Chapter 10 Threats and Fear

Isabella sat in the small training room. She let out a sigh and stood up looking at the punching bag and walked to it making sure the tape on her hands were tight but not too tight. She then started to punch the bag letting some of the frustration out from last night. After leaving the cemetery Isabella disappeared and came home at sunrise. Her mother was the one there to greet her but it wasn't a good morning do you want breakfast greeting. No words just looks of disapproval.

As Isabella punched the bag both Angel and Buffy walked into the training room and stood at the entrance. Angel leaned against the entrance way as Buffy stood there.

"Is this a private catharsis or can anyone watch?" Angel asked and Isabella stopped punching the bag and looked up to her parents. Everyone had a serious and stern look. "Last night, we need to talk." Isabella stood there for a moment and took a few steps from the punching bag.

"I don't want to talk about it." Isabella stated flat and blunt. Buffy nodded but they had to talk.

"That's just to bad cause we are." Buffy was frank and blunt right back. Isabella stood there for a moment not saying anything. "You killed a man. Granted we don't know what he wanted but you killed him."

"Thanks for pointing out the obvious." Isabella snapped and that did not sit with Angel. This was going to be a long talk. Buffy gave Isabella stern look and with her eyes told her daughter that she wasn't happy with the response.

"Izzy, we need to talk about it. You don't want on blood on your hands it'll kill you." Buffy explained from experience with Faith; plus Angel knows all too well what it feels like to carry the memory killing a human, it can destroy you.

"He threatened you, dad, Dawn and me what was I supposed to do?" Isabella asked.

"You know the answer." Angel stated he couldn't defend her all the time. This time she had to own up to her actions. "You know the law,"

"I am the law." Isabella added and both Angel and Buffy glanced at one another and this was about to get ugly.

"Izzy," Buffy scold her and Isabella turned her back and enough was enough.

"Isabella! You never ever as long you live turn your back to your mother." Angel's voice was no longer sweet and caring. It was stern and big a voice Isabella may have heard once in her life. "Isabella Buffy O'Brien you look at me when I'm talking to you." Angel took a step further into the training room and Isabella turned around facing them. "I don't care that you're nineteen, I don't care that you're some other powerful being, I don't care that you don't always agree but I am your father and she is your mother and you will listen and will never turn your back." Isabella remained calm on the outside but on the inside she knew she was in trouble and she was afraid. Her father might be a human but he still knew how to act bigger than that.

When she was little it would have been sent her to the corner and then apologize but this was bigger than disobeying an order and sending her to the corner wouldn't do anything.

"Izzy, please listen and talk to us what is going on?" Buffy asked she wanted to help and find the root now before it was too late. Isabella shrugged and it was her father's side coming out. "You don't have to do this alone. We're all protecting Dawn together." Isabella then sat down and took in a deep breath and then let out a sob. Buffy and Angel rushed to her knowing a break through was about to happen. Buffy sat down right next to her and wrapped her arms around her daughter as Angel got down to his knees and was before her.

"It's ok Izzy," Buffy assured her or at least tried. "It's ok," Buffy kissed her head as Angel sat there and reached out taking her hand into his. "What happened?" Isabella pulled away looking to her parents honestly she had no idea.

"Facing Glory," Isabella began. "I feel so helpless what if I fail and Dawn gets hurt or dies and it's because of me?" Isabella asked and Angel shook his head as Buffy kissed Isabella's head running her fingers through her hair.

"You'll never fail ok." Angel assured her. "You can't fail. We're going to get through this somehow. I know your rattled and not thinking clearly but you have to start. Our lives, your life may depend on it." Isabella wiped a tear away.

"Don't shut us out." Buffy begged and Isabella rested her head on her mom's shoulder. "We're not mad, we just want to understand."

"I killed a man." Isabella stated and that was the first step admitting your fault. Angel got up and sat next to her. She didn't face him they just sat there. What could he say to her these days? It was easy when she was a little girl but she was a little girl anymore. He had tell himself that she wasn't three anymore. He couldn't protect from everything like he used to like he wants to. She looked so sick and pale so what words of comfort could he offer her? Would he be a bad father for saying what he's about to say?

"Izzy, you're not a killer and I know that." Angel was soft in his voice trying to sound like a loving father. Isabella didn't look up at him but he could tell she was listening whether she believed him or not. "But you're going to do whatever you have to do to keep your sister safe." She then looked up to him with those green eyes accepting his words. Buffy wasn't sure if she liked that or not. She agreed with the first part but the second she only half agreed.

Angel shut the door behind him as Buffy stood in their room and turned and faced him. There was more that they had to do with Isabella but right now Buffy needed to address something. Angel could see it in her stands something was bothering her.

"We need to talk." Buffy stated and Angel nodded. "About us." She clarified and then Angel looked confused. "I get what you're trying to do for her but I don't agree."

"I'm trying to help her before she goes rouge like Faith did. Because if she does I don't think anyone could stop her." Angel stated his argument.

"That's peachy, great but telling her that she needs to do what needs to be done like killing a man isn't the way to go." Buffy debated. "You can't go around killing people."

"I've never raised her like that." Angel said.

"But you killed for her, humans included." Buffy added.

"You wouldn't kill a man if he threatened your daughter?" Angel asked and that was a bit of a double edge sword right there. Buffy didn't say anything but there had to be a line on when it needs to stop. "She's not going to develop a taste for it."

"How do you know?" Buffy asked. "She's half vampire, may not be thirst for blood to drink but she may still the feel." Angel took offense to that and stood up straight.

"What are you trying to say?" Angel asked.

"I don't know." Buffy answered because she really didn't. "I don't know."

"Look, I'm afraid for her ok I am. I'm scared out of my mind for Dawn. And what scares me the most is I can't protect them." Angel admitted. "I can't protect our daughters not as a man."

"So you want to be a vampire again?" Buffy asked.

"That's huge leap." Angel deadpanned and the whole atmosphere of the room changed.

"Well what else could it be? You're human now you're right you can't protect them." Buffy stated but it came out wrong. She cursed herself for saying it knowing how Angel was going to take it.

"You wanted me human didn't you?" Angel asked and Buffy couldn't deny it. "I gave you up to give you a better life Buffy. I wanted you happy so I gave you up."

"A lot of good that did." Buffy muttered and Angel stood there.

"Guess I'm more fun being a superhero right? I mean Isabella's going through this phase where she misses the vampire. Do you want me to be a vampire again? We're on the Hell Mouth won't take long."

"Angel!" Buffy scold at him and was shock he would say something like that. You could tell that Isabella was Angel's daughter they both bottle up their emotions and then when it comes out it's issues from months ago in Angel's case years ago.

"She killed a man because of me right?" Angel asked. "Might have raised her to not do it but doesn't mean she won't follow."

"Angel this isn't your fault ok." Buffy tried to reassure him. "We're all getting tired ok. This Glory is taking her toll on research and she's messing with Izzy. But we need to take a break, do something I don't know."

"I am doing something, I'm trying to keep one daughter safe and the other from losing it." Angel answered but Buffy didn't say anything and Angel could sense something underneath. "Then what is it?" Angel asked. "What is it? You're a god you tell me." Buffy didn't like that he played that card. "I did the best I could with what I had." Meaning if Buffy was trying to get at him raising Isabella to do this, maybe not directly, was his fault.

"And you did a great job." Buffy tried to make that sound sincere because it was true but it didn't come out that way well not to Angel.

"Don't patronize me." Angel went to walk away.

"I'm not," Buffy snapped. "Angel," She paused again and he looked to her. "Fine walk away like you always do." That made something blow in Angel.

"What was that supposed to mean?" Angel asked and walked over to her. "I never walked away. I wanted you to have a normal life."

"Yeah and I'm pretty normal now." Buffy deadpanned.

"Well, maybe if you hadn't gone off to be some higher being than maybe some of this wouldn't be happening." Angel snapped at her.

"Excuse me!" Buffy raised her voice. "You think I had a choice? You think I wanted to leave?" Buffy asked. "I never wanted to leave Izzy, ever! I had no choice. I choose to come back to this sorry world for her, for you." She looked at Angel in the eye. "I'm not mother of the year but at least I embraced my destiny, you wanted out a few times."

"I died for you!" Angel yelled at her. "I died for Izzy!" He reminded her and they just stared at each other for a moment. "Anything else?" He asked and Buffy said nothing as she stood there. Angel nodded and left the room and Buffy remained standing.

Isabella heard the whole thing from her room. Dawn sat in bed with her letting Isabella style her hair. Dawn couldn't hear it unlike Isabella, she had vampire hearing so the conversion was clear to her. But as Isabella listen to the fight she slowly started to stop braiding. Dawn noticed and turned to Isabella and smiled and got into her lap. She has never heard her parents fight like that and it scared her. Dawn had no idea what had just occurred and got up and went behind Isabella.

"I do your hair now ok." Dawn stated and grabbed the brush and started to comb Isabella's hair. "You tired Izzy?" Dawn asked and Isabella nodded fighting the tears. The tears that tried to surface were from the man she killed, the argument that her parents just had with her in the training room and the fight they just had now. "You need peace and quiet." Dawn explained. "What you think?" Isabella tried to smile but couldn't. Dawn then came around and saw a tear falling and rolling down Isabella's cheek. "Oh, Izzy," Dawn sound concerned and reached out and wiped the tear away. "Don't cry, I make it better." She assured her big sister and climbed into her arms. "Oh all the money that e'er I spent," Dawn started to sing and Isabella embraced her as Dawn sung to her.

Glory made sure she looked good and started out into the streets of Sunnydale. She decided to go and visit the old mansion on the out part of town. After getting there she walked around the place and it felt empty. Everyone had gone out. Buffy told them to get out today and do something fun. The only person that was at the mansion was Spike and he was asleep. Glory opened the door and looked around.

Isabella went on a walk with Brian but they said nothing. Brian just held her hand and could feel that she was closing off. He wasn't sure if he should ask what was going on or not. After the long and quiet walk Brian was going to go to the library and Isabella just wanted to go home and crawl into bed. It was a horrible day. Isabella opened the door and walked in with a sigh.

"Long day sweetie?" Glory asked and Isabella stood there motionless. "So this is where the slayer eats, sleeps and…" She looked around wiping her fingers across the shelving surfaces looking disgusted. "Combs her hair. So cute, can't stand it." She finished looking around. Isabella's gaze headed straight for the fireplace seeing some potential weapons. "Personally it's not bad here but I'd need more space. But this must be fine just for you." She then reached for other little things. While Glory was talking Isabella was able to sneak over to the fireplace and grabbed a rod but as soon as she turned around Glory was right behind her. Isabella took a step back as Glory took the rod from her. "Isabella," Glory began. "If I wanted to fight you could tell by you being dead already." Glory giggled and Isabella remained quiet. Glory twirled the rod and walked over to the sofa and sat down. "So play nice little girl."

"What do you want?" Isabella demanded while crossing her arms standing there. Of course she knew the answer to that stupid question but she as so shaken up, so scared at the moment. All that kept going through her head was Dawn. She hoped Dawn was ok and not here.

"The Key why else would I be in this hell hole." Glory answered and with the rod she pointed to Isabella, the rod was now her scepter. "See Isabella, can I call you Bella?" Isabella said nothing to that name. "I think you know where the Key is." Glory stated with a smile. "And that's a good thing."

"Glad you think so." Isabella deadpanned.

"Yeah and it's the only thing keeping you alive right now too." Glory said with a slight hint of anger. Isabella however remained there and a small wave of relief washed over her. Glory didn't know it was Dawn she was just here poking around. But still Isabella wasn't out of the woods not by a long shot. "Because you may be tiny queen in vampire world but to me you're just a bug, a bug that needs to be squashed." Glory said and then Angel walked into the living room. Angel has yet to see Glory but this woman was threatening his daughter, both of his daughters. But the look in Isabella's eyes told him to not even breathe. But to stand there and do nothing that was not in his nature as a father.

"You should get down on your knees and worship me slayer." Glory began with some laughter. Angel looked around at anything he could as a weapon to strike at this woman. You don't come into his house and threaten those he loved. "You think its neat having slayer powers but let me tell you something it's cooler having my power, power to snap you in half before you had time to react. Now who or what has the Key?" Angel was almost close to grabbing a broadsword mounted on the wall. "And you!" Glory screamed, held up her hand and snapped her fingers. Angel stood still waiting to see what was going to happen. "Come here a sec."

"Leave him out of this." Isabella demanded but Glory laughed and waved her hand and Angel followed.

"Not asking twice." Glory threatened.

"No, this is between you and me." Isabella reminded her wanting Glory to let her father go.

"No this is between me and my Key you just happen to be the thing in the way." Glory finished. Angel figured if he did as this woman asked then maybe she would leave. Angel came over and stood in front of Glory crossing his arms. Glory looked up and down at Angel and smiled seductively. "And wow," She licked her lips. "Maybe earth isn't so bad after all aren't you just…" Glory twirled the rod again smiling at Angel. "You must be Angelus. I've heard stories and in my book you are worthy advisory."

"I try." Angel mocked standing there.

"Well Angelus did you know your daughter took my Key and won't give it to me?" Glory asked and Angel stood there. "Do you know where I can find it? I mean I think it was sent to you too, or do you not know that your little brat took it and didn't tell you." Angel shook his head no. "Of course I can't ask you can't torture you either according to the demons here you created the art of torture, I like you even if you're human." Glory smiled looking back at Isabella who stood there quietly. "I like your father and I'll kill him." Glory threatened and that made Isabella's blood boil. "I'll kill him, I'll kill your mother, I'll kill your sister, I'll kill all your friends and I'll make you watch when I do." Glory said all with a smile. "Anyone who dies from here on out will be your fault." Glory then stood up causing Angel to jump ready to spring into action.

"Either you have the Key or know where to find it." Isabella said nothing and Glory signed paced for a moment. "This is a onetime deal. Next time we meet someone you love will die and it'll keep happening until I get what I want." Glory stated but Isabella held her ground. "You think you can take me?" Glory asked. "This is world is mine and I'm taking it." Glory had a glint in her eye and Isabella then crossed her arms and looked Glory right in the eye showing that she wasn't afraid.

"I'm not giving in, this is my world, I took it, it's mine, I split blood." Isabella stated and that was a challenge and Angel was happy with that statement but knew it was not only bold but maybe a stupid move. Glory walked closer to Isabella looking at her as if she was sizing up her competition.

"We'll see little girl," Glory threatened once more and looked to Angel as he stood there. She then walked over to him and he held his ground. "What's daddy going to do?"

"If I see you anywhere near my girls," Angel started looking down at her with his arms cross having the same stands and Glory knew where Isabella got that look from. "I'll kill you myself." Angel threatened and he would carry that threat out. If he couldn't kill her than he'll sure as hell die trying. Glory smiled and reached out and placed a hand on his cheek.

"Bring it on Angelus," She accepted the challenge and left. Once the door closed Angel sprinted to Isabella and held her and while she was strong she had to hold him back.

"I'm ok," She assured her father and he nodded but he just needed to hold her for one more minute. Angel let go and Isabella looked up at him and she took off. He sighed and today was such a horrible day. He had a huge fight with his wife, Isabella was shutting down and now this Glory woman came to his house. What else could wrong?

After everyone returned from whatever they did that day it was discussed that Glory was looking for something. For Angel, Buffy, Isabella, Brian and Giles they were the only ones that knew what she was looking for. But hiding Dawn was going to get harder as time goes on. After the somewhat somber dinner and discussion Angel walked outside of the mansion wanting some air. As he walked outside he found Buffy standing there by herself. The last fight they had like this was about Faith and Angel told her to get out of his town.

Angel walked up next to Buffy and stood there and they didn't make any advances to one another. For the both of them they couldn't help but think about Dawn and Isabella. Glory was looking for the Key and has made a death threat to Isabella. Things were slowly getting out of hand and something had to be done.

"It could have been worse today." Buffy spoke up breaking the silence between them. Angel nodded agreeing in silences with her. "You and Izzy could be dead."

"She needs us to find the Key." Angel stated meaning as long as Dawn remains a secret then Glory can't really kill them. She knows the Key was sent to Isabella and her parents but it didn't mean that they knew what the Key was. So for Glory to kill any of them doesn't make sense, not yet. "She'll be looking for a while." The two talked but remained standing side by side not facing one another.

"I guess until we figure who Dawn is we need to safeguard this place." Buffy explained and Angel nodded. "Keep an eye on Izzy. Try to give them both safe place to play for Dawn and a place for Isabella to do…whatever she does these days." Buffy laid out the plan for now. She quickly glanced to Angel and then went back facing forwards. "For the record Angel, you're the best father."

"Crap of a husband though." Angel meant he should have yelled at her. Isabella is both their daughter and they have to come to an agreement on how to handle what she does together. He knew it was wrong to say the things he said to her. He owes Buffy so much and what happened earlier was not how things should have been handled. "What do we do now?" Angel asked meaning they haven't fought like this before well not in a long time so what's the next step?

"Well, only way to end a bad day like this is to sleep." Buffy answered and she went to turn around and go back inside but before she did she reached out and grabbed Angel's arm and held it for a minute. He looked to her and their eyes locked for a moment. Buffy pulled away letting her hand slide down his arm and into his hand and she walked away. Angel remained outside and let out another sigh, things were getting rough.

Dawn was downstairs and Buffy smiled as she came up to her. Angel came in and Cordelia looked up same with Willow. They both knew the Angel and Buffy story and their cues and right now they knew the two were mad at each other. Buffy reached down and picked Dawn up and three went upstairs to put her down for the night. Dawn had no clue what was going on but being held by her mom she could feel tension. Angel and Buffy walked quietly into her and Isabella's room and put her on the bed.

"You mad?" Dawn asked them both although they didn't realize it as she got under the covers.

"What?" Angel asked.

"Izzy says you mad at her and mommy is mad at daddy and daddy mad at mommy." Dawn explained and both Angel and Buffy glanced at one another. It was true though. "Why?" Dawn asked. Angel was trying to figure out how to explain it to her.

"People just get mad at each other sometimes, that's all." Buffy started and Angel nodded.

"Can you stop?" Dawn asked. "I don't like it and it make Izzy cry." For both Angel and Buffy that statement felt like it punched them in the stomach. Isabella was sorry for what she did last night. While it was bad, wrong and immoral and something that was never taught it wasn't all her fault. Isabella did what she thought was right. Some of it was out of frustration because of the stress of Glory and the secret of Dawn. It's a lot to ask of a person and it was time for Angel and Buffy to share in this. Isabella is still young and even though she's been training for nearly ten years sometimes scolding instead of consoling only makes it worse.

Buffy smiled a little as she tucked some hair behind Dawn's ear and nodded. Angel looked to his littlest daughter and reached out and took her tiny hand into his.

"Good." Dawn said and Buffy leaned in and kissed Dawn on the forehead.

"Get some sleep, night pretty girl." Buffy whispered and Dawn smiled and then Angel scooted closer and leaned in for a hug.

"Love you, sweet dreams." Angel also whispered and Dawn nodded as Angel and Buffy left the room but still in silence and avoiding eye contact.

Isabella walked through the cemetery knowing to be out here alone wasn't a good idea. She needed to kill something so the poor vampires were at her mercy. She dusted ten vampires and decided to go home. She left the cemetery and as she walked she ran into Brian.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" Brian asked and Isabella just stood there.

"What are you…doing?" Isabella asked.

"Looking for you." Brian answered.

"I was out for a walk." Isabella told him but he knew better.

"Out for a walk by the cemetery by yourself after today?" Brian asked and Isabella shrugged and then she kept walking. "Izzy what's going on?" Brian asked as he caught up to her.

"Nothing," She answered.

"It's a hold lot of nothing." Brian added and Isabella stopped in her tracks.

"Can't I just be left alone?" She asked and then she saw a look of hurt on Brian's face.

"Fine, just trying to help." Brian then walked away and Isabella felt bad for what she said and then chased after him but something tackled him to the ground. Isabella sprung into action as little…short ugly demon swiped at her. It snarled at her showing it's teeth and then bit down on Brian's arm. Isabella got back up and took a small tree branch on the ground and swung it at the little creature. It got back up to charge again and Brian took out a small knife and killed it.

"Are you ok?" Isabella got to the ground and saw that his arm was bleeding. He nodded to her. "Come on we should get you to the hospital." Isabella suggested, the bite look deep and she wanted to get it treated not knowing what that thing was that attacked them.

Buffy was in the bathroom after showering and looked in the mirror and something just hit her an overwhelming feeling and she started to cry a little. There wasn't this hardcore fighting but this feeling that something was building and as it builds it's tearing something a part. Glory wants her daughter and Buffy knew somewhere deep down if she did get Dawn then she'll kill her in the end. And then Isabella was going through something and she felt helpless in helping her. Buffy took a deep breath trying to calm herself. You can't break down now she told herself. Just then she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and someone nuzzling in her neck.

Buffy closed her eyes feeling Angel holding her. She turned around and looked up to him and leaned in for a kiss. He pulled her closer and this was their way of saying sorry to one another. Angel picked her up and took her out of the bathroom stumbling to their bed. Just as they were going to start something there was a knock. Angel sighed and sunk his head into her neck whispering a curse word and Buffy smiled. It was the story of their life. Angel got up and answered the door and it was Spike.

"This better be life or death." Angel warned him and Spike looked confused and then peered in seeing Buffy on the bed.

"Oh, oh sorry to you know interrupt," Spike began with that look in his eye.

"Five," Angel started to count down.

"Oh, right you want to know why I'm here." Spike regrouped his thoughts.

"Four," Angel counted.

"Izzy's gone and so is Brian at first I thought they were off making out somewhere but it's getting late and," Angel turned away and Buffy got up as they were springing into action. "What's happening?" Spike asked.

"Glory made threats to Izzy and I don't want her out there on her own, need to find her." Angel answered putting a jacket on.

"She's a slayer mate," Spike stated as the three filed out.

"Yeah but right now it's open season for Glory. She threatened to kill one of us." Buffy added and then Spike realized it. Isabella wasn't in danger, Brian was. Just as they were about to walk down the stairs Angel and Buffy checked in on Dawn and she was safe and asleep. The three then headed downstairs and by the pace of their feet everyone at the mansion knew something was about to go down.

"Lorne you stay behind and watch Dawn, Fred stay as well." Buffy ordered and they nodded.

"What's happening?" Doyle asked.

"We need to find Izzy and Brian," Buffy answered and her tone of voice meant right now with no questions.

"If you don't mind I'll stay behind," Wes spoke up. "Might have found something here." Angel nodded and everyone else headed out.

Brian was patched up and waiting for the rest of the discharge work up. Isabella came into the room seeing the wrap around his arm.

"Painful?" Isabella asked and Brian shook his head no. Brian looked to her and could see more than one thing was on her mind and to get her to talk you almost had to beat it out of her. Then Ben came into the room with some stuff.

"Antibiotics and pain killers. Now if it the bite looks like it's not healing or getting worse or you get a fever come back right away." Ben explained to them and they nodded. "Are you sure you don't know what bit you?" Ben asked.

"Looked like a dog." Brian said trying to play this out and Isabella nodded. "Big dog, big teeth." Ben nodded and shrugged.

"Big," Isabella added and Ben nodded.

"What were you two doing to provoke a dog?" Ben asked and Brian shrugged.

"Just walking." Brian answered and Ben nodded and then set the prescription papers down.

"Let me fill this out and we'll be off." Ben stated and they nodded and Isabella got closer to Brian so they could talk.

"What do we tell the others?" Brian asked quietly to Isabella.

"It was a big dog." Isabella answered knowing she was in deep water as it was and now some little demon midget thing attacked them, might drown her. "Just need to get back Glory's out there somewhere," Then Ben grunted and that caught Isabella and Brian's attention. "Ben, you ok?" Isabella asked as he grunted again. "I'll go get help." And Isabella went to leave and Ben turned to Brian.

"Get out," Ben warned him but Brian didn't move. "Get out now. She's coming," And Brian slowly got off the exam table. Isabella heard the comment and then rushed back. "Go, go, she's here," Then Brian watched Ben disappear and turn into a woman. Isabella saw Glory in the room and Glory saw Isabella outside and smiled and held up her hand then door slammed shut. Isabella raced to the door trying to open it but it wouldn't budge.

"Hello," Glory said with a smile and Brian knew this was the woman. Brian saw another door and she smiled.

"Oh don't even try I'll rip out your spine before you could even reach the door. So honey let's talk." Glory smiled and reached for Brian and dragged out of the room. Isabella heard something and started to panic and knew taking on Glory by herself would be nearly impossible. Glory and Brian walked down a hall as she had him by the collar of the neck.

"Excuse me what's going on here?" A security guard asked and Glory rolled her eyes. "Visiting hours are over," She turned around and grabbed his neck twisting it and the man fell.

"Rude I was talking." Glory said and then kept dragging Brian to another room.

The gang searched the cemetery but nothing. Spike picked up their scent as they left the cemetery and then smelt blood, which was never good. For Angel and Buffy it made them panic even more as they followed Spike as he was on the trail. They then came to the hospital. They'll ask questions later and went to find them.

Brian and Glory were now in an examination room alone. Brian stood there not budging or going to speak. Out in the hospital Isabella was searching for Brian as the gang came in looking for them both. Glory sighed looking at Brian.

"Ok small talk is over cause I'm in a bit of a crunch here." Glory began to explain and Brain stood there. "So let's cut right to the ooey gooey center. Your girlfriend the slayer knows where the Key is, it's mine I want it." Glory paused hoping for a response. "Where is it? Do you know? There's cool car in it if you tell me." Glory smiled but Brian said nothing and he knew that would start to make her angry.

"I'm not sure, what does the Key look like?" Brain asked trying to keep calm.

"Well it was a bright shiny light at one point but now…I DON'T KNOW!" She yelled and Brian closed his eyes and she slammed her fist on the counter and the swept her hand across it knocking off glass beakers and bottles.

"I hate this place! And I hate the slayer! Now you're going to tell me what I want to know or I'll kill you!" Glory yelled at Brain as he stood there. Glory calmed down for a moment regaining herself and looked at Brain. "So tell me." Brain said nothing and she sighed. "Fine." Glory then grabbed his throat. "You know what I'm beginning to think you don't know where the Key is so annoying." She then smiled some more. "Well this won't be a complete waste of my time I've meaning to send the slayer a message, kill two birds with one stone then guess what you get," She let go of Brian and clapped her hands in front of his face. "Boom two yummy dead birds."

"Get away from him." A voice said and Glory turned around and Isabella was there.

"Speak of the devil we were just talking about you." Glory backed away from Brian.

"Conversion is over." Isabella then advanced to Glory and took a swing probably the hardest swing she has ever taken. Glory was caught off guard and Isabella took another swung and then kicked her and Glory went flying to the wall. Glory looked up at her with a face that meant the slayer was going to regret it. Glory got up and appeared right before Isabella. The only person whoever had speed like that was her father when he was a vampire. She wanted to learn how and Spike couldn't even do it yet. Glory then shoved Isabella into the wall and was about to slam her fist down at her until someone caught it.

"Not a good idea," Buffy warned Glory and shoved the woman back. Glory then looked up shocked at Buffy. The strength she had was not a normal vampire's strength. Angel then came in and put himself between Glory and Isabella. Isabella felt a little relieved knowing her parents were here. Brain was grabbed by Doyle and was behind the safety of the group.

Glory slowly got up and Buffy stood there ready for more.

"The god," Glory said to Buffy and stood up. "Thought you were taller." She mocked and Buffy charged and kicked Glory and then took another swing but Glory caught her fist but Buffy yanked her arm down and bent forward using her leg and kicked it up making it look like a scorpion striking its tail. Glory took a step back and threw a punch and Buffy ducked.

Glory then managed a kick into Buffy's knee and Spike then came around took hold of Glory but she slammed him up against the wall. She then grabbed him and threw him away too. Buffy got back up and fought Glory while Willow was chanting a spell of some kind. Buffy was thrown away again and Doyle went after Glory in his demon form hoping it would help. Glory then picked Doyle up and threw him but Spike caught him.

"Nice catch is that you crap naps can muster?" Glory asked as she walked to Buffy and Angel. Buffy sat up putting herself between Angel and Glory. "Cause I gotta tell you so not impressed." Buffy managed one more good kick and it was a powerful one. Glory was about ready to charge again but glitter fell on her and she looked to Willow. Willow clapped and said something and Glory was gone. As soon as Glory vanished Willow fell to the floor but Tara and Levy were there to catch her. Buffy turned around and Isabella was on the ground and she joined her checking to make sure she was ok. Angel got on the ground too as Isabella looked a little out of it and scared.

"What did you do to her?" Buffy asked Willow.

"Teleportation spell still working out the kinks." Willow said while Tara wiped away some blood from her nose. Willow's done plenty of teleportation spells but not on living things.

"Where did you send her?" Angel asked.

"Don't know that's one of the kinks." Willow stated sounding dizzy.

"That was a dangerous spell." Giles added.

"Yeah won't be doing that anytime soon." Willow stated as Tara and Levy slowly got her on her feet. Buffy then turned back to Isabella and cupped both her cheeks. Angel knew all of Buffy's body languages and the one she was sending off now was not just a concern mother for her child but something shook her.

"Are you ok? Did she hurt you?" Buffy asked and Isabella shook her head no and Buffy gave a sigh of relief. Angel sighed too as the ordeal for now was over. Isabella and Buffy looked to each other and he eyes started to water and she reached out and hugged her mom.

"I'm sorry," Isabella whispered and Buffy squeezed her a little more with a smile telling her it was ok. Isabella pulled away and Angel reached out and pulled Isabella into his arms and picked her up. It was time to go. Then Isabella looked to Brain. "Wasn't Ben here?" Isabella asked and Brian nodded and looked around, it was strange he was just here and then Glory showed up but no one seemed to concerned.

At the mansion Wes was reading documents and took notes but he wasn't thrilled about them. He was panicked in fact on what he was reading. He found something big and knew this group was in more danger than they thought. Angel was with Dawn holding her as she slept. He had to hold to her, the need and the want to hold his child after tonight. Holding Dawn was like holding Isabella, they both felt a part of him. Dawn may have come from somewhere else but holding her she felt like his daughter. She was another half of him and he could feel it.

Angel hoped that tonight he could hold all three of his girls. Angel has come up against many evils in his lifetime but why was this one scaring him out of his mind? Was it because this woman, Glory, wanted both his daughters? Was because she was going to kill one and take the other? Was she going to kill both of them? The reasons mattered but no matter the reasons he was not going to let Glory take his daughters from him.

Up on the roof of the mansion Isabella sat there quietly. Ever since getting to Sunnydale all this was a whirlwind of emotions and fighting. Glory has discovered about her and her parents and how they have the Key. The Key was Dawn and what scared Isabella was the fact her little sister was in danger and she felt nearly helpless to do anything about it. Just as she was in deep thought she heard a voice.

"Hey," Isabella looked up and it was mother. "Anyone sitting here?" She asked and Isabella shook her head slightly and Buffy sat down. There was that awkward silence again as they looked off into the distance and Buffy sighed. "What a day?" And for some reason Isabella smiled and giggled. Buffy giggled a little and sighed again. Isabella then turned to her mom.

"I didn't mean for last night to happen and I," Isabella started but Buffy stopped her.

"You're father's right," Buffy cut her off. "You're not a killer ok. You did something in the moment we don't even know if those people really human." Buffy added trying to make this better.

"I hate it when dad's right." Isabella commented and Buffy gave a small smile.

"Me too." Buffy then sighed again as the air seemed to clear a little. "Forget the man right now ok, we need to start thinking about Dawn and maybe leaving."

"She knows who we are, leaving will just make it worse." Isabella explained and it was true. Glory would follow killing people to get to them and if they stay less people will die. "I am sorry though." Isabella couldn't say it enough and Buffy reached out and hugged her and knew it was something needed. Isabella buried her face into her mom's shoulder and while her father can make it better most of the time, sometimes a mother's love is needed. She still wasn't use to it and she needed it too she knows it. They held each other for a moment and then pulled away. Buffy ran her fingers through Isabella's hair and smiled a little.

Isabella scooted closer to her mom and rested her head on her shoulder and Buffy kissed her daughter. Buffy was up here to talk to her but not just about Dawn. Isabella had to ask a question and it was about the hospital.

"I'm pretty strong," Isabella started. "I've faced members of Wolfram and Hart, faced Caleb but Glory…Glory I can't get an inch on her." She explained. "It scares because I'm supposed to be protecting Dawn I can barely protect myself." Buffy nodded understanding her fears because when you can't protect something you love you panic. Isabella then sat up and looked at her mom. "You fought pretty well against her though."

"I did," Buffy agreed.

"Is it the whole 'I'm a god and more powerful than anything?' type stuff?" Isabella asked and that's why Buffy was up here.

"Sort of," Buffy answered and Isabella knew something was up. "We're going to be facing an uphill battle with Glory." Buffy looked away for a moment and Isabella wanted to know what her mom knew.

"You can sense what she is." Isabella stated and Buffy looked to her. "I mean I know the difference between a man, a vampire and demon but I can't tell anything more. I can tell if something is dead or alive but," Isabella paused and Buffy understood what she meant.

"Listen to me very carefully Izzy," Buffy began.

"Not good." Isabella added. Every time that statement is used by anyone here means something is wrong, something can go wrong, something isn't right.

"You will do have to do whatever you need to do to keep Dawn safe," Buffy started.

"You know what Dawn is?" Isabella asked.

"No, listen ok, everything that's happening here is because it's all connected ok. But things…things are about to get dangerous. Glory has threatened this entire group and I really do think if you or the team didn't find Brian when you did he would be dead." Buffy explained and that last statement made Isabella shutter. She has lost two members of her team. Kate against the zombies when she was about 15 and then not long after she lost Connor but he turned on them. She has no idea what would happen if she lost anyone here, it would devastate her.

"Glory," Buffy wanted to tell Isabella what the woman was so they could stand against her but how.

"Mom," Isabella jumped in. "If you know what she is we can look it up, find a weakness then done." Isabella made it sound simple and Buffy wished it was. "Tell me what kind of demon we're fighting." Isabella knew her mom can sense what Glory was.

"That's the problem," Buffy said and Isabella didn't like the tone or anything her mom was saying. "Glory isn't a demon," Isabella nodded but didn't understand.

"Then what is she?" Isabella asked.

"She's a god." Buffy answered and Isabella's eyes widen and shock was on her face.

"A god?" Isabella asked just to be sure and Buffy nodded. "I'm standing up to a god?"

"We all are." Buffy added and for Isabella panic completely took over. She had to protect her sister from a god. How do you do that?

Oh so another emotional chapter with threats and a fight. So now we know Glory is god just like in the show. But in my story Buffy's a god too, so…a god vs. a god oh that's so not going to go well is it? Wes has found something as well, wonder what that could be? Not good right? So things are coming together. Seems like the group will figure it out, Buffy, Isabella, and Glory will duke it out then done right? Right? Wrong! No, we're not even halfway through this people.

So breaking down the chapter in the forum for you guys. And this whole story isn't following the canon. It is in concept and some plots but overall it's not following season 5. So the forum will tell you more about the undertones. So what's to come? If I'm following the canon as far as concepts but not in order what's next? What's going to go wrong? Well fair warning in three chapters something is going to go terribly wrong.

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'Buffy sat down next to Isabella as everything felt like it was going to crack and fall to pieces.

"We're going to win." Buffy stated trying to help and Isabella looked to her. "Got a feeling it might go down to the last of us." That part Isabella agreed on.

"You know," Isabella began. "There was one story dad told me and I always liked it even did a paper on Senior year." Isabella paused and Buffy looked to her. "It was about Spartans and the three hundred men. Three hundred men marched to fight the Persians in the battle of Thermopylae. Three hundred against thousands and the odds were not in the Spartans favor. So they forced the Persians to funnel in and made a stand. The fight went down to the last man standing, the three hundred Spartans fought. They may have died that day but the Persians never won the war." Isabella finished and Buffy looked to her. "Dad always told me to be the last standing, never let the enemy go down without a fight and make them remember that fight." Buffy smiled, Angel has taught her well.

"Then we'll be the last ones standing." Buffy stated and Isabella smiled as Buffy held out her hand and Isabella took it.'

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