For all the Dotty fans out there.

All That I Have

He'd seen it in her eyes, the hunger, the desire. She was a cop and he was a criminal, and that made him dangerous, but also desirable. The idea that he was off limits, something bad only turned her on more.

He'd had one hand over her mouth, and seen her blue eyes widen as his other travelled down the length of her throat. In that moment he had despised her, the way her pulse had quickened as she pushed into his touch. As his hand moved over her collarbone, he saw the want in her face and was repulsed by her stupidity. She really believed that he had come there for her, nothing could have been further from the truth.

But then his fingers found the prize he sort, the cool metal soiled and reassuring against his skin. The blue eyes had widened in understanding as his fingers closed around the necklace and something akin to rage had crossed her face when he pulled it from her throat. No, it wasn't her that he had come for.

He would have left then except that she yelled after him. Her face flushed with a combination fury and lust and her pale blonde hair in wild disarray.

"I don't understand." The words sounded almost like an accusation, as if he had come simply to lead her on only to leave her aching. "Why come here? Why risk it all for $20.00 worth of silver?"

Why? The word echoed in his head, long after he'd left the house. He'd told her why, because it was worth it. Why was because it was all the he had left of her. Of Letty who had been so warm and vital and so full of life that it had been impossible for him to picture a world without her in it.

They'd only been dating a few months when she'd given him the cross. A nonsense thing of no significance that she'd bought on impulse because it amused her to do so. It had been a whim of the moment and the pendant meant nothing. But yet for some reason he had always kept it, favourite shirts where thrown away, random pieces of jewellery lost, belts and key chains discarded. But the cross always remained.

And then one night he'd forgotten to take it off before he went to sleep and it was just easier to keep it on. Then it started to feel odd when he wasn't wearing it and then it never came off no matter what. It was from her and it was them and had ended up meaning more than either of them could have predicted.

So he had left it with her and now it was all of her he was left with.

It was inconceivable to him that all that was left of Letty, who had always managed to take up all the space in a room by force of personality alone, was a silly silver cross bought on a teenage whim. How could someone like her just one day not be there?

Letty Ortiz, who had been so many different things to so many different people. Mia's sister, Vince's confidant, Han's friend, Brian's hope and his everything. She had been everything to him and then suddenly she was gone.

Her absence was more than he could endure. It was a pain greater than the mere loss of a loved one. It was the slaughter of the future and the death of all hope. The life sliding from his veins and the his heart shattering even as it continued to beat. The pain was all that and the tearing of a limb. Half a heart, half a soul and more.

His world had ended and all that was left of that wonderful, amazing woman were memories, a few photographs and a silly silver cross.

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