Arthur Kirkland is an orphan left on the doorstep of an orphanage on the day of his birth. He grows up to bee unloved, mistreated and decides to escape the orphanage on his 9th birthday. He walk the streets alone, empty handed until he meets Francis who had the easy life and luckily decided to take him in- inspired by oliver twist and private peaceful.


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The nights were gloomy, the days were short. The great city of London had forever been shattered ever since the aftermath of a world conflict. People prayed it will never happen again, everyone turned to the God in the heavens for guidance. Unluckily for those who have prayed, they've lost patience and turned their backs.

Emily Kirkland held her newborn in her arms holding the boy tight. For weeks she had traveled through streets after streets. Her physical being wasn't strong enough to fend for two. For two years, she had been living out on the streets, poor, hungry and a target for police officers. Her clothes are at least two months old now and it reeked. It's not like she has a choice however. The baby was all snug inside the blanket made by his mother. She walked through the dark alleys of London desperate to find food to feed her son. She sympathetically looked down at her baby boy. 'Dear God, he looks so weak' she thought. Her child didn't look so good. Her bouncing, baby boy had drastically changed health and mood. At his first days of life, he was all happy, chubby and couldn't carefree. And now, he's thin, pale and on the verge of dying. Her tears threatened to fall as she stared at her unwell newborn. One day, she promised herself and her son that they will both live in a big house. But what are the chances of gaining all that luxury? All that glamour and easiness? At this point of history, chances were as thin as sheets.

Straight ahead across the streets was a baker shop. She opened the wooden door of the bakery shop and glanced at the room filled with delights. Cakes, scones, bread, muffins and the sweet aroma of cinnamon and honey filled her nose making her mouth water. Hopefully from all the money she had, she could at least get even the tiniest of portions. Emily grabbed the scones and placed it on the counter. A gruff man turned around from behind the counter and place aside the briar pipe from his thin lips.

"That'll be ten shillings" he said.

Emily rummaged through her pockets and found only twelve pennies. She frowned.

"Sir, I only have twelve pennies. Please have mercy.I have a child to feed and if he doesn't get fed he'll most likely die within two weeks"

"Then tough! I don't care. I'm here trying to earn a living. I'm here working constantly everyday to feed my family as well. And you're here trying to mooch some food and money off taking it all easy? We work our hands to the bone and you expect us to give you sympathy? I think not"

Emily didn't know what to do next. She knows she needs to feed her baby. Within a second, Emily swooped the scones off the counter and exit the bakery. She clumsily ran through the dirty streets of London, barefoot with a baby in her hand and a bag of scones in another.

"Help! Thief!" the gruff man cried as a group of policemen hastily detected the guilty. Emily ran her weak, waning legs as fast as she could until she felt a tinge of pain on her thigh muscles. Her lanky legs started to slow down as she panicked, desperate to lose her notoriety. The policemen were catching up and she had to make sure her baby was safe. As if a coincidence from heaven, the other side of the street was an orphanage. She approached the small building and knocked impatiently on the door. She sighed when no one answered. Besides, it is ten at night so its nearly impossible anyone would be awake at this hour. She looked down at her baby and felt him tremble. The little boy shuddered and burst into cries. Her hands wiped the tears off her only child and kissed his soft forehead.

"I'll be back for you, ok Arthur? Mum loves you very much but you need to be brave for me. I'll return as soon as the policemen can't find me anymore" she said as she lay the small child on the step of the orphanage.

"Oi! Gypsy girl!" she heard the policemen's voices inching closer.

Emily breathed deeply and bid a tearful farewell to her child for just a small while as she promised. When his mother was out of sight his green eyes watered. Arthur waited and waited. But she never returned to her son. And so, Arthur wailed. His cries echoed, bouncing off the walls on the street. He wants his mummy back...





Lady Lawrence groggily swept herself up on her two bony feet and made her way downstairs to the sound of what seems like cries of a baby. She twisted the lock and opened the door. On the doorstep was a beautiful baby. Lady Lawrence stood there in awe. Who would leave such a perfect little baby outside an orphanage? However, as she examined him more, she noticed how malnourished, pale and sickly the poor thing looked. She glanced around the area for any signs of whoever had brought him there but the streets remained empty. Lady Lawrence sighed, picked the crying baby up and brought him in to shield from the coldness of mid-autumn. The baby immediately stopped crying.

Lady Lawrence smiled as the baby stilled and began cooing and playing with her red hair. 'Bless this poor child!' she thought. Lady Lawrence went up to her room and laid the baby in her bed until she smelt something foul escaping the baby's blanket. She unraveled the blanket revealing a full diaper. Her nose crinkled as she laid the baby down on her bed and fumbled around her room to find a substitute diaper. She quickly grabbed her unused scarf and began undoing the baby's diaper. She looked to see the gender of the baby. It's a boy.

"So you're a boy? Hmmm...what shall I name you?" she asked the little baby. She had always wanted a little child of her own but unfortunately couldn't conceive a baby with her now deceased husband. The baby had his green eyes and his light blonde hair. It reminded her so much of her beloved who died fighting for his country. It was then when she didn't realise the tears forming in her eyes. She quickly wiped them with her dirty sleeve and finished wrapping her scarf on the baby's bottom half. Her hands roamed the bed for the blanket and then wrapped the baby with it, cradling it inside her arms. The little baby held his small hands up a gently caressed the woman's face. Lady Lawrence giggled softly and held him closer. Then in quite small embroidery, at the bottom of the blanket lay the two words 'Arthur Kirkland'

"Arthur Kirkland is your name I suppose" she snuggled the baby closer to her and laid to rest with Arthur curled up next to her sleeping blissfully.

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