The Vow And It's Consequences

Chapter 1

Dudley Dursley's Demands

The Dursley family were sitting watching television, it was the weekend and they were like any normal family. Spending time together, Petunia and Vernon sat with a cup of tea in their hands, Vernon and Dudley sat with an entire pack of biscuits on their laps. The boy they were ignoring was trying to blend himself into the wall in the corner. His legs were shaking with the strain of trying to remain upright. He was so tired, so very hungry and sore. Dudley had seen his father hitting Harry, and since then he'd taken every opportunity to do the same. When he was actually caught doing it, he wasn't as so much as scolded, and so Dudley assumed he was free to do it. He'd been kicking Harry's legs, which were now filled with bruises. Standing in the corner watching his relatives gorge themselves on biscuits and sitting watching TV made the little boy's heart clench tightly in pain. Sometimes the boy wished he'd been killed in the accident that claimed his parents life, just like the Dursley's always insisted he should have.

"MUMMY DADDY I WANT TO GO THERE!" demanded Dudley, upon seeing a commercial for a fair opening up in Cokeworth. Petunia went pale, just hearing about the place was enough to make her shudder in revulsion. She may have grown up there, but Petunia had never been happy, she'd been bitter for such a long time she couldn't remember the happy ones. Her parents were actually buried there; she'd never been to their graves. She hated the fact they'd fawned over Lily and never saw her for what she was. She glared at the boy from the corner of her eye; no doubt they'd have done the same with Potter. Her lip curled in repugnance, well she would make sure the boy knew his place, knew what he was. By the time they were done with him he'd never forget it. The fair came once a year; her parents had taken them all when they were younger.

"How about it Petunia?!" boomed Vernon, staring at his son in pride, he didn't seem to care that his four soon to be five year old was demanding so angrily.

"Do we have to?" asked Petunia, she'd rather not go at all.

"I WANT PIERS TO COME! I WANT TO GO EVERY NIGHT MUMMY PLEASE!" cried Dudley tears beginning to brim in his blue eyes, causing Petunia to quickly to go him, soothing him calling him all manners of sickening…er sweet names. Diddy dums came up a lot, she promised to let him go, that he'd have to wait until the fair was in town which coincided with Dudley's birthday. Perhaps she'd take Dudley to see his grandparents too. Maybe now her parents understood what happened to freaks.

"What about the freak?" asked Vernon, he didn't even spare a glance at the child same age as his own trembling in the corner. So he didn't notice the green eyed child flinch at the name he was addressed with. He didn't even know his own name, all he was called was 'Freak' 'Boy' 'it' and a few times 'Potter' when he was in serious trouble.

"The nasty Figg woman can watch it." said Petunia sniffing disdainfully.

"YES!" cheered Dudley, the tears forgotten.

In choosing to go back to her hometown she was unknowingly beginning an entire new life for a nephew she'd never acknowledged. Too bad for Dumbledore, the Vow Severus Snape had sworn to him, would come into affect in ways he could never have imagined.

Far above the sky a woman with fiery red hair smiled for the first time since she'd died. She whispered a sentence into the wind knowing it wouldn't be heard but saying it anyway, "Soon my son, you will know love and be free." and there was nobody else in the world she'd have picked. Woe to all who dare try and harm Harry. If they did Severus Snape was going to bring hell itself down upon them to defend him.

Not that the black clad man had any idea, he was at that moment teaching students at Hogwarts. Waiting eagerly until he could go home, even if it was to a run down house he'd spent a miserable childhood in. Destiny and life had put them on a new path. All that was left was to decide what they'd do with that chance and their life.

So what do you think of this tantalizing chapter? interested in more? there's so many ways this story can go.

Number 1 - Sev's a vampire and Harry is his mate, he's raised by the Malfoy's or another family (you can choose) and cared for alot by Severus but he doesnt take a parental role of course.

Number 2 - Severus raises him, he's not afraid to show the world who he truly is, and Dumbledore doesnt have a hope of controlling him (optional on sev being a vampire or not).

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