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Chapter 1: Riley

In District 2, the Hunger Games are a big deal. I've known forever how to throw a knife, and I can't remember not being able to shoot a bow and arrow. I'm not amazing, but I bet any kid from 2 has a better chance of winning than anyone from another district. We usually win. More than 1. More than 4. More than anyone. But not always.

Here, twelve year olds hardly become tributes. Even if they get reaped, people volunteer for them. Not because they care, just because they think that they don't have a good chance of winning. And winning is everything in District 2. My brother Riley volunteered last year, for a twelve year old who could barely hold a bow properly in training. The other Careers would never team up with him, and he'd be dead on the first day. I guess Riley was something of a prodigy. He was seventeen, and he was good at using every weapon imaginable. Really, I think that he could have killed someone with a paper clip if he wanted to. I wouldn't put it past him. Riley was naturally good at killing. He was near the top in the Capital betting, and I don't even think he had a flaw.

But somehow, he didn't win. Even before the Games were coming close to an end, the other Careers realized that if they fought him, they would lose. So on the third night, they killed him in his sleep. The rest of them died in a Gamemaker avalanche, and some girl from 7 won. I don't even know how those kind of tribute's win. We have strength, strategy, and skill. I could kill any of them in a second. But I'm only thirteen. And I wouldn't be anywhere good enough to face up to another Career, someone like Riley.

But I'll have to. Because I'm volunteering this year. Because unlike everyone else in my district, I see how wrong the Hunger Games is. They changed Riley. As I watched him kill tribute after tribute last year, I realized just how real it was. And when he died, I knew I had to avenge him. Those tributes who betrayed him, they had to pay. Their deaths weren't even enough. I had to do something.

Riley was never a perfect brother. He was always training, and he always wanted to win the Games more than anything in the world. I think he cared about me though. Sometimes he tried to help me with training. He's the reason my accuracy is so perfect. I can throw anything -knives, spears, swords- and hit the target every time. That's why I need my revenge, to prove that Riley was more than just a ruthless tribute. He was also a brother. And some days, when I was sick or hurt, he would come and comfort me. When I needed him, he was there for me, so now, I have to be here for him. Even though I can't save him, I can still avenge him. So I will. I will win the Hunger Games in his name, or I will die trying.