Note: Hey Guys JunichiSUPAAA-SignaWriter here, I'm going to start a reboot of the original One Piece fan-fiction series that I've created, called One Piece: Red Wings. Before I start this series, I'm going to have to ask you guys the readers to help support my story by sending in your Original Characters for my crew and also some villains and other characters as well. First comes, First served.

Crew Positions: Open (Means it is Open for anyone to take) Closed (An OC has already been submitted.)

First Mate – Closed - Taken by:TealWarrior

Second Mate- Closed - Taken by:Fooldartz

Helmsman: Steers the ship – Open

Lookout – Open

Head Cook – Open

Assistant Cook – Open

Councilor – Open

Rigger: Person who raises the sail and ties the ship to the dock – Open

Quartermaster: Overseeing ship preparations and tells them when they can set off. – Open

Blacksmith: Maintains all equipment, weapons, and armor of the crew – Open

Tailor: Mends to the clothes of the crew – Open

Head Doctor – Open

Assistant Doctor – Open

Scholar: Researcher and has lots of knowledge about many things in the world. – Open

Chronicler: Records the crew's adventures – Open

Merchant: Keeps a record of crew's inventory and money – Open

Cabin Boy/Girl – Open

Infantry – Open

Ninja - Open

All Characters can have whatever power you wish, as long as it's believable. So, yes, devil fruits are allowed, even real ones. All in All the crew will be made up of 19 characters if all the positions are filled. Anyway, the character creation sheet example:





History: Enough for me to work on in the story


Power if any:

Weapon if any:

Crew Position:



If you want your character secret from others, PM me, if not, just post it as a review.

I will credit all members' characters which I use when they get introduced in the story. Yes, they may be seen later in the story, but they will come. DO NOT WORRY!