"No! Juliet, why must you die so early? Why must you leave me?" Francis sloppily over exaggerated. And yet it earned quite a lot of appreciation. Annette lay still portraying a dead Juliet. Arthur just rolled his eyes at the scene. It was by far the stupidest and the only love story he had ever had to narrate.

"Hurt by Juliet's death, Romeo takes out the poison and drinks it. He dies next to her." Arthur describes in boredom.

Francis then pretends to drink poison and then fall gracefully into Juliet's arms. The way the pair was displayed on the floor, the way Francis had his head on her chest made Arthur's heart thump painfully.

"Juliet wakes up to find Romeo dead." Arthur once again reads out.

Annette rises and badly acts out a shocked facial expression. Her cries were cheesy, her tears weren't even there and her voice was too monotone.

"No Romeo! You should've waited a little longer." Annette says.

Then, all Arthur sees is Annette bend down to kiss Francis on the lips. It lasted around three seconds. But for Arthur, it felt like it had been well over ten seconds. Seeing their two lips connect sparked a riot in him, a fire. Rage, anger and hurt. Arthur tore his eyes away from the picture that is seen as the greatest love story ever told. And a little piece of his heart had broken into little pieces.


Arthur sat down on the cold marble floor, the jets of water hitting his pale skin. Seeing Francis and Annette in action, kissing an touching each other today was too much for his young mind. He brought his knees up to his chest, hugging them close, wondering what this strange feeling was in his stomach. Francis is just another boy. They had only met a couple of months ago. He had been forever afraid of human contact until Francis tried to hug him which eventually made his fear die down a bit. Francis had done so much already. He had brought him a home, defended him from bullies and now that his attention is on another, Arthur had this strange bubbling anger inside of him. But still, the feeling towards Francis is still unknown.

After a couple of minutes of thinking, sulking and showering, Arthur stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in his pajamas ready for bed until Francis barges in.

"Hey, Arthur. You've been in that shower for quite a while. And on the way back you hadn't said a word to me. Are you alright?" Francis asked kindly.

Arthur just rolled over on his side, wrapped his blanket around him and said "Tired."

Francis just shrugged and exit the room, turning the lights off. Arthur screwed his eyes shut, forcing himself to sleep. Maybe by tomorrow, he can forget whatever that had taken place so the strange feeling would go away.


15 year old Francis took Julie in his arms and kissed her hair softly. The couple sat on the couch in front of the television being all touchy and cuddly with each other. Arthur was just there in the sidelines, disgusted at the young couple. Francis has had, god knows how many, at least 20 or more different girlfriends. Julie is just one of them and now labelled as girlfriend lucky number 21. By now, Arthur had promised himself that he is content with loneliness. No girl had entered his life, in fact they had never ever posed a spark or interest in him. Arthur then questioned whether he liked men but he quickly realised that they weren't his thing either. Francis, however is an exception and seeing him be with so many girls made him certain that Francis would never look at him in admiration the way he does. It had been five years he had kept to himself. He had watched girls come and go in Francis' life. For those years, Arthur had fantasized about having Francis to himself, to hug, hold, kiss. But obviously Francis sees nothing in him. So for days, months on end, meekness was the best solution to hopefully forget.

Then, the young couple began to kiss hard, mouth to mouth with their hands all tangled up in each others hair. Arthur rolled his eyes and decided to give the two their alone time. He let his body fall onto the rickety bed, letting out a long sigh. His once tidy room was now littered with books, notepads and pencils. Not so recently, Arthur had taken great interest in physics. He had found it a great way to take mind of things and to not draw attention towards Francis especially with such urges.

Physics, to him, is the branch of science where the nature and properties of matter was the center point. He had won several awards in school for physics and is now labelled as the ultimate nerd but he didn't care. Those people just don't understand. Amelie had raised him to believe in God and up to this day he still does but ever since the approval of the big bang theory and his luck's betrayal, he began to question everything.

Once, when Arthur and Amelie were left alone whilst Francis was out with girlfriend number seventeen, he shyly asked "Amelie, what is love?"

Amelie's brows raised. She smiled kindly and replied "It is a deep feeling of affection for a person. One between friends and family and another between two people who were once strangers but have built their relationship to the point where they want to spend the rest of their lives together, have kids and own a house, get married and grow old together."

Arthur looked at her confused. But she just chuckled. "You'll find the right person someday."

Ever since that day, Arthur began to question his inner feelings for Francis. He is his brother and he loves him very dearly. But another part of him wants to hold him, kiss him and touch him in ways Francis' many girlfriends do. They may not be related by blood but according to the adoption papers, he is now a Bonnefoy-Kirkland. So was his feelings wrong?

Arthur mentally slapped himself. Of course its wrong! 'Dear God, what have I turned myself into?' He looked up into the heavens tearfully, sinful and guilty. There is no way to reverse these feelings now. It had become too late.



A crowd of citizens hastily rushed towards the banks of the river Thames where a man stood waving his arms to usher the large crows to his direction. With a loud bellow he shouted "Citizens of the land! Take heed!"

Francis and Arthur are amongst the crowd, watching the man speak.

"Chamberlain had recently declared that we are now at war with Germany!"

The crowd groaned in sheer terror. The aftermath of world war one was about to be repeated.

"God has spoken through his conscience. We shall crush the evil, throw them back to the fires of hell and lead the righteous into victory. We need to work together, to stop Hitler's intentions. So, men of Britain, if you are 16 and over, join the army now! The Britannia needs you!"

The crowd slowly waned and dispersed. Francis and Arthur looked at each other.

"So...are you planning to go?" Arthur asked Francis, pain in his words.

"Of course I am! Those German bastards have slain so many in France in the First War and now I'm going in for revenge!" Francis said strongly committed.

Arthur's head dipped down to the path. Many were lost in the first war, and now Francis is willing to risk his life for the country. It was very courageous of him to think in such way, to be so motivated to risk his own life at a young age whereas many men are terrified. However, the consequence of this is losing Francis and Arthur couldn't even possibly think of what his life would be. He had been keeping to himself for years now and now that Francis is willing to go to war, he may never even have the chance to admit his feelings to him. Maybe it is best he keeps it to himself forever to avoid Francis from feeling disgusted. Maybe it is for the best.

Francis notices Arthur's sadness.

"Are you okay, Arthur? You know, it had been quite some time since we have had a heart to heart talk. The last was probably when we were eleven. We used to be so close."

Arthur shook his head.

"No, Francis. It's not that...It's just...It's stupid. You'll probably feel weird."

"No tell me. It won't hurt me, right?"

"No you don't want to know."

Francis scoffed and turned Arthur by the shoulders so they are face to face, blue eyes gazing intensely at green. His warm hands remain on his shoulders, and this small, innocent move almost brought Arthur to tears.

"Of course I do. You're my brother now tell me what is on your mind."

Arthur felt a lump on his throat, a sign to not speak.

"I...I just...well ...I've seen you with many girls and're still with Julie but I know that you don't really like her anymore since it had been months since you last saw always look so distant now. As if you're not there and no one can see you."

Francis looked at him puzzled.

"I don't know where you are going with this."

Arthur sighed briefly. He cleared his mind and decided to just be straight forward with this. He must tell him he loves him before he decides to leave for war.

"Listen Francis, I ... I lo-"

Arthur was then suddenly interrupted by Amelie who had suddenly appeared between them. Her breathing was heavy, scarf out of place and her voice alarmed.

"Francis! You need to come home now! Julie, she has something very important to say to you!"

For the first time ever, Amelie sounded stern. Her usually kind, cheerful expression was now unintelligible.



When the three arrived home, Julie was stood there at the entrance, her eye make up ruined. It looked as if she had been crying. Strangely, there were huge boxes of Julie's belongings. The most shocking thing of all is the small growing bump of her stomach. With a small voice, she uttered out "I'm pregnant."

Arthur's mind sank. Now knowing that Francis had made love to Julie made him feel even more worthless. Francis had done it with her. The number one thing Arthur had wanted to experience with Francis and Julie was there first. He was so close to breaking down. His broken, shriveled heart hardened, unable to know how to react. All he knows is that he most certainly has no chance. His emerald eyes watered, tears ready to drip down his face.

Francis' eyes gaped and his mouth ajar. Amelie looked at her son disappointed. "Look what you have done to her, Francis! She had only found out a week ago that she is five months pregnant and when her parents found out, they wanted her out!"

Francis walked up to her, running his hands all over her enlarged belly so tenderly and fatherly. Julie stared at him, lovingly knowing that they may have to remain a couple now because of this baby. Francis continued to feel her, try to feel his baby in her.

After minutes of watching the two so intimate with each other, Francis being so gentle and loving, Arthur couldn't help it any longer. His eyes suddenly burst into tears, voice cracking as it made weeping noises. He quickly ran up to his room, slammed it shut and buried himself in his blankets. He is long gone and he hasn't even left the house yet. Francis is long gone.

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