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Since I feel bad, I decided to give you some omakes I had thought of a while back, but didn't put into the story. Also, I would like to answer a couple of questions that I never quite answered. So, at the end of each little snippet, you will see an author's note, explaining some things about it. Until I say something like "END!" keep on reading, okay?

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Omake Number One: The Pills

(A/N: Some cussing in this one, so I warn you)

"Are you ever going to tell me what those pills where?" Len asked he flipped through the channels. His absentminded words sent little pillars of panic through me.

"What pills? Are you, I don't know, doing drugs or something?"

"What? No, dumbass. Why would I be asking you what those pills would be?"

"Then what pills? I don't have any pills with me."

"You freakin'- remember back to when we were outside with your mother, right before we went up the mountain for two months?"


"She handed you a prescription bottle. And then, when SeeU visited us once, she handed you another bottle." It dawned on me, and I turned bright red. "What?" Len asked, always the eager one to know about my embarrassing secrets.


"Telllll me! If we're going to be married one day, I would like to know if you have Herpes."

"Trust me, it's not Herpes. And it's not important."

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to assume it's Herpes."

I let out a sigh of frustration while throwing my hands up in the air. "Fine! Fine, alright? It was specialized birth control. My mother was almost positive that you and I would… would… would have sex up in the mountains! Which, is understand, since we were teenagers and all, but still!" He bursted out into laughter, clutching his stomach and dramatically falling onto the floor. "Len, stop!" I said, annoyed. He continued laughing. "Annoying asshole. You can go fuck yourself."

He suddenly became very still.

"Len?" I asked, tensing. A cough, and then another. "Len, are you alright?" Did he laugh too hard? Is he dying of laughter? It wasn't even that funny, so how is it possible?

Yeah, I'm clearly beginning to panic.

I quickly slipped down from my seat and sat next to him, rubbing his back and murmuring soft words. Just as I was about to reach over and grab to phone to call the ambulance, he fell on top of me. "Len, are you-?"

Fucking shit.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" I screamed as he mischievously smirked down at me. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! I'm going to kill you. I swear, I'm going to kill you," I hissed as Len grabbed my arms, pinned them to the side, and then leaned in, real close.

"Why don't we see how well those pills really work, yeah?"

(A/N: Pervy Len, yes. Always super smexy. Originally I was going to have an arc or something to where Rin needed those pills for some trauma, or whatnot, but that's kinda overdone in fanfiction, so I decided against. And adding another arc would add like another five chapters.

This next one is in the future, about the kiddos. It's going to be a little longer, and cliche in the sense that one couple's children will end up with another's. Here are the names:

Rin and Len's children:

Youngest: Ai Kagamine (meaning "love"). Remember she has brown eyes and blonde hair.

The boy: Real name is Kiyoshi (meaning "bright) but most call him Kuro (because he's the only one in his family with black hair, inherited from his father's mother, Lola. "Kuro" means dark or black, so it's meant to be a joke because of what his real name means). Also has blue eyes.

Oldest: Ran (meaning "orchid"). The typical Rin/Len blonde hair and blue eye set.

Luka and Gakupo's children:

The one with the two different colored eyes (also the younger one): Kukiko (meaning: "snow child." The twins were born in winter). Nickname being Kiko

The older twin: Yuki (meaning "snow).

There is a one year gap between Yuki/Kiko and Ai, and a three year gap between Kiko and Kuro. Also, they are in high school now)

Snipped Number Two: The Kids' Romance

Kiko's P.O.V

My older sister has always been the one most loved. Which, of course, is understandable. She's always stood out in the crowd, always loud and cheerful. And she's beautiful, too. With my mother's blue eyes, and my father's soft purple hair, not to mention the curvy figure, it's always been a mystery to how she's managed to keep the boy's from attacking her.

Sure, we look almost exactly alike, but I'm the loner kind, who prefers to watch rather than interact. The people at my school were nice and all, but kindest only goes to far. My mismatched eyes freaked some people out, while others thought I would be bad luck to hang around. This has been happening since elementary school, so I'm used to it. In fact, besides my sister, there is only one person who doesn't ignore me, and that's-


-this annoying bastard.

"Why didn't you wait for me?" Kuro asked as he caught up, out of breath.

I glanced up at him as I continued through the halls, forcing myself through. "What do you mean?"

"Thursday. Lunch. Alone. Together." He feebly attempted to brush his long black bangs out from the front of his blue eyes, but it was hopeless. They were just too long.

"Oxymoron, fool."

"Oh, how thou wounds me!" Kuro said while dramatically taking a step back and pretending like I had stabbed him in the heart. "We promised lunch together today, remember?"

"We always each lunch together."

"Yeah, but Yuki's always there. And, I love your sister very much-" a pang in my chest "-but I could do without the fangirls and boys, yeah? And I'm sure you could too."

"Okay," I said, finally warming up to the idea. An hour without Yuki would be heaven.

No whispers asking how we could possibly be related.

No side comments from the girls about my eyes.

No laughter from the guys as they compared the two of us and decided that she had a better rack in both areas.

"Yeah, that sounds really, really good," I said. Kuro gave me a little boyish smile, took me by the hand, and led me to the former orchestra room, which was now being used as a room for study hall. However, this was the teacher's lunch and planning period, so no one was in the room but us.

"I figured out a long time ago that Sensei doesn't lock the door after he leaves. It's open, even after school."

"What were you doing after school so late into the night?"

He smirked. "Stuff."

I rolled my eyes as we both opened out bentos and took a bite.

"Yuck, tuna again."

"Bananas and oranges. No matter how many times I tell them, it's always the same."

Without even saying a word, we both handed each other our bentos.

"That's much better," Kuro said with a sigh of relief. "I can handle fruit. Just not fish."

"Tuna is dolphin, which isn't a fish. Just by the way."

"No wonder you have no friends," Kuro remarked, but he said in a way that I could tell that it was a joke, and not something he actually meant.

I still smiled rather sadly, though, and said, "Yes, thank god for our mother's being friends. Then I wouldn't even have you."

"What?" He laid his chopsticks down, and almost glared at me, his gaze was so intense.

"Well, I mean, you only hang out with me because of our parents, so-"

"Is that really what you think?" His words were a pitch higher, and disbelief laced them. I didn't say anything, so he took that as a sign to continue. "I don't hang out with you because of our mothers'. I hang out with you because I like you."


What, what, what.

No, don't flip your shit, Kiko. He doesn't mean it in that way. He means it in the way of friends, bros, that sort of thing. Not romance. If he wanted to date a girl, it would be your sister, not you.

I smiled. "Thanks." I grabbed my chopsticks and was about to begin eating again, but he snatched them from my hand, truly glaring this time.

"Thanks?! I just confessed to you and you have to say is thanks?!"

My eyes widened as far as they could, and I kind of just stared at him. His blue eyes- such a contrast to his dark hair- were fiercely locked onto mine, as if to convey some sort of message that I wasn't getting.

"Why me?" I asked. "Why not Yuki?"

"Oh, damn, Ran was right. You dumb ass, why would I take her when I could have you?"

"Thanks," I said sarcastically, and he rolled his eyes.

"Anything to say besides fucking 'thanks'?"

I felt heat rise to my cheeks, and tried to force it down. Didn't work. "I… I also like you. I have. For a very long time."

"You better," Kuro said with a meaningful glare, but there was fondness behind his eyes. He leaned in close-

"KIKO! KURO! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME!" Yuki screamed as she burst into the room. "Do you know how long it took to find you guys?"

I usually try not to, but sometimes I just hate my sister.

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Kuro growled out before wrapping his finger under my chin and forcing my head up. He quickly leaned in for a kiss and I, more than eager, complied. The lasted for a good five seconds before he pulled away and glared at Yuki. "The new couples wants some alone time. Shoo."

(A/N: lol how didya like that one? Kuro is a little cutie, yeah? At least to me.)

Extra Number Three: Teiru and… GAKUKO?!

"I can't even," Luka moaned. "HOW?!"

"Why with Gakuko of all people?"

"Is it because you didn't get me? I swear, if that's the reason why you're now dating my sister, I will rip you to shreds with my bare hands. Or katana. Luka's choice."

"I'm feeling with bare hands today, Gakupo. Sound good?"

"Oh, hell yeah."

"Would you all shut up?" Teiru said as he joined our group of friends at our booth. "I feel like no no one her, minus Gakupo, of course, even know's her. Stop making it seem like she's such a terrible person."

"But, I mean Gakuko, of all people?" Len asked, stressing Gakuko's name. "Why not some other hot chick. I can hook you."

"I'm perfectly happy," Teiru said with a laugh as he ordered his drink. "In fact, I'm past happy. It's more like I'm on cloud nine. It took me forever to get over Tei, but she stuck to me. She helped me back up."

"Cliche," Len coughed.

"Stop," Teiru said with a laugh.

"But, there was seriously no fish left in the pond?"

"Len," Teiru said, sobering up a little, warning creeping up in his voice.

I grabbed Len's arm and shook my head, recognizing that Teiru was approaching his Yandereish side. "Len," I said softly. Gakupo was glaring at him a little and Luka watched, worry etched into her face.

"I'm sorry," Len said, his voice clearly showing that he wasn't sorry at all. "I just thought you would do better."

Teiru stood up, slamming his hands onto the table. The restaurant fell silent and turned to watch. Len looked up, defiance clearly showing in his face. "If you aren't going to be happy for me, whatever. If you think I don't suit her, whatever. If you insult Gakuko, though, we're going to have a problem. We're best friends, I know, but she's my girl, and I don't want to hear you saying something like that about her ever again, alright? And, if you can't accept her, we're… we're going to have a problem, alright?"

"Sorry," Len said. "It's just…" A sniff. "I'm having to give you up! After so many years! My best friend!"

"See how I felt?" Luka asked before winking in my direction. They both ignored her.

"Trust me, I'm happy for you," Len said. "It's just… a shift I wasn't really expecting."

(A/N: Yeah, Len was sorta an asshole in that one, but… yeah, I've got no reason. Someone needed to take the fall, and people aren't always perfect, despite what you may think. So, in a way, I was trying to make him seem more, you know, human like, rather than a giant, beautiful icon. Not.

I think you'll like the next one, since I think I'm correct in saying that Luka is everyone's favorite character, or at least close to it)

Bonus Number Four: The slight Yandere and Tsundere (aka… how Luka and Gakupo's relationship developed, through Gakupo's P.O.V) (before they were dating)

"Kamui you need to stop using your katana to attempt to hurt those boys!" My Sensei screamed. I glared at him.

"Why not? If they think they can talk about how hot Luka is when she's running, and how they get aroused and all, they're dearly mistaken," I growled.

"Oh God, not this again," Luka said as she entered the teacher's lounge. "You need to stop doing things like this."

I rolled my eyes, but didn't say a word, slightly annoyed. Okay, so maybe I went a little too far, but you would too, if you were me. If only that damn Tsundere would just say yes!

"Two weeks of detention, Kamui," Sensei said. "Leave."

I left, side by side, with Luka. The bell had already rung, so everyone was already in class. "Where are you going to?" I asked Luka. "I'll walk you."

"I don't need you to walk me."

"Listen, Luka-" But she suddenly disappeared. In a second, she was behind me, his hand on my arm, twisting it rather painfully. "OW! FUCK, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?"

"Go out with me."

I stared at her like she had taken the wrong medication this morning, and had a feeling she did. "What?"

"Go out with me, or else I would break your arm."

"Of course I say yes! I've only asked you out, what, a hundred times?" She loosened.


"You're so-" I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "Yes, truly. May I kiss you now?"

"I hope you know that this does not mean that we're going to end up married one day with twins, or whatever."

"I know. Now should we kiss?"

Her face broke out into a smile, a true smile, as she nodded her head yes.


(A/N: I choose Gakupo instead of Luka because you really don't get to know about his character. This didn't help much, though, I don't think)


There weren't that many and they weren't that long, but I hope you enjoyed them regardless. Oh, and tell me which one you liked the best! (please?)