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Chapter XII

"First thing JJ. What do you remember? "Hotch started. While they would explain what had happened, they needed to know what the blonde remembered.

Frowning slightly as if trying to remember JJ began to recap what happened. "I ... We were running behind the UnSub and... there was a lot of people. You guys were trap so Em and I followed behind him ... "she frowned again her eyes were distant."We got to the alley and ... He wasn´t there, it was getting dark and we decided to go back and wait for you when ..." Her eyes widened looking at Emily. "Oh my gosh Em! He hit you! Are you okay? You were bleeding and ... "

"Jen stop." The brunette said, she couldn´t help but be touched by her friend´s concern, even though she was in worse conditions, but was something innate in her, to worry about everyone. "I'm fine; it's just a bruise, nothing serious." Technically, it was true, in part. But Emily wasn´t going to worry JJ, not now.

"What else do you remember?" Reid asked her.

"He made me kick both guns ... He had a gun pointed to your head while holding you, so I did." She said looking at her friend. Sad for not had being able to think of another way to get them out of that situation.

"Okay JJ" Emily assured her.

"Then he threw a rope and told me to tie my hands, when I bent down to take it he hit my head and just as I was about to get up I felt the cloth on my face. That's all I remember until I woke up in that basement. "All agents felt awful about what happened, but to hear everything from her and to know about the attack made them sick and anger ran through them. They were happy that the bastard was dead but also wished he had paid in a longer way.

Noticing the efforts that JJ had to make just to talk and try to help to end the case once and for with her statement. Hotch decided to leave the questioning for another time. The well-being of her friend was more important right now.

"I think its okay with that JJ. We'll let you rest and will continue tomorrow."The unit chief suggested.

Nodding slightly JJ let out a breath she had been holding for a while. Looking at her coworkers she asked again how they had found her.

"The truth is, It was Garcia with her magic." Rossi told her and JJ couldn´t help but smile.

Morgan, who was now leaning against the wall right next to her bed and therefore, next to Emily, started talking.

"She noticed a car in the videos and began to follow it. It was the same guy that we saw in the tapes. She followed him for a few blocks to catch the plate number. His name was John Farley, the vehicle was his mother´s. We went to his house but he was not there, nor you. We found his mother in the basement, dead. "

"We noticed that the house was too in the edge of the comfort zone,"

"So you thought it was not really the place that he held the women." JJ interrupted Reid. Everyone noticed the use of women instead of victims.

"We did. We decided to look for a place more focused in that area and it had to be isolated, too. "

"It turns out that Farley's parents owned a small textile shop in which they also lived. When the business went down the father left the mother and their newborn baby."Rossi explained.

Having heard all that they had to say, JJ try to accommodate slightly in bed to a sitting position. Noticing that the mere fact of making this simple movement caused her incredible pain and fatigue, she just returned to her prior position.

"God this is frustrating!" The blonde said softly. Ignoring the worried looks from her friends, JJ looked to Derek. "You said it was,"

"What?" The agent asked rather puzzled.

"You said his name was Farley." She explained.

Morgan looked right into her eyes, knowing where she wanted to go with her question. "He´s dead Jajey, he won´t hurt anyone else ever again."

"I´m sorry you had to do it Derek." She said sad. Thinking that her friend had to take someone life again, even if it was a bad guy, it was something that really saddened her and more if it was to save her.

"It´s okay Blondie. You do whatever it takes to protect your family. "He said, smiling. Those were the same words JJ said to Garcia a few years ago. She understood.

"Thanks," She said, trying to suppress the tears that threatened to fall. "To all of you, thank you."

"No need to thank us Jen, you know that" Emily said squeezing her hand. Enjoying the silent with her friends and family she recalled that there was someone missing, well actually more than one.

"Will!" She said suddenly.

"Dave called him. He and Henry are on their way and so is Garcia. "Hotch assured JJ.

"I see. Thanks "Then a nurse came into the room with several things in her hands.

"I have to ask you to leave for a few minutes." She said placing the tray with several medical implements in the inside, beside the blonde´s bed. The team started to leave the room one by one and just as Emily began to rise from her seat JJ squeezed her hand making her stop.

"Em ... can you stay with me?" She asked trying not to show how vulnerable she felt at the moment. Noticing how hard this was for her friend Emily nodded.

"Yes of course if I may." Emily inquired. The nurse who was already aware of what had happened smiled and nodded.

"All right Jennifer I will take a look at your leg wound and then I´m gonna put a new bandage on it. But I need you to sit a moment. "She just nodded."Agent can you help me?" The young woman asked Emily. She thought it would be better if Emily helped with that.

"What do I do?"

"I need you to help her sit. Because of the broken ribs it´ll be more difficult and painful if she try to do it alone. Your help may alleviate some of the pain. "She explained.

Approaching and positioning next to the blonde, Emily began to help. After a few seconds JJ was fully seated on the bed and the nurse began her work.

Carefully removing the bandage around the wound the two women were able to see more clearly the cut on JJ´s leg. It was sutured already, but that didn´t lessen how painful and long it was. Because of the damage to the muscle the doctors had to open it a bit more to repair it so that the damage was as minor as possible. The wound was almost as long as a pen and was all swollen.

"Will the scar be the same size?" Jennifer asked.

"No, it´ll be smaller and less ..."

"Disgusting." JJ Joked.

"Yes something like that." After cleaning and wrapping the wound with a new bandage, the nurse said goodbye and left. JJ saw that her friend was still with her eyes glued to her leg, a shadow of guilt hanging in her brown eyes.

"Em is not your fault," She said. The brunette was about to protest but was interrupted by JJ.

"No Emily. I know what you´re gonna say. None of this is your fault. The decisions made in the field were taken by the two of us. Both decided to follow Farley to the alley, both went on his search. "

"I know, but I should have realized it was a trap,"

"Emily! Stop right there. There was no way of knowing what he had planned. Tell me something, did you know that all those people would be on the streets at that precise moment? Did you know that the alley door would be open and that his car was on the other side? "

"No" she whispered.

"We had no idea what was going to happen and I'm sure I'm not the first one telling you this." She said, raising an eyebrow. "if the roles were reversed I´m hundred percent sure that you'd be saying the same to me or to Derek or to Spence or any other member in this team."

"You're right, as always. Why are you always right?" The brunette asked.

"It's my special ability." JJ said smiling and winking.

"Sure. But seriously Jen you always worry for us, you're always there for us so now let us be there for you. If you need to talk or anything I will be there just like the rest of the team. "

"I know Emily and thanks." The young agent said, both stared at each other for a few seconds until the others came back to the room.

"We came to say goodbye. We will go to the hotel and we´ll be back ... "Hotch looked at his watch."In a couple of hours" He said finally noticing how late it was.

"Okay. You guys really need a break, you look awful." JJ Joked.

"Yeah yeah, you're lucky to be in a hospital." Morgan threatened.

"Ooh I'm shaking." She told him moving her shoulders like she was shaking.

"Night JJ" Reid said hugging her. "I'm glad you're with us."

"Me, too, Spence. Now go to sleep. "And one by one the team left the room. Once outside Emily stopped. Realizing that they lacked and agent Morgan turned around seeing Emily standing in front of the window that overlooked the room that had come out.

"Hey guys give me a minute." Morgan said, looking at the reason for his request Hotch nodded.

"We'll see you at the hotel; we will leave one of the vehicles." He said, nodding again.

"Emily you need to rest, Jajey´s gonna be fine." Morgan said resting his hands on his partner´s shoulders.

"I know but ... I can´t leave her Derek, really I just can´t. "The brunette's eyes showed all the feelings inside her at the time. Seeing that this was the only way Emily would actually rest he gave in.

"Okay, I understand. Let me go get some things before I go back to the hotel. "And with that he left. A few minutes later she saw him appear in the hallway with a blanket a pillow and a bag.

"What is all this?" She exclaimed indicating everything he had in his hands.

"If you stay here, you need to be comfortable and I´m sure you haven´t eaten anything so I brought you something." The dark agent said moving the bag.

"Thanks, but where did you get all this?"

"Well those are the perks of being Derek Morgan." He said moving his eyebrows.

"Oh yes, smartass." Emily replied not very amused by that statement.

Smiling in his charming Morgan way, he put everything under one arm and with the other took Emily by the waist pulling her closer to him. "Is that jealousy?" Wonder with fun.


"Yeah right." And closing the gap between them he kissed her. Emily immediately replied deepening the kiss. The feeling she had felt the first time they kissed was stronger now. The kiss was security, confidence and a promise.

Moving away slowly with their eyes fixed on one another he smiled. "I can get used to this." He told her still holding her by the waist.

"Yeah me too." She leaned over giving him a little kiss goodbye.

Emily entered the room again, seeing that JJ had her eyes closed she assumed she was sleeping so the brunette try to make as little noise as possible. Emily placed all the stuffs Morgan had given her over the chair where Reid had been hours before and then took the bag and sat on the other side.

"Where did you get all this?" Asked in a whisper.

"Maybe in the factory of love." The blonde responded with a mocking voice.

"Geez! Jennifer you scared the hell out of me! "Emily exclaimed with her hand holding the edge of the chair.

JJ started laughing she couldn´t believe her friend's face and stopped almost immediately because of the pain.

"Oh god ... Oh" JJ said breathing slowly. "Sorry. I had to say it."

"Haha very funny." Both were silent. "Did you see it?"

"Yep. I can't believe it, I'm gone for a while and I miss everything. "Said exaggerating her voice and then added with a more serious tone."Tell me what happened?"

Emily and JJ talked for hours about Derek and the brunette, JJ and Will, Henry, the team and anything not related to what happened in the last three days. Emily only stopped when she saw the effort the blonde had to do to stay awake.

"We should stop."

"Okay." She helped JJ again to lie down on the bed and then Emily settled in the chair next to her.


"Yes" She muttered, her eyes closed.

"Why don´t you lie down next to me. The bed is big enough for two and I'm sure your neck and back will thank you later. "JJ said with her eyes closed.

"You sure? I don´t want to hurt you. "This time one of her eyes was open.

Turning her head to look at her friend, JJ smiled. "You won´t and I'm sure. C´mon climb here." JJ said hitting the empty side of the bed. Obeying and thanking the gesture Emily leaned next to her friend.

"Good night Emily see you tomorrow."

"Good night Jen and I'm happy to be able to see you tomorrow." She said moving closer to her.

"Me too Em, me too."

"Will, Henry and Garcia will be here first thing in the morning so you better rest."

The only respond Emily heard was some kind of muttering. Yes she was happy to see her friend again tomorrow and the other days and she thanked the entire team for that.


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