Erik's POV

I must say I had never expected to see such a reaction come from Evelyn. I thought her to be the quiet type, but I must say that I am pleasantly surprised.

Not long after her and Charles's argument, Evelyn went up to her room to change, and the rest of us also prepared for whatever crazy practice Charles had in mind. He used this underground bunker for Alex to practice his control. Then Hank began designing these crazy suits for each of our powers. Charles talked to Sean about how his ability to hit sound frequencies at such extreme levels, could possibly make him fly.

I was outside working on my own control and ability to call up my anger when Evelyn came out. She was sporting a capri length sweat pants, tennis shoes, high ponytail, and a sports bra. Just a sports bra which made me notice the actual size of her chest. Lord I had to look away. Though that didn't help when she came up to me.

"Hey Erik." Evelyn grinned at me. I looked up and made sure to keep eye contact. I didn't want my mind wandering and Charles picking up on it.

"Hello Evelyn." I managed to say normally. "What gives me the pleasure of your company?"

She giggled at me. "Well seeing as everyone seems to be doing their own thing, and you looked a bit lonely, I thought we could train together."

I looked lonely? That was one I had never heard before. "You want to train with me?"

Evelyn nodded her head and walked around me as if she was an animal sizing up her pray. "Yes, you interest me Erik. I can sense a fighter in you." She then poked me in the chest. "And I like fighters, they are so much more fun than a pacifist like my brother dear."

I flushed slightly at her words and touch. It was strange how blunt and straightforward Evelyn was. I then smirked not wanting her to see how much she had unsettled me. "Well then you will be pleased to know that I am a real fighter."

Evelyn grinned widely at me. "Oh good then training with you will be fun. How good are you at hand to hand combat?" she asked me.

"One of the best." I said smugly. Though the grin that followed made me furrow my eyebrows a bit.

"Splendid! So am I." Evelyn grinned getting into a starting position.

What did I just agree to?