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Chapter 19-

Naruto groaned as he examined the shelves of the baby store that he, Lee, and Hinata had been requested to go to by Sakura. The reason why he was groaning being because he wasn't allowed to get anything orange or with ramen on it. That was totally unfair for him. Might as well have kicked him in the face and beat on his fallen body while you were at it. He was really tempted to grab something orange anyway and just have Naomi wear it when her mother wasn't around. But there were a few problems with that. Sakura hardly ever left Naomi's side and even if he somehow got Naomi to wear it without Sakura knowing, she'll probably know with her motherly instinct or something like that. Naruto might've liked to take risks, but not when the possibility of being on the receiving end of Sakura's anger was in there.

He glanced to Hinata looking between a blue and white shirt. Naruto never really noticed Hinata before all of this, but from what he was seeing now; she was a really cool and nice person. If Naruto knew she was like this, he would've made an effort to be her friend long ago. Aside from the way she seemed to get really red around him, he never knew anything about her and he was regretting that. Naruto saw the way Sasuke seemed to relax around her when they were back in the park watching Naomi practice her walking. Naruto's devious little mind was starting to spin as a light-bulb appeared over his head and he started grinning maliciously. Since Sasuke liked to make fun of him and Sakura, he was gonna make fun of him and Hinata now. Oh, revenge was really sweet.

His grin died down when he saw Lee with a baby-sized version of his jumpsuit. Looks like he didn't learn his lesson the last time he thought it would be funny to get one of those jumpsuits. Naruto didn't have anything against Lee's suit, but he wasn't gonna have his daughter walking around wearing an exact copy of it. Sakura would kill Lee for giving it to Naomi and Naruto for allowing Lee to buy it and not stopping him. Naruto wasn't gonna get killed because Lee was an idiot and had some obsession with that horrid jumpsuit.

"Lee!" his sudden yell caused Hinata to drop the shirts she was holding in shock and surprise at Naruto's yell. "Put it back! Put it back!" he yelled as he stomped over slowly to the smirking bushy-brow boy, who was dangling the jumpsuit almost mockingly at him. "I'm warning you. If that jumpsuit doesn't leave your hands in the next two seconds, I'm gonna kick your ass slowly and painfully before Sakura does it."

Lee smiled innocently. "Does this bother you, Naruto? Well... I guess I can put it down..." Naruto could very well guess where this was going. "If you give Sakura that necklace you bought."

"What's with you and trying to instigate me into giving her that necklace? Please, enlighten me."

Lee shrugged, "It'll just be a waste of money if you bought it to not do anything with it." That was only part of the truth. Lee wanted Naruto to give Sakura the necklace because he felt that that would be the final push to get Naruto and Sakura to stop tiptoeing around their feelings and to get together. Lee was pro Naruto/Sakura after seeing the way they interact with each other and the way they act as parents to Naomi. They already had the workings of being in a relationship that the only thing they're missing was that one push to admitting their feelings. Naruto had the item needed to seal the deal, but he was trying to hold back from using it to get with Sakura. Lee didn't know why he was so scared. It was obvious that Sakura liked him. Lee didn't know what Naruto's problem was, but he was gonna do everything he could to help get the pair to get together. They were his friends and he always helped his friends.

Naruto glared at him, "That's my problem then, not yours." A blush was slowly working its way onto Naruto's face at the thought of giving Sakura the necklace. He didn't know how she was going to react if he so much as dangled it in front of her face. She might get the wrong idea from him and assume he was using it as a way to get her to go out with him when it wasn't. He just wanted to say thank you to Sakura for agreeing to be the mother of his child. He had no ulterior motives other than that. It was just a show of gratitude. He just needed to figure out a way to give it to her without seeming desperate. He really liked Sakura, but he knew that some times she assumed the worst for something and went crazy.

Hinata was overhearing everything. 'Why is Naruto-kun giving Sakura-san a necklace?' she really wanted to know what was going on. She knew it probably wasn't any of her business and she really didn't have to know, but her feelings for Naruto were giving her a small spark of curiosity.

"Well as your friend, it's my problem to get you to do things that you don't want to do, but have to do." Lee grinned when Naruto's face fell. When he thought Naruto was still not gonna listen, Lee re-examined the jumpsuit in mock thought. "I wonder how Naomi will look in this." Hinata giggled at the steam coming out of Naruto's ears, his teeth snarled and growls escaping his mouth.

"Lee…" Naruto growled dangerously, warning Lee to stop right there before he walked into dangerous territory.

"Naruto I swear that you growl more than I do." The three genin turned to see Kiba and Shino standing at the edge of the entrance door. Naruto didn't know how this keeps happening to them. First they run into Team Ten and now they were running into the last two members of Team Eight. Naruto thought that they might as well grab Lee's team and make it a full house. They were probably gonna run into them anyway with the way things were going now.

"Shut up, Kiba." Naruto glared at him, redirecting his anger from Lee towards the dog boy that was smirking at him. "No one asked you."

Kiba was about to retort against Naruto before he saw Hinata seemingly hiding behind the clothes rack. "What you doing here with Idiot and Freaky Eyebrows, Hinata?" Naruto and Lee twitched at their nicknames from the Inuzuka, both raising their fists in the direction of the Inuzuka.

Hinata didn't expect to run into her teammates here. This was really the last place she expected people like Kiba and Shino to go to. But with the way Naruto was yelling at Lee every five seconds, Hinata shouldn't have been surprised that someone heard him. She just never expected it to be Kiba and Shino of all people in the village to be walking by and hear Naruto. Unless he was so loud that they heard him on the other side of the village. Hinata wouldn't put it past Naruto to be that loud.

"I-it's N-Naruto-kun's daughter's birthday t-today." Hinata explained to her teammates. Shino nodded while Kiba shrugged, not really caring. "We're j-just getting his d-daughter some clothes."

"Yeah, Kiba; is that a problem?" Naruto really couldn't stand Kiba's aggressiveness towards just about everything in life that he saw as weird or invalid to him. He's been on the receiving end of his taunts many times and the last thing he needed was him mocking his daughter in any way. He let loose that father aura that he hoped would warn Kiba before he said something stupid. Naruto didn't care if he wasn't as strong as Kiba or what ever, he would kick his ass for talking shit about his little girl. Plus, his beating would be light compared to Sakura, who enlisted a bunch of fear into the hearts of their classmates after her display the other day. No one was looking to be on the apposing side of Sakura's anger after that.

Kiba shrugged, "I don't know what you mean. I don't care that it's your daughter's birthday."

Naruto glared, taking his comment the wrong way. "What did you just say, dog-breath?"

"I said I don't care about your daughter's birthday. She's not even that cute."

"Kiba!" Naruto was held back by Lee, who seemed to be struggling to hold him back. "I swear to God, I am going to kill you for talking about my daughter. Don't be angry that my daughter is cuter than you and your dog combined!"

Kiba glared. "Naruto…"

"Kiba, it would be wise to not get in the way of an angry dad." Shino surprisingly stopped the bloodbath that might've happened if someone didn't say anything. "And I seem to recall you saying before that Naruto's kid is too cute to be his." Kiba glared at Shino. "Lying isn't something you use to your comrades. Enemies, yes; but not your allies."

Naruto silently flipped Shino off. He really wanted to beat the crap out of Kiba and now he stopped it. On the up side, at least he revealed that Kiba did think his daughter was cute and that he was just lying to piss him off. The bastard probably wanted to start a fight with him.

"No need to fight guys." Lee let Naruto go when he felt that the blonde wasn't gonna jump Kiba and attack him. "Naruto, everyone is waiting for you back home for Naomi's birthday. I know you want some of that food we picked up."

"Wait? Food?" Kiba looked to Naruto. "You got food?" Naruto slowly nodded, not sure where he was going with this. "Listen Naruto, did I ever tell you how cute your daughter is…"

Oh. Naruto knew now. Kiba wanted in on some free food. Naruto could feel the deviousness forming in his head.

"Does Kiba want some free food?" Naruto smirked when Kiba looked away, mumbling something that Naruto couldn't quite hear. "I might be willing to consider the offer… if he says I'm the most powerful ninja to ever grace the lands."

Kiba scoffed in amusement. "Fat chance."

"Did I mention there's beef jerky?"

"Naruto you are the most powerful ninja to ever grace the ninja nations." Kiba was drooling at the idea of having beef jerky. He didn't know how Naruto knew what his favorite food was, but didn't care. All he cared about was that he was getting himself some jerky.

"Pathetic." Shino sighed, disappointed that Kiba caved so quickly for just a lousy few pieces of jerky. He was wondering if he can come too. Not for the food, but to be with his peers.

"Shino…" the sunglasses-clad boy looked to Naruto. "Since we're inviting everyone, you wanna come too?" Shino was doing mental back flips, overjoyed that he wasn't being asked to stay behind. He was considered weird in the eyes of everyone just because he had control of bugs, but he was thrilled Naruto could see past that. "Just… make sure that no bugs end up near my daughter. Sakura'll kill me… and you." After her display yesterday, Shino can agree with him on that.

After agreeing to get the blue shirt and white shorts for Naomi, the now five genin all made their way to Naruto's house. Surprisingly, the interior of his house was all decorated and birthday-like. Naomi was sitting in her high-chair with Sasuke being ranted to by Sakura to make sure that the cake was perfect. To save time, the guys got a pre-made cake. Sasuke was being ranted to by Sakura to write Naomi's name on the cake perfectly. In other words, the way she wanted it to look like.

Shikamaru was talking to Choji and convincing him to not eat all of the food and to save some for somebody else. That would've been like talking to a brick wall, but Choji actually listened to Shikamaru when it came down to food… sometimes.

Ino was playing peek-a-boo with Naomi, the two-year-old giggling and clapping her hands in excitement.

After walking in, Sakura and Naruto left to take Naomi into the bedroom to change her clothes into the ones that Hinata had gotten.

"You know, if these clothes had the Uchiha insignia on them, she would be wearing clothes identical to Sasuke." Sakura pointed out, finishing buttoning Naomi's white shorts.

"Now they really can be twins." Naruto still didn't like how his daughter looked like Sasuke. The last thing he wanted his little girl to look like was an emo bastard. Naruto glanced to Sakura's smiling face, his eyes roaming down to her neck, almost like something seemed to be missing from there.

A necklace perhaps?

Damn Lee for getting his mind filled with a bunch of shit.

Sakura caught him staring at her, seeing where his eyes were staring. She thought he was looking at another area. "Naruto…" she growled softly. "Are you staring at my chest?" her tone warned him that if he didn't give a good excuse, he was screwed; regardless if it was Naomi's birthday or not.

Naruto paled, punching himself in the face mentally at being so damn clueless as to where he was staring. "No, no, no!" he quickly shook his hands to try and ward off the impending wrath of Sakura.

Sakura set Naomi down. "Go to your Uncle Sasuke, sweetie. Mommy needs to 'talk' with Daddy."

Naomi, not knowing what was going on, walked out of the bedroom and out into the living room where everyone else was standing, glancing inside. Sakura shut the door, jus barely hearing Kiba say that 'Naomi was gonna be a big sister.' Sakura was kicking his ass next.

Naruto heard it too and blushed. "S-Sakura, I can explain." Naruto backed away slowly.

"Explain…" she cracked her knuckles.

Now since he was already on her shit list, might as well do it now. He quickly yanked out the purchased piece of jewelry and held it as far as he could. "I was looking at your neck to see if this could fit." He spoke in a fast and hush tone, waiting for Sakura to hit him or something.

The sight of the piece of jewelry made Sakura gasp. She held her hand up towards her mouth. Naruto got her something? What for? It was Naomi's birthday, not hers.

"I just figured that you deserved something for being a fantastic mother. I really don't know if I would've gotten this far as a parent without you there by my side to support and help me."

Sakura was too stunned to speak.

The necklace was beautiful. A golden chain circled around the palm of Naruto's hand with a dangling 'S' and 'N' clipped on the front. It was just too gorgeous.

"The 'S' is the first letter in your name and the 'N' is the first letter in Naomi's name. I know you probably thought that it was for my name," he shrugged, showing he had no harm if she thought that and was wary.

"C-can you help tie it around my neck?" Sakura asked in what Naruto thought was her cutest voice ever. Her face was really red as she gave him a big smile. She wasn't mad? Naruto was gonna roll with that for what it was worth. Naruto did as he was told and wrapped the chain around her neck, the 'S' and 'N' dangling in the middle of her chest. "It's beautiful, Naruto. Thank you."

There goes her heart beating a million miles a minute when Naruto did something nice for her. Lately, it was only him that can get her to feel this way. Not even Sasuke could get her to blush anymore. She didn't even know it until right now, as Naruto finished tying the chain together around her neck; that she might actually like this idiot. He was a great friend, a great father, and a great guy all around. Nothing was a better combo then that.

"It's nothing. You deserve it. Naomi has the best mom in the world."

Sakura smiled. "Her daddy deserves something too." Sakura turned her body around, wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and placing a long kiss on his whiskered cheek. "Her daddy has the chance to go out on a date with her mommy."

Naruto felt like the ramen gods were watching over him.

Before he could dumbly nod his head yes, there was a sound, a crash, and the screaming voice of Sasuke.

"You're fuckin' dead!"

End of Chapter 19 of The Fox's Kit


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