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The winter had appeared earlier than expected in the city of LA, people preferred to go home early because of the cold, but for others it was the perfect time to go out and enjoy with friends after a long week of work and for some the perfect time for hunting.

To find new a victim in a city like this was no easy task, especially if each one had to have specific requirements, it was not just go and attack this was a job that took time and planning. Know your victims, their routine, daily tasks, work schedules, everything and then, just then you will know when to catch them, cleanly, without a trace, that simple.

From the distance, in the safety of his car he waited for that moment, the moment that they become his victims and the time they are vanquish forever from this world.

A movement got him out of his thoughts and fantasies, taking a cloth with chloroform he went for her, a woman in her early 30s, beautiful, brown hair, amber eyes. She was leaning against the wall facing the alley of the bar she was in a few minutes ago. Without a warning the stranger leaned against the wall next to her, "jus a man who left the bar", she thought, oh but was she wrong.

"Too many people for my taste there, don´t you believe?" Asked the man, the woman looked at him from head to toe, trying to decipher his intentions.

"yes a lot, is not what I'm used to," she replied somewhat cautious.

"Tell me about it, I'm John by the way" he said extending his hand.

"Clara" she replied with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Clara, amm it was nice , but I think it´s best if I go, don´t want to make my friends wait for me for too long, you know, it's my birthday and I have this big party and all, jajajaj" he put some dramatic touch with his hands at the end" not my thing but hey, what are we going to do, they're friends, right? "his look intensified on her, he was so close, just a little more.

"Yes, I understand, my friends thought it would be fun to go out and get distracted after a horrible week at the office, so I said what the hell not, LETS GO! And here I am, ajajja "

"Yes, um, well you goin´ in?"

"Umm yeah sure. Enough air, time to have some fun! "The excitement in the voice of the young girl was authentic and her smile was soft "Oh yes! She was the perfect woman" the man thought.

"Oh yeah ... you have no idea" John whispered at the end "Ladies first" He insisted while one of his hands was extended. Clara just smiled and turn and in that moment she made the biggest mistake of her life because, in that moment of blindness, in that movement so natural for people is where John saw his chance, taking out the cloth from his pocket he placed it on Clara's face and with his free arm held her by the waist, making sure her arms stay under his and then he dragged her to the depths of the alley. All that while Clara looked how her world faded away in front of her, until she fell into total darkness.

"Shshhh ... dear, you'll need your strength for what's coming, you won't want to missed it " the man whispered before disappearing with his victim.

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