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Rin's P.O.V

"Don't do this! DON'T DIE ON ME!" My words were full of anguish, and I could feel small tears coming out of the corner of my eyes.

"Rin… is that you?" I nodded my head several times. We were in an alleyway, and he was lying on the floor, his head in my lap. Tears dripped from my eyes and landed on my face. He grabbed my hand (which had been caressing his cheek) and pulled it to his heart. "Rin, I have always wanted to say this… I love you."

"I love you as well, Len." I leaned down and kissed his forehead, and then Len's body relax. He didn't move. My tears came out harder, and a choked sob emerged from my throat. I stayed in that position for a few seconds….

"AND THAT'S A WRAP! Great job you two!" I heard the director call from the set.

"Urg, get off me." I said while pushing the blonde haired idiot off of my lap.

"Like I wanted to be on you! By the way, you need to work on your acting! I swear, I almost began laughing so hard when I saw you and your fake crying!" Len said while pushing himself off my lap. I rolled my eyes.

"You're the one who needs help with it! You character's death scene was pathetic!"

"Oh yeah?!"

"YEAH!" Our bickering continued and echoed all around the studio.

My name in Rin Kagamine, and I am probably one of the most famous actresses of my time! I'm only 15, yet I am highly sought after girl. I enjoy acting (as well as singing), and have worked for many famous director's before. My dream is to one day work with the director Kiyoteru Hiyama.

He is supposed to be very strict and difficult to work with, but his movies are always rated to be at least four stars, if not better. He is said to be one of the best directors… ever.

"Hey, fatty! Can't you understand what these people are saying? You need to get off the set. Do I need to spell it out for you?" Len asked. I blushed and got up, pretending to brush some invisible dust off of my clothing. I then quickly walked off and accepted a water bottle from one of the workers. I sat down next to my manager, Teto Kasane.

Len Kagamine. How I hate him. He is always up in my face and insulting me for no apparent reason. We both entered the acting world around the same time, and we are rivals. How it started, I have no idea, but we naturally hated each other. It's inevitable. Unfortunately for me, the media is always spreading rumors that we are dating! As if I ever would! I blame my manager for that—she always got me in good movies as the leading female role, but Len would somehow always be the leading male! I don't understand how—he is a terrible actor! Anyways, most of the time, the movie has some sort of romance going in it, and so I am forced to pretend like I actually like the banana head. Which I don't.

"Rin, you paying attention?" Teto asked. I blinked and then shook my head.

"Er, no. Sorry, Teto. I guess I was just spacing out," I replied.

"You okay? You have been acting like an airhead lately." Teto asked in concern. I love Teto! (but not in that way) She was energetic and playful, yet able to get her work done all at the same time. She always knows what movies would help me grow as an actor, and she also has many connections (just in case). Teto's an awesome manager.

"Maybe she is acting like airhead because she is an airhead," a certain Blondie said as he walked past, a water bottle entering his mouth. I knocked the bottle from out of his hand and grabbed his collar.

"You wanna go, banana butt?" I hissed. All movement and conversations stopped. "Rin," Teto said nervously. Len just smirked cockily at me.

"Oh, I didn't know that you were attracted to me, honey. If you wanted to be closer then you should have asked." Len retorted back. I growled as that jerk mocked me.

"Why would I want to do that, sweetheart? I already get way too much of you as is. Or, is it the other way around, huh? Bunchkins?"

"True enough, cutie-pie. I don't want to go near you—you're too ugly!" I gasped. The nerve of that boy! For one thing, we looked almost exactly the same—goldish-blonde hair, cerulean eyes, and usually pretty big smiles. Except for being different genders, of course. People often think that we are twins, especially since we have the same last name. I swear, HE COPIED ME!

"You aren't exactly the easiest thing to look at, shota."

"You take that back!" I smirked since I knew that he hated that name the most.

"Shota, shota, shotacon!" I sang back at him. Len growled and stomped on my foot. I winced and retorted by biting down on his arm—hard. I have strong, sharp teeth.

OH MY GURD! TED! TED HELP ME! SHE'S BITING ME! TEEEEEED! GET AWAY FROM ME! HELP ME SOMEONE! TEEED!" I bit down harder, my teeth digging into his fleshy skin. "SHE'S LIKE A SHARK! I'M DYYYYYYING!" A man with hair the same color as Teto's came running.

"What's going on? Oh… Rin, do you mind letting go of Len for me?" I sighed, stepped back, and then fell to the floor. I hadn't realized that when stomped on my foot, he injured it. "Oh! My arm will never be the same! Owwwwwwwww!" Len complained. I rolled my eyes.

"You drama queen! You will be fine. I don't think that I will be—you stepped on my foot and I am wearing sandals. It hurts!" Somehow, Teto and Ted both pulled out some French Bread and whacked Len and I on the backs of our heads at the same time. "OW!" We both screamed out.

"That's punishment for fighting like little children." Teto said.
"Well, she started it," Len mumbled.
"YOU STARTED IT!" I screamed. This boy seriously annoys me!

"It doesn't matter who started it, you are both at fault! You need to stop fighting like this." Ted lectured. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, could someone do something about my foot? It hurts like crap." I complained.

"Let's clean you up. See you at home, Ted," Teto said. Did I mention that my manager, Teto, and Len's manager, Ted, are engaged? It makes it weird when I go over to their houses and Len is there as well. And then we begin fighting, and Teto and Ted break it up, like always.

*Time Skip: Later at Rin's Apartment*

"I'm home!" I called out as I entered my apartment. As expected, I got no reply. I live alone. I am actually from a pretty small town, but when I got the chance to enter the acting world, my parents sent me to the city so that it would be easier for me. I left behind an older sister, my parents, a best friend (and friends in general), and a boyfriend in order to chase after my dreams. But I guess that it was worth it.

I began cooking dinner—tuna porridge. My best friend, Luka Megurine, taught me how to make it when we were younger, and it actually tasted pretty good. I miss Luka. She would always appear to be calm and collected when in reality she was as hyper and as cheerful as I am. She was dating this boy who used to stalk her—his name is Gakupo. He was also a good friend of mine. I sighed as my phone began ringing. I picked up.

"Hello, Rin Kagamine speaking. Who is this?" I asked politely into the phone.

"Yo!" It was Teto. "GREAT NEWS, RIN! GUESS WHAT?"

"…What?" For Teto, great news could mean anything—anything from her getting some more bread to her getting married.


"Teto, my porridge is burning. Hurry up and tell me."

"Hmp, you are no fun." She grumbled. What a kid. "Anyways, Kiyoteru Hiyama is having a new movie, right?" I grunted into the phone. "Well, GUESS WHO HE WANTS AS HIS LEAD FEMALE ROLE?"

"…I dunno. Who?" I asked.

"YOU, BAKA!" Oh.

Wait a minute….

"OH CRAP! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" I screamed into the phone.




"YES! I AM SO HAPP—SHIT MY PORRIDGE IS BURNING! CALL YOU BACK IN A SECOND!" I quickly moved the now burnt food off the stove and called Teto again. "So what's the plot about?"

"It sounds really good, yet really depressing. So what happens is that there is this prisoner who always sits by this fence. There is also this girl—she is being played by you—who is very sick and is going to die soon. They began exchanging letters by folding notes into paper planes and flying them over the fence. They also both fall in love."

"That doesn't sound too depressing. It just sounds beautiful."

"I haven't finished. When the girl's father, who also happens to be the warden of the prison that the prisoner is in, figures this out, he orders the girl to never to go back to meet the boy. The girl is also close to death. So, the girl goes one last time and sends an airplane that she will never meet the boy again."

"Oh gosh."

"Yeah. They are both sobbing, but the prisoner promises that they will meet again. The girl returns to the hospital. At this point, the girl's father comes after the prisoner. He has his guards hold the prisoner back and then rips the letters in front of the prisoners eyes. The prisoner is so angry that he manages to break free from the guards and punches the warden. He is then sentenced to death."

"Teto, I am going to cry."

"Told ya. Anyways, it's not over yet. In his last hours, while he is waiting, he goes through this stage of regret for never telling the girl about his feelings and stuff. And how much he wants to see her. He is then put in a gas room and he dies. By the way, this is the time of World War 2."

"Teto I am seriously about to cry."

"But while that is going on, the girl is still dying from an illness, remember? Soon enough she can't walk… and then she can't move…. In this time, while lying on the hospital bed, she experiences the regret of never telling the prisoner her feelings properly, and wants to see him one last time."

"T-T-Teto, I am c-crying."

"She then dies. The movie ends with the two of them standing in a field together, hand in hand. I warn you, Rin, this is going to be a very difficult role, but I think that you can handle it." I blow my nose into a tissue.

"It sounds very hard. I can't believe that Kiyoteru thinks that I can play it… but I will do it!" I cheer, ignoring the tears rolling down my face. I sniff loudly.

"Wow, are you really crying that much? Just wait till you see the script. Both Ted and I were sobbing." Teto said.

"You let Ted read it?" I asked. That was unusual since only people who would be in the movie, or working in it, would be able to see the script.

"What are you talking about? Ted got his own copy," Teto said.

"Why would he get his own copy?" The answer lurked in the corner of my mind, but it was too horrid to think about.

"…Erm… Len is going to play the prisoner…." I knew it.


"…Yes, Rin." Under normal circumstances it would be hard enough to pull off a role like that, but add to the fact that I would have Len watching my every move just made it ten times worse. "Now, I have to go and tell Kiyoteru that you are in. Ja Ne, Rin!" And she hung up.

Despite Len also being in the movie, I did a happy dance around my apartment, grinning like an idiot. I entered my bedroom (my apartment has three rooms: a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. It was a nice place), and flopped onto my bed. Before I could stop myself, I screamed into my pillow. I WAS GOING TO WORK WITH KIYOTERU HIYAMA! This had always been my dream. I quickly got up and pulled out my cellphone. I then dialed Luka's number.

"Hello, Gakupo speaking," I heard when the phone was finally answer.


"Oh, hey, Rin. Wassup?"


"I'm hurt that you don't want to talk to me and engulf in my epicness." I heard someone shout "Get off the phone, Gakupo!" in the background, and then a loud thud. "Oh, hey, Rin. Sorry about him. Anyways, what's up?"


"NO WAY! ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Luka knew of my dream as well.

"YES I AM!" We both screamed at the same time.

"Oh, well my mother is calling me. YOU MUST TELL ME THE DETAILS LATER!"

"Sure, Lu-chan! But make sure not to tell anyone. It's supposed to be a secret until further notice. But, Gaku is fine to tell. Bye!" I hung up and then screamed into my pillow again. I was just so excited! I don't think that I could ever go to sleep!

So, instead of sleeping, I pulled out an old notebook hidden under my pillow. It was my song notebook. Whenever I had inspiration or lyrics for a song, I would write it down. The plot of the movie rolled around in my head, and I began writing lyrics, calling the song "Paper Planes."

Len's P.O.V

I entered my giant house. "I'm home!" I called out. As expected, my mother came flying out of nowhere and tackled me with a hug.

"Hey, Len! How was your day today?" I grinned happily at my mom. She was really cool. "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ARM?" She screamed when she caught sight of the bandages wrapped around it. I gulped.

"I tripped and fell down the stairs." I said. My mother's eyes narrowed.

"It was the work of Rin Kagamine, wasn't it?" HOW DID SHE KNOW? I nodded my head and my mother laughed. "I want to meet this girl one day. She is the only one who would dare stand up to such a good looking guy—besides me, of course. When you guys begin dating—"

"That will NEVER happen, mom!" I yelled. And it never would.

"You're in denial, child." my mother said in a sing songy voice. I just facepalmed and my phone began vibrating. It was Ted.

"Hey, Len. Do you mind taking a movie? The director is Kiyoteru Hiyama," Ted said.

"YES! His movies are awesome! What's the plot?" He explained it to me, and I found tears dripping down my face. My mother looked at me in confusion, and I wiped them away. "Yeah, I will take it. Sounds really good!"

"Wait 'till you read the script," Ted replied. "But, it is very depressing." I heard some squealing and yelling in the background.

"Is that Teto? What is she doing?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah it is. She's on the phone with Rin." My insides clenched when I heard that brat's name.

"Are Rin and Teto jealous that I got a movie in Kiyoteru Hiyama's film, and they didn't?! Please say yes!" I begged him. Ted laughed.

"I don't think that you understand. Rin will be playing the girl who is dying." Oh, that makes sense.



"WHAT THE HECK, TED?" I screamed into the phone.

"I'm sorry, but Kiyoteru specially requested her. You're lucky—it was Teto who suggested that he take you as the male lead role. If Rin hadn't been there, then perhaps you wouldn't have been in this movie." I blinked as the news sunk into me. I was in this movie because of Rin Kagamine?! I fell to the floor.

"I-I can't believe it," I said.

"Hey, don't get depressed on me! Chances were that Kiyoteru would pick you anyways, but this made his decision final. So make sure to thank Rin and Teto, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. Listen, I have to go. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Bye." We both hung up. After explaining the situation to my mother (without telling her about me owning Rin), I quickly went upstairs to my room. I flopped onto my bed, and then pulled out my song of books. Whenever I had a song idea, I would always write it in this. I began writing done the lyrics, the plot for the movie in my head. I decided to name it "Prisoner."

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