that vampires were around. She held out her crossbow and walked in. Buffy went in with the scythe and Angel came in with his trusty axe. Angel maybe human but he can still fight. Isabella still trained with him and he still had it. Isabella jumped onto a tomb looking around and she could feel it. There were several vampires in the shadows somewhere.

Isabella motioned and Angel and Buffy got close going back to back. Isabella took out a small glass bottle and threw it and that was enough to do it. About ten vampires came from the shadows. Isabella jumped from the tomb and kicked one down and fired at one. Angel swung the axe and a head rolled and Buffy used the stake side of the scythe and a vampire was dust. Isabella dodged a vampire and fired at one as she spun around and fired at another.

Buffy and Angel sliced a few more heads Isabella looked around as the place was cleared. Angel walked to his daughter and Isabella held up the crossbow and fired and Angel turned around seeing the arrow in its chest and it turned into dust.

"Aim a little closer next time." Angel said to Isabella and she shrugged. "Well, that was bracing," Angel commented and Buffy nodded and Isabella looked a little less than pleased. "Too boring for you?"

"It's just," Isabella started. "We should do something fun at night like we use to."

"You mean jump from roof to roof?" Angel asked and Buffy looked at him. "I can't jump roof to roof like I use too."

"Not like that I mean, movies, dinner, stuff like that." Isabella explained and Buffy smiled.

"Maybe Friday night we can." Buffy suggested and Angel nodded then there was a noise and Isabella took out her walky talky.

"Yes?" She asked.

"It's supposed to be Isabella come in." Evan said and Isabella rolled her eyes. "Anyways we need help." And the three were off to help the group fight. It was another normal night.

Isabella and her parents returned to the mansion and Angel had an idea to make her feel better. He whispered something to Buffy and she nodded with a smile and went to get Dawn. Dawn shouldn't be completely asleep yet. Buffy got the three year old and found Angel and Isabella heading to the kitchen. After slaying and slayer usually is hungry.

"Ok, ready?" Buffy asked and Isabella looked up.

"Ready for what?" Isabella asked and Buffy smiled.

"We're going to get ice cream and be normal." Angel answered and Isabella smiled a little.

The family four ordered ice cream at a local stand and walked together to a table. Pretty soon it was going to get too cold for ice cream they better enjoy it. Dawn of course would wake up for ice cream and she was enjoying being up late with her sister and parents eating ice cream. They sat down with their cones and ate.

"Remember that hole in the wall ice cream stand in LA?" Angel asked and Isabella nodded with a smile and Buffy knew she was about to get a little history lesson.

"It was so tiny but I think it was the best ice cream in town." Isabella stated.

"Wait are you guys talking about Lily and Jeff's?" She asked and they both nodded. "I remember that place yeah and it was good. About three years before moving to Sunnydale is when it opened." Isabella smiled thinking she and her mother went to the same ice cream place.

"We as in Fred, Cordelia, Willow and myself found it one night and we took the kids there when they were old enough to eat ice cream I think you guys were maybe a year when we started taking you." Angel started to explain. "I get an ice cream bowl and I split it with you and would feed you," He looked to Isabella as she ate her ice cream. "And you would say bite, bite when you wanted more." Isabella smiled along with Buffy seeing that happen in her head. She could see a little one-year-old Isabella asking for more ice cream and she could see Angel feeding it to her. Dawn didn't seem interested in the story as she ate her bowl of chocolate ice cream with a smile.

The sun set in Sunnydale as the two slayers there were out on patrol with Andrew following and cataloging everything. Sunnydale was rather quiet as it has been for years. The two slayers dusted some vampires and knew soon they would be heading back to Cleveland to switch out with two other slayers. Andrew wrote some stuff down and checked his watched and it was early but then something caught his attention. He snapped his fingers and the two slayers looked up.

The three gathered together to investigate and heard a scream. They all knew it was a person in trouble so they rushed to save the person but when they got to the location there wasn't a person, no body, nothing. It was strange all three didn't like it. The slayers felt something creep up their backs knowing evil of some kind was here. They couldn't walk away not yet. So they looked around the clearing when Andrew yelped.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Andrew yelled as the slayers came over a dead body was on the ground. Andrew scooted away looking at the bloody body and the slayers went to check it out. The man was in a brown robe like your standard monk. His face was covered in three long gashes that went down the entire length of the front of his body. Another three gashes went horizontally across his mid section. He was dead so there was no way of knowing who his attacker was. But if he was a monk, a holy man then this might be something demonic in nature.

Humans and technology have come a long way these days and this was proof. The gang were all in the huge conference room with a screen up and they were live chatting with Andrew through video. Angel and Spike were probably the ones most amazed by this because when they were human people rode horses and lived by firelight. Andrew just finished up on the latest attack on the monk as Giles, Brian and Wes took note. Giles agreed this was more likely demonic in nature, the holy war so to speak.

"Well, we must find the identity of this monk and see what order he is part of and," Wes started but was cute off.

"We've haven't found anything on this monk." Andrew spoke up and everyone looked around. "There's no record at least not in these dioceses in the LA, Sunnydale, Santa Monica area." That was odd but then again not really. Monks do travel to preach and pray. "We're reaching out but so far no monks have been sent to this area."

"I don't like it." Buffy spoke up.

"You think something evil would just drag a monk somewhere?" Fred asked and she got some confused looks and shrugs. Isabella just listened trying to come up with an idea on what can be happening. Why this was so important is because Andrew and the others haven't found anything on the monk or what could have killed him. When something couldn't be explained or answered you call the top guns of the business is this was the group.

"Well, we'll see what we can come up here," Giles spoke up looking at his notes. "In the mean time you three stay safe." Andrew nodded through the screen and it clicked off. Everyone then turned to each other ready to talk. "So, any ideas to throw out here?" He got some shrugs.

"It's difficult to try and figure anything out these days with more than half our records gone." Wes stated reminding that as far as written paperwork and documents they were down more than fifty percent. They were all sort of just walking blind and throwing knives in the dark half the time. The Watchers that have survived have been working together rewriting the books with what they could remember and that is shotty at best.

"Well, lately the slayers and Andrew have reported spikes in vampires and demons." Fred added going through her notes. "You think something is active down there?" She asked looking around.

"Not outside the realm of possibility but what?" Lorne asked because while the Hell Mouth was open it wasn't what it use to be. This group put evil in its place three years ago but maybe something was stepping out of line.

"Guys, the only way to figure this out is to see for ourselves." Isabella stated and that was something that everyone appeared to agree on. "We got to go to Sunnydale."

"All of us though?" Cordelia asked which was a good question. They all couldn't just up and leave it wasn't the smartest thing to do.

"Angel, Buffy, Isabella, Gunn, Spike, Wes, Cordelia, Xander, Willow and myself will go." Giles aid and some of them didn't agree. They all wanted to go but for now unless more people were needed but the moment that would be enough. "We'll leave tomorrow morning."

"Go team." Xander added as they all got up. The original Sunnydale group was heading back to Sunnydale for this. If back up was needed then the rest would follow. Since two slayers were going then the other two slayers could come back. Isabella and Brian exchanged a look meaning they needed to talk for a moment and found each other outside.

"Can you see if I can go," Brian started and Isabella sighed because yes she wanted him to go to.

"Brian, the people going to Sunnydale are the ones who know it best. Levy and Evan and Fred aren't going neither is Doyle." She was trying to make him feel better. Brian gave a disapproving sigh followed by a look. "Sunnydale is well at one point was hell's playground Giles just wants the top people for this."

"I know I get it but," He paused something was his mind that meeting unnerved him. Yes they don't have the answers yet, they never do right away. And of course with limited resources it would take longer but when your gut is twisting the way his was you need to listen to it. "Some things not right."

"That's why I want you here." Isabella stated. "If something isn't right I don't want you down there not until we have an idea what's going on." It wasn't about leaving anyone behind it was about taking those who knew this town the best and really who's been together the longest and really the Sunnydale alumni were Angel, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Cordelia and Giles. Gunn was extra muscle, Spike was a vampire to which they can use for investigation, Wes a trained Watcher and Isabella is so far the best slayer. Yes Anya and Tara are from Sunnydale but at the moment were not needed. The rest of them were LA people.

"Just something isn't right." Brian said again and Isabella reached out and hugged him assuring him that it was going to be ok.

"If something happens you'll be there." Isabella said while pulling away. She had that feeling the rest of them would be joining soon.

"I'm you're guardian and I just feel like I need to follow." Brian reminder her and she smiled. While she was more than capable of protecting herself that was true he has not lost his guardianship over her. She hugged him again and could tell he was frustrated not going. He was losing control and it was about that fear if something did go wrong would he make it in time to help.

The mansion was quiet as everyone was trying to get some down time before heading off to Sunnydale. Really they shouldn't sleep because the ones who were leaving would be up in about four hours. Brian crept down the hall to Isabella's room and looked around making sure it was clear. He opened the door and slipped in and shut it gently behind him. Isabella heard the door and sat up and knew it was Brian as he walked further into her room.

He sat on the bed and leaned in kissing as if she was going away forever. Isabella pulled away knowing he wasn't liking this whole going without him.

"I could be gone for three days." Isabella tried to put it all in perspective, which was true she could return in three days.

"Or three months." Brian added and she sighed.

"Ok, maybe but I promise I'll keep you in the loop." Isabella assured him and he nodded and leaned in for another kiss and she giggled a little.

"I care about you that's all." Brian was honest and she can tell. It wasn't because she was entrusted to him but he really did care.

"I know you do." She replied and leaned in for another kiss.

The next day arrived and it was time for the trip. To get Spike there without trouble of the sun and to get there in a timely manner they would have to fly. A four in the morning flight was the answer and when they get in it would four in the morning in California, be like time stopped. Isabella woke up but to wake up at one in the morning was crazy. She thought about not sleeping but went ahead anyways. When she sat up someone next to her groaned and she looked down seeing Brian next to her and she smiled. Their relationship of course was obvious but they did sneakā€¦other time when needed. Hopefully no one knew about that, hopefully.

Angel didn't sleep and somehow Dawn was awake. She could wake up and be ready to do anything so she was his partner in crime at the moment getting stuff packed for the airport. Angel was outside with the flashlight packing with Dawn. He did miss his vampire night vision these days that came in handy. Buffy griped getting out of bed and was downstairs packing snacks for Dawn so she could spare everyone on the plane headaches. They got a straight flight there so that was good maybe, they'll find out.

Everyone was saying good-bye to the ones who were staying here for the moment. This would be the first time the group would be split like this since they joined forces nineteen years ago. Xander said good-bye to Anya and Evan while Willow said good-bye to Tara and Levy. Brian and Isabella said good-bye while Cordelia hugged Doyle. Angel didn't deny it, it was weird that they were splitting up like this but it wasn't going to last long.

Arriving to Sunnydale should have been like a class reunion but it wasn't instead they all went to the old mansion and crashed for the remainder of the night well morning now. Andrew and the two slayers would brief them when they wake up and then leave and the Sunnydale alumni would start their investigation. Isabella looked to her old room of the mansion and memories came back. But this time she had to share the room with Dawn. For Angel and Buffy this mansion held memories and it was strange to be back but sort of fun.

In Isabella's old room Dawn passed out as soon as she got comfortable and Isabella had her laptop open making a call. She knew Brian was up by now. The screen now had his face and the two talked for a moment while down the hall Angel and Buffy were settling in. Buffy lay out on the bed knowing they should sleep a little before the sun comes up. But it felt weird being back and they were somewhat awake from the flight. So to help get some sleep before they start this investigation Angel crawled into the bed and started to rub Buffy's back but it wasn't going to be your average massage though. They just had to remember this mansion was much smaller than the one in Cleveland. While the group went to get some sleep and get back into Pacific Standard Time something else was brewing.

Crash landing to earth wasn't fun but if that's where these monks were going then what choice did she have. She' heard about earth and who now guards it. But the monks had something of hers and she wanted it back. For three years she's been on the search for the monks and now she's tracked them to here. She gets up and coughs from the landing and looks up and around.

"Earth," She spat out and gave a disgusting giggle and coughed. "I hate this place," She rolled over and looked at herself as she was naked and then looked up. Two creatures then came over to her. They were dressed in brown hooded cloaks; small in size no more than four feet all in all they looked like hobbits with leprosy. They stood before the woman and bowed smiling but the woman didn't look pleased. "You brought me clothes right?" One of the mini creatures nodded and pulled out a robe and handed it to the woman and she put in on. "It's not silk but it'll work for now."

"We've been waiting for you my love," Another minion said and the woman stood up getting use to her surroundings. "This Day Walker is who you seek?"

"Yeah I think she and I could be buddies." The woman made the sarcastic remark.

"But she is protected by the god and the Day guardian." The other minion said but the woman didn't look all that concerned.

"It takes a god to kill a god." The woman smiled thinking what was next. "And the Day guardian please he's human now." She smiled and the two minions smiled nodding.

"All hail the mighty Glorificus." The woman looked to her minions as they said this.

"No please call me Glory." She smiled and limped. This Day Walker was who she was after because these monks stole something from and the Day Walker was smart and strong and if given the right leverage will obey a god. She needed the Day Walker to find what was stolen and well you don't steal from a god and get away with it. She just hoped she followed the monks to the right place she did not want to search the earth for this person.

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