The Vow And It's Consequences

Chapter 28

Taking The Potion & Revealing Everything To Black

"Bed time, Harry." said Severus, in fact it was later than normal but since Harry had been sleeping earlier he'd allowed him to remain up an hour and a half extra. It was now nine o'clock at night, with a bit of luck Harry would go down no problem. He was trying to get Harry out of the habit of sleeping during the day, not an easy feat since Harry's body was currently healing after going through so much. His magic being bound, nearly dying and he was adjusting to his new home. It didn't help that he was using accidental magic whenever he wanted. Turning into an Animagus form was exhausting for a seventeen year old learning to do it, never mind a small five year old like Harry.

"What about that man?" asked Harry, his green eyes filled with worry and fear, he didn't like him he was scary. He knew instinctively that the man was still in the manor, he wasn't sure why but he just did. He hated strangers, and didn't want to be taken away from Severus who he called daddy now. The others never remained overnight, Lucius and Minnie always left after a few hours. Minnie was staying overnight too, but he wasn't as worried about her as he was with the newcomer.

"That man is Sirius Black, and he won't hurt you, the house elves are keeping an eye on him." said Severus kneeling down, reassuring the small boy that no harm would ever befall him. When he'd agreed to keep Black here, he hadn't anticipated Harry being worried or scared if he was honest. What's more surprising was the fact Harry knew he was here, they hadn't mentioned him since Harry woke up, so he had to have some help with the wards to detect Black's presence.

Harry bit his lip, he wanted to believe his daddy but he wasn't one hundred percent sure about it. "Can I stay with you?" whispered Harry, so low that Severus had to strain to hear him.

"Will that make you feel better?" asked Severus softly, bringing Harry's head up from where it was staring at the floor. He truly was worried; he didn't like seeing those green eyes apprehensive and terrified. It meant Harry didn't trust him to keep him safe yet, either that or he was worried Black would do something to him and take Harry.

"Yes, daddy." whispered Harry, his green eyes beseeching Severus'.

"Very well, now lets go." said Severus, taking the small hand in his large one, he took them up the stairs and into Harry's bedroom and through to his bathroom. "We are only here because all your toys are." he added assuring the young boy, who evidently thought he'd gone back on his word. One day Harry would come to realise he meant every word he spoke, whether it came to punishing him if he did anything wrong or keeping him safe.

Turning the taps on, he allowed the water to fill up to its usual spot as he added Harry's bubble bath and toys into the bath. Turning them off he let Harry get in himself as he grabbed a small towel and placed it on the radiator until he needed it. Letting Harry play for a while, he gathered his Onesie and the book with the animals in it, since that was what the child had asked for earlier. As he'd said Harry needed all the help he could get to catch up to the children his own age.

Which got him thinking about Lupin, the thought of letting him near Harry turned his stomach. Yet he knew Lupin would do whatever he asked of him, just to be allowed near Harry. Which meant he would teach him what he wanted Harry taught, and wouldn't allow Harry's supposed fame to get the better of him. There was no guarantee even tutors abroad would be impervious to the lure that came from tutoring 'The-Boy-Who-Lived' he didn't want it getting out. Dumbledore had contacts everywhere, even abroad so it was worrisome. Sighing tiredly, rubbing at his temples, it was difficult to trust anyone, let alone people who knew Harry and his parents.

He was brought out of his thoughts by Harry's voice playing in the bathtub with his toys. Smirking wryly he rolled his eyes, he was becoming a sentimental fool. Looking at the time he was surprised to see nearly fifteen minutes had gone by, he must have really been preoccupied. Putting the book and the Onesie on the bed, he wandered back through to the bathroom and helped Harry from the tub. Wrapping the towel around him, Harry wandered over to the sink out of sheer habit, and grabbed his snitch toothbrush and waited on his daddy putting the toothpaste onto it and begun brushing his teeth.

Taking the plastic cup he gargled the water and spat it back out, wiping his face on the edge of his towel as his daddy dried his hair. Walking out of the room, Severus once again scooped up the two items on the bed, before ushering Harry to his own bedroom. Helping the five year old into his Onesie and into his big bed, sitting beside him as Harry cuddled in, waiting on his story. Severus opened the book ready to begin his little story, when Harry's voice interrupted him.

"Daddy?" asked Harry, peering at Severus.

"Yes?" asked Severus, wondering if he was still worried about Black.

"I want you to be my proper daddy," stated Harry solemnly.

"I am your proper daddy now," said Severus, but he had a good idea what the child was talking about and his heart was racing violently in his ribcage.

Harry bit his lip, wondering if he had misunderstood their earlier conversation. Wouldn't the potion make Severus really his daddy and stop anyone taking him away? Severus was a great daddy, and he wanted to keep him to himself. He wanted as he had said, for Severus to be his proper daddy not just his adopted daddy.

When it became apparent Harry wasn't or couldn't speak again Severus asked the burning question on his mind. "Do you mean you want the Potion Harry? Just remember little one, I am your dad whether you take it or not." he said firmly.

"I know," said Harry cuddling into his daddy smiling, he knew that and that's why he wanted the potion. Not because he was scared, but because he wanted a proper daddy just like Dudley had Vernon, he wanted to be a normal boy. He wasn't freakish he knew that now, he was normal and having a dad was normal. Although he could admit he was scared sometimes, not so much anymore when Lucius and Minnie came, but Black was actually really scary. He knew his daddy wouldn't let him hurt him; it's why he'd run to him when he saw the scary man.

"Are you absolutely sure, Harry?" asked Severus, carding his hands through Harry's hair his heart felt fit to burst and wasn't that bloody odd? He who kept a tight reign on his magic, emotions and life unable to control them since this little boy had wormed his way into his life and heart.

"Yes daddy," said Harry nodding his head vigorously.

"Very well," said Severus digging into his side drawer where he kept the potion. Uncorking it he handed it over, making sure the small hands didn't tip it out. It had everything they needed in it, including his blood and it was the only one he had left. Watching as Harry drank the potion, his distaste evident, but as he finished you could see it had been what Harry wanted, he was beaming completely overwhelmed and happy.

Severus took the vial back, banishing it to his potions lab where the elves would clean it for him. It had to be sterilised before another potion could be put in it, otherwise the potions would mix and that wasn't a very good thing. Sliding the child back into his covers, he began telling the story, making sure Harry could see all the animals he was talking about. Until sleep finally claimed him, no doubt he'd see significant changes in Harry tomorrow morning as the potion did its work overnight. He didn't think the changes would be obvious to those who hadn't seen him in a long time, but to him, Minerva and Lucius it would be obvious, and they would know he'd taken the potion.

Severus sat there for hours just staring at Harry, he had his own son, a biological one now, and most important a son of his heart. For he loved Harry, more than he'd ever loved anyone, even Lily and that was saying something. Somehow someway that child had gotten past all his defences without even trying, and Severus wasn't even sure how, perhaps it was because of their similar pasts, or the undying desire to be loved. Many thought Severus was without a heart, but it wasn't true, he just kept himself stoic to remain safe from being hurt the way Lily had hurt him all those years ago. Despite that Severus had wanted someone to love, for someone in turn to love him. It hadn't happened quite the way he'd expected it, instead of a love of a partner he had the love of a son. And you know what? Severus was perfectly content with that, yes, his life strange as it may seem was complete.

Severus woke abruptly at seven AM, realizing immediately what had made him wake up so early. Harry was moving around in his sleep. He was used to silence, and being a slight sleeper, anything could wake him up. It's something he'd kept from childhood, trying to listen out for his drunken father and of course later when he was spying. The House Elves knew never to come into his room while he was in it, both at Hogwarts and here in Prince Hall. If they did well, let's just say they wouldn't be doing it again any time soon after being cursed or hexed into oblivion.

No doubt Minerva would be up soon as well, she had always been the earliest riser out of all the Hogwarts teachers. No doubt after forty nearing fifty years of teaching, it was habit just like it was for him, but he was able to go back to sleep if he wanted to thankfully. Today though wasn't one of those days, he was wide awake; the knowledge that Black was there definitely put a damper on things. Removing himself from his bed, he quickly took a shower and brushed his teeth, ready to face whatever may come that day. Although if he was completely honest, he wasn't looking forward to trying to explain everything to Black. Perhaps giving the bloody idiot a calming draught may be beneficial to the conversation.

"Flippy?" called Severus once he was in the landing, speaking softly so he didn't wake Harry up.

"Yes sir?" answered the House Elf immediately. His green tennis ball eyes staring curiously into his masters, wondering why he'd been called.

"How has he been?" asked Severus without really caring about the answer.

"He's slept all night sir," said Flippy promptly.

"When he wakes up, make sure he bathes he seriously needs it," said Severus, "Do not let him come down the way he was yesterday, Harry was scared by him."

"Flippy will make sure Mr. Black is clean and presentable." said Flippy grimly. He didn't want anything scaring his little master.

"He will put up an argument, if you must - subdue him." said Severus grimly. "The same rules apply from before, he cannot leave the manor."

"Flippy won't let Master Severus down," said the Elf bowing before he disappeared again, to do his Masters bidding.

"Daddy?" murmured Harry opening the door with one hand, the other rubbing at his tired eyes.

"Good morning, Harry." said Severus, evidently he hadn't been as quiet as he would have liked. For the first time he actually looked at Harry and noticed the changes he'd undergone overnight. His hair had gone darker, not that there was much hair there since it had been shaved off due to his injuries. He had more prominent cheekbones, the Prince cheekbones; he was relived to see Harry still had his mothers green eyes. How could just simply changing the colour of his hair and cheekbones change him so much?

"Morning daddy," murmured Harry still sleepy.

"Go do the toilet and brush your teeth," said Severus, ushering the child into his own bedroom and through to the bathroom. While Harry did that Severus got Harry's clothes ready for the day, he was still using Draco's old things, they were getting tight though, so he would no doubt have to take Harry to get new clothes soon, or just go with his measurements and get them from Madam Malkin's. Putting them on the bed, since Harry was five years old and able to dress himself. Severus paused when he heard footsteps outside the bedroom; it must be Minerva otherwise Flippy would have come to tell him. Heading for the door he opened it abruptly causing Minerva to jump in fright.

"Severus! Don't do that!" said Minerva clutching her chest dramatically.

Severus smirked at her, "Good morning, Minerva, I trust you slept well?" asked Severus being a polite host.

"I did, thank you." replied Minerva.

"I'm sure there will be breakfast and coffee set out if you wish to go down," said Severus. "Harry and I will be with you momentarily."

"I assume by that Black hasn't woken up yet?" said Minerva. Averting her gaze, five year old or not she didn't want to see a boy she'd one day teach and watch grow up (her own godson no less) completely starker's and she knew Harry wouldn't want it either. It was different with babies and toddlers, and Harry wasn't either of these things anymore.

"No, but the Potion probably won't keep him sleeping much longer." said Severus exasperated.

"You are the expert," said Minerva, and he was. "I'll meet you down there." she added before moving off down the stairs, she knew the way having been shown the way just last night. The place was magnificent, very homely, and that was something missing at Hogwarts even in her own private quarters. Yes it was her space, but it didn't cry home, she'd never been back to her flat since her husband died.

"Can I have pancakes today? And waffles?" asked Harry jumping up and down clearly more awake now and finally dressed. It was Gladrags wizard wear, Draco only got the best, it was a bit too dressy to be playing around in, but considering it would just be gathering dust they might as well get used. Narcissa always bought Draco too much; half the things she bought only got used once.

"We shall just have to see what the Elves have cooked wont we?" said Severus, as both of them left Harry's bedroom and made their way down the stairs to breakfast.

"Yup!" cried Harry hyperly, it seemed he'd forgotten his worries of the night before.

"Morning Minnie!" said Harry sitting down in his usual seat which had a booster on it so he could see over the table.

"Good morning Harry," said Minerva staring at Harry before meeting Severus' eyes in enquiry, Severus nodded as if he understood her unasked question causing the Transfiguration teacher to smile. It seemed as though Harry had indeed took the potion. She could tell really, all she'd asked for was confirmation. He had Severus' cheekbones, and his dark hair, the rest of him was the same, including the eyes and he still had a little bit of the Potter look. He was a unique blend of all his three now biological parents, and that's what the potion had done, given Harry part of Severus' DNA so he had three parents now. Not many chose to use the potion; they preferred having their own kids, to the pureblood's it made the lines less pure if they use the potion.

Severus plated up food for Harry, and put it in front of him, nodding proudly when Harry drank the nutrition potion without needing to be reminded. His lips twitched, at the way Harry's nose screwed up just tasting it, without thinking he handed over some juice so Harry could wipe the taste from his mouth.

"Sirius Black is wakening up sir, I'll make sure he baths before coming down," said Flippy before disappearing once more.

"Eat up, Harry. He won't hurt you, I promise." said Severus seeing the queasy look coming to his sons face.

Harry nodded and with less enthusiasm began eating his breakfast.

"Why is he so scared?" asked Minerva, her voice low so Harry didn't hear her.

"I have no idea," admitted Severus, "But Black does look terrible, perhaps that's what scared him?"

"I suppose he does," replied Minerva thoughtfully she hadn't really thought of that, he wasn't scary to her, but they were speaking about a five year old child. Black did look a right state, his hair tangled, greasy and messy gaunt face and the clothes he had on were mismatched and obviously borrowed from whoever they could get the items from within the Ministry. After all they didn't want Black in the courtroom with his Azkaban clothes on, which was a good thing really or it would have scared Harry further. "You need to eat as well," Minerva pointed out seeing that Severus wasn't eating much either.

"I know," sighed Severus, but his appetite had completely diminished; he seriously wasn't looking forward to this upcoming discussion. No pun intended. He'd hoped Black would sleep for at least a few more hours, give him time to prepare.

"I'm going to kill them," growled Sirius wakening up, he couldn't believe they'd used a spell on him to make him sleep. Standing up ready to confront them, a small part of him realizing he felt better than he had in a long time, but that little part didn't matter right now. "Move out of the way." he demanded upon seeing an Elf at the door - stopping him from getting by.

"Mister Sirius must bath first," said Flippy.

"Move!" cried Sirius angrily.

"Master Severus has demanded Mister Sirius bath and be presentable, and Flippy be doing as Master orders." said Flippy his hands out ready to make the unwilling guest comply with her Master's orders if need be.

"I'm fine, now just let me out!" said Sirius agitated.

Flippy twitched her fingers causing Sirius to disappear from view, Flippy followed, and if Severus Snape had been there, he would have found the entire thing amusing, minus the fact that Sirius Black was now completely starker's and looked for all the world a drowned rat in a bathtub full of water. Sirius looked ready to explode violently, never in all his years had he been so humiliated by a House-Elf.

"Now will Mister Sirius wash himself or does Flippy need to do that too?" asked Flippy, clicking his fingers he cut Sirius' hair and untangled it, now it looked manageable. It was still wet though, and he wouldn't bother drying it until he was dressed. Sirius Black was acting like a petulant sixteen year old not the twenty six year old man he was, but after being in Azkaban his emotions were bound to be screwed.

"I'll do it," scowled Sirius, realizing the Elf was serious and he would do it, and he wasn't about to test the elf again any time soon. With great reluctance he picked up the shower gel and sponge before he began to scrub himself clean. Aware that the Elf wasn't even leaving the room. He felt as though he was three years old again being watched by Kreacher, he couldn't help but shudder. After a few minutes though, the warmth began to set in and he relaxed back against the tub.

"Mister Sirius must wash his hair," said Flippy after ten minutes of watching the wizard nearly fall asleep.

Sirius grumbled the elf was a bloody dictator; he wasn't surprised it belonged to Severus Snape that was for damn sure. Giving his hair a good scrub so all the dirt and mud in his scalp would wash away, he then sank under the bubbles and let it wash away, before putting the conditioner in, massaging his scalp getting it deep into his straw feeling hair.

"Time for Mister Sirius to get out now," said Flippy impatiently, he had other duties to do today, so he could do without babysitting Sirius Black all morning.

"Aright!" sighed Sirius exasperated, grabbing the towel putting it around him so the elf didn't see him. He was so thin the towel nearly wrapped around him twice. Each rib stuck out mockingly, he didn't have a single piece of fat upon him at all, and that was only four years in Azkaban. He was glad to be out, make no mistake, since he'd been imprisoned for life without trial but it wasn't the way he'd hoped it would. At the trial he'd expected to be able to get custody of his godson, not find out he wasn't even his godfather anymore, and that Snape had custody of him…and he couldn't get the look on Albus' face out of his mind. He looked furious, why? What could he have wanted from him that made him so angry at Minerva for taking him here? Did he even know? He wanted answers, and right now he couldn't get them up here. Taking a deep breath, he quickly dried himself off. He had just thought about clothes when the Elf spoke again.

"Mister Sirius has fresh clean fitting clothes on the bed, get dressed." said Flippy.

"Thank you," said Sirius, forgetting his earlier ire at the House Elf.

"Follow Flippy," said the Elf, opening the room door once Sirius was in a proper attire. He went slowly so the wizard could keep up; he did look as if a feather could knock him over.

"Master Severus, Master Harry, Miss Minerva, Sirius Black." said Flippy announcing him.

"Thank you Flippy, you may get some rest, leave your duties until the afternoon." said Severus firmly, knowing if he didn't he would try and do them - he'd not had any rest last night.

"What's going on?" said Sirius, deciding against demanding - it hadn't gotten him anywhere yesterday or this morning. It was difficult but he managed to reign in his impatience.

"Sit down, drink these potions and eat breakfast first," said Severus, glaring at him daring him to argue.

It wasn't Severus' glare that had him sitting down, it was the apprehensive green eyes of his godson (official or not) that prompted him to just do what they asked.

Its great to be writing again! lol Ive been so bored lately! :D so will Sirius believe them or will he reveal everything to Dumbledore that they've tried so hard to keep under wraps? do you like Flippy acting like that with Sirius? i sure had fun writing it! what would you like to see updated tomorrow? R&R PLEASE! bye guys!