I heard a rustling in the kitchen from my room on the third floor. Don't ask me how I did it but let me tell you I am not crazy. Strange things have been happening to me lately and I wasn't sure why. All I knew was that for me, it was normal.

I got out of my bed and headed toward my older brother Charles' room. I crept into the room and lifted myself onto his bed. I then started to shake his shoulders. "Charles!" I whispered. All I got in response was a groan. "Charles wake up!" I said with one final shove I pushed him off the bed.

Charles sat up with a start once he hit the ground. "What the!? Evelyn! Why did you do that?" My brother asked in confusion.

I peeked over the bed with my big blue eyes staring at him on the verge of tears. "Ch-Charles. There's someone downstairs. I'm scared." My big brother was never one to resist tears. it was my secret weapon against him.

Charles stared at me and sighed. He then got up and grabbed a baseball bat. Charles then looked around the room and closed his eyes as if listening for something. I never understood why he did this but I just accepted it. He then opened his eyes and nodded. "Your right. I'll go see what it is."

I hopped out of his bed and went straight to him. "I'm coming too."

"No your not Ev'. Stay here." Charles told me, but I wasn't going to listen. I followed right behind him as he headed down stairs. There was no way i was going to let my brother face an unknown foe alone. I may only be a little 7 year old but darn it. If Charles got hurt it would be my fault. I did bring it to his attention after all.

We made it to the kitchen and I got very nervous. Why would someone be in our house? For a little girl it was a scary thought. Thought to my surprise when we got to the kitchen it was our mother standing before us. How is this possible? Our mother has never stepped foot in the kitchen, and I mean never.

Charles was just as shocked. "Mother? What- I thought you were a burglar. You scared Evelyn and I."

I just clutched to the back of Charles shirt, and all I could think was. She smells funny. Not like my looked down at me. He gave me a look like he understood what I was thinking.

"I didn't mean to scare you darlings. I was just getting a snack. Go back to bed." She told us. Our mother then bent down toward us. "What's the matter? How about I make you both some hot chocolate."

That's it. This is not our mother. I decided.

Charles seemed to agree cause the next thing he said shocked me. "Who are you? An what have you done with our mother."

Charles stared at the woman and walked toward her with a concentrated look. I had no idea what was happening, but the next thing I knew a blue scaly girl was in front of us. All I could do was stare in amazement and watch Charles smile at her.

"You aren't afraid of me?" the girl said.

Charles just kept smiling at her. "I knew I couldn't be the only one in the world. The only person that was different, and here you are. Charles Xavier." He said holding out his hand. "and this is my little sister Evelyn."

"Raven." She said with a small smile.

The only what? I thought. This was strange. It was like my big brother was keeping a secret from me. I smiled at her none the less. what could I say. I liked her. She seemed nice and it would be interesting having another girl in the house.