~Chapter 1

She was just sitting waiting for her life to begin. Not knowing how or when her life will take off at full speed. As usual she was working at her job in the library. Her friends were all either still sleeping or already started their classes for the day. Today was a Friday. The last day of the week and the first day of the weekend. As she sat there she kept having a feeling of oddness. Like something is going to happen sooner then she herself has anticipated.

After she finally got off of work she headed back to her dorm to get ready for her two classes of the day which begin at noon. When she arrived at the dorms she realized that on the sixth floor window that was the second from the corner was broken. It took her a minute to realize that the window that is broken, is the window of her very own room. At this point she thinks someone either threw something or it was just a freak occurrence.

When she finally got to her room and entered, she saw what she never thought whe would find in a million years laying on her floor. What she found was none other than the famous, evil, cruel, heartless elf prince himself. Prince Nuada.

Girl: Ok this must be a dream this must be a dream.

She turned away while she kept thinking that this could not possibly be real. Then when she looked back and she still saw him there she got all concerned. The Nuada she knows from the movie Hellboy 2 would be up and trying to kill her because she is human. But he is just laying there, facedown unconscious.

The girl calms herself down and starts to think more clearly.

Girl: Ok I need to move him.

She looks around and all she finds is her bed and her roommates. Her roommates bed is the bottom bunk and hers is the top. But if she puts a guy in her roommates bed, that has the possibility of causing trouble. Now how to get him onto her bed? She had no idea.

So walking over to him she hesitantly tried to rouse him from his slumber. All she got was a grunt and when he opened his eyes they were glazed over as if he was asleep still yet awake at the same time.

Nuada: What do you want you filthy human?

Girl: Umm...uh...i need you to get up your highness.

Nuada: Whatever for?

Girl: You are lying on the floor and I need you to get onto the top bunk. It will be a lot more comfortable for you your highness.

Nuada grunts and starts to try to get up. When the girl tries to help him he pushes her back. He gets onto his feet and asks where this bed thing is. When she points to him the top bunk he easily jumps up there, lays down and falls straight back into his slumber.

Girl: Well now what do I do about 1) the window and 2) my roommate?

The girl looks at the window then back at the sleeping prince.

Girl: He looks adorable when he is sleeping. ~thinks~ WAIT! STOP THINKING THAT WAY! WHEN HE WAKES UP HE WILL TRY TO KILL YOU!

She shakes her head to get rid of the thoughts. Then she to to her bed with the sleeping prince and covers him with a brown blanket with a running white unicorn on it. She then leaves the room to fnd her RA to explin to her that the window in her room was broken when she got back.