The Vow And It's Consequences

Chapter 3

The Fair

Petunia felt as though she was going insane, Vernon had been gone for five hours and she was ready to blow a fuse. She had given them chocolate so they would quieten down, but afterwards it had just made them ten times louder. Even when they were occupied playing their Game Boys. She couldn't send them up to her son's room or even outside to play. They weren't in Privet Drive anymore, but a town she knew all too well and a place that her son didn't. For that she was grateful, this town wasn't what anyone would consider tourist worthy. She wished her husband was here, Vernon was the only one Dudley listened too. She hadn't been able to hear her soaps because of the racket. The place was a mess too, the couch pillows were strewn everywhere and the beds were worse.

"Boy!" screeched Petunia from where she sat; she didn't even turn to see where Harry was.

"Yes ma'am?" asked Harry quietly and solemnly, walking over to her from where he had remained standing for the past five hours, beside the hotel door.

"Clean this place up!" she barked, her lip curing in repugnance at the sight of the freak. She turned the volume up on the television and proceeded to ignore Harry, as he went around cleaning the mess her son had created.

"Yes ma'am." whispered Harry, his dead green eyes didn't even look up, he immediately began doing what he was told. Not even a thought of it was 'unfair' crossed his lips, because this existence was all Harry knew. His stomach growled fiercely, he had not had anything since last night. Even at that it hadn't been enough to settle his stomach. Just some gravy and a spoonful of mash potatoes that was long gone cold.

He fixed up the area nearest to his aunt first, before half an hour later going to the beds. Thankfully neither Dudley nor Piers were on them, but sitting on the floor at the bottom of them. He had just turned down the bed, with a great deal of difficulty, when he saw it, a small square piece of chocolate. He squinted his eyes, to see if what he saw was really what it looked like. Everything was blurry to him, but he thought that was how everyone saw the world. It was the complimentary pieces left by the staff at the hotel for their guests. Harry's green eyes widened, quickly looking at the boys then Petunia. Once he realised they weren't looking at him. He pretended to fix the bed a little more, and with a deft hand he picked up the mint chocolate and slipped it into his far too large trousers.

Harry couldn't help but be excited, he'd never tasted chocolate before, Dudley always had some and he liked it a lot. He got boxes of it for birthdays and Christmas' and scoffed them all within hours. He hastily did everything else he had to do, putting the pillows back up, and then of course replacing the lamp Dudley or Piers had knocked over.

His fingers traced the sweet in his pocket, a small wistful look around him. He quickly but unobserved made his way to the toilet, locking the door behind him so nobody could get in. He sat down on it and quickly retrieved his prize, his lips twitching in a way that would disturb even Albus Dumbledore. There was something very...Slytherin about it. Then again Harry would have to be to survive the hell that was the Dursley's household.

He un-wrapped it without making any noise, his green eyes twinkling he bit into it. His first taste of chocolate, and it was lovely, he took his time eating it, trying to make it last as long as possible. He knew it would probably be the only sweet he'd ever get. Harry did not envision a life away from the Dursley's he was too young for such a thing. He did sometimes wish he'd not survived the car accident that had claimed his parent's life.

Sighing sadly, he scrunched up the wrapper before putting it down the toilet. He flushed it and watched it disappear; once he was sure it wouldn't reappear he left the room. His tongue tracing the chocolate remains in his mouth, as his stomach finally stopped gurgling with hunger. Right now he wished he'd stayed with Figg, at least there he wouldn't be getting hit, made to clean up and he'd be getting three meals. It was the best part of being there, even if she didn't care about him. He could see she barely tolerated him, sometimes he saw her glaring at him in anger. What he didn't understand was it wasn't anger, no Figg was jealous of the fact he was magical. He was blamed for something he had no control over - no matter where he went.

Harry jumped when Petunia shouted, but it wasn't at him, "Boy's get jackets on it's time to go to the fair!" she told her son and best friend. They had some lunch brought up by room service, but dinner she had decided, they could have it while they are there. A hamburger at the stall, no doubt they were still full from all the chocolate anyway. Petunia glared at Harry, she knew she'd have to put something on the boy. She did not want people looking at her with disapproval, she was better than them all.

Going through her sons belongings, looking for a suitable zip up jumper for him. She wasn't going to give him her son's new jackets. She found one that would have to do, grabbing it she threw it at the child. Telling him in her shrill voice to put it on, a familiar scowl on her face.

Harry stared at it completely stunned; she had never done anything like this before. The only thing that kept him even remotely warm, if he could call it that, was his blue blanket. He had it for as long as he could remember, it did nothing for the cold especially during the winter. Slipping the jumper on he nearly gasped at how soft and fluffy it felt against his skin. He never got anything like this from the Dursley's. His aunt only ever gave him the threadbare horrible clothes Dudley was finished with. The decent stuff always went to charity, Petunia always liked to feel superior to those around her. All Harry knew was cold and coldness from his family.

"Ready mum!" claimed Dudley, not even caring when he saw the freak with his clothes on. For once he was too excited to care about the freak or getting him into trouble. Piers were just as excited as him, jumping up and down wordlessly. Neither of them had been to the fair before and they just could not wait.

"Very good, now boys, I do not want you wandering off or we will turn around and come right back here okay?" she told the boy's the look on her face conveyed that she was serious. "If you get lost I want you to go to a security guard and tell them, or one of the people working at the fair."

"Yes mum," "Yes Mrs. Dursley," chimed both boys, still grinning widely, hoping impatiently from foot to foot.

"Let's go, take my hands," warned Petunia, "Move boy." she snapped at Harry before they were all out of the hotel into the cool crisp night air.

Harry could see the fair from this distance, as he walked behind his aunt, cousin and Piers. Everything was blurry but the lights and music was unmistakable. Looking around in awe his awe became complete amazement, as the music thumped around him. The lights reflect back in his green eyes, unaware he had the same look of astonishment his own mother had worn when she had been the same age as him, walking on the very path his mother and grandparents had once trod on.

"MUM I WANT TO GO ON THAT!" shrieked Dudley his eyes wide with astonishment.

"Dudley you can't go on that sweetie, you are too young." said Petunia, giving her son a very seldom glare as if to say 'Do not start here'. Dudley pouted but surprisingly did as he was told much to Petunia's astonishment.

"Look why not try the ducks, see if you can win a prize?" said Petunia suitably distracting the children. Both boy's nodded their heads eagerly, running towards it, money paid they got their sticks and both picked a duck. Receiving a blow up hammer each, much to their excitement.

"Look mum can I play!" asked Dudley pointing towards the penny arcades, she nodded and give them one pound each, to get change to play in the penny arcade. She stood watching them both with hawk eyes, as they both had fun and enjoyed themselves for a few minutes.

Harry watched them playing on things all night, his heart lurched as he felt the familiar agony of pain. Every Christmas or birthday, he would see this happiness and wonder why he didn't have it. Wonder why he was a freak, when he was no different from Dudley. Wonder again why he had survived the accident, he saw people around him with their kids treating them all equally. He wasn't Petunia's he guessed it might be how aunts treated their nephews. He had thought that for a long time. That guess was about to be blown to smithereens. When he saw something... right in front of his eyes.

"Auntie Alice please let me go on the horse!" begged a child around his age, who was begging her auntie.

"Okay, but only one more ride!' she said exasperated, it's obvious the girl had been on more than once. Harry watched the woman pay for it, smiling at her niece as if she was the sun and moon. Watched her take a few pictures of her, as the girl waved back grinning widely.

Harry felt his throat constricting, why was he such a freak? Why did they think he was a freak? He was no different from Dudley. Ripping his eyes away from the sight in front of him, his heart aching more if possible. He dutifully followed his aunt and the boys as they went around the fair.

"What do you want wee one?" asked a man, Harry's head jerked up, realising he was at a van selling food. The smell made his empty stomach roll as it always did when he was making breakfast. He saw his aunt glaring at him, and he knew he was supposed to answer.

"Nothing, no thank you," he said swallowing thickly, as his stomach growled fiercely in protest to his statement.

The man in the van frowned; the three year old looked too skinny, if he had known his true age he'd have been more alarmed. As it was he had no idea, and he quickly put up Petunia's order and they moved on.

Darkness had well and truly descended on them, with the lights though it was deceiving. The boy's went on a few more rides after their burger and chips, before Petunia finished off the night with a dummy and candy floss for them. Her hands were full of trinkets they'd won at the fair, or she had won for them. Teddies, balloon's, and of course their blow up balls and hammers. The older children were just beginning to venture in, and it was getting loud with drunks or that's what Petunia called them. She quickly began ushering them out the fairground and back towards the hotel.

"MUM I WANT TO GO EVERY NIGHT!" insisted the stubborn spoiled five year old.

"Let's wait until daddy gets back." said Petunia as she gratefully opened the door of their hotel room.

"NO MUMMY I WANT TO GO EVERY NIGHT!" Screamed Dudley, his eyes tearing up, and Petunia knew a tantrum was going to start. Harry edged away; knowing when Dudley got like that it was always him that suffered. Dudley hated being told no, and he prayed his aunt would agree.

"Alright my sweet-tums! We will go every night," said Petunia soothing her tearful son, petting at him, and giving him his prizes with a smile on her face.

The waterworks stopped immediately, and Dudley smugly stared at Piers who was staring at him in awe. When he tried that with his mum it never worked, both of them grinned and ran of to play with their toys.

Soon after Petunia sent both exhausted boys to bed, tucking them in and wishing them goodnight. Hoping her son did not pee the bed again, not here, it would be embarrassing. Exhausted herself, she turned the lights off, locked the door and made her way to bed. As always ignoring Harry's existence, she didn't care what he did.

Harry stood still for half an hour, before he heard the snoring; he knew Dudley would be up before his aunt. Dudley was his alarm clock; he made so much noise getting up that it woke Harry. Looking over at the couch longingly, he sighed and lay down on the floor, even the small mattress in the cupboard was better than this. Even if it was filled with holes, it was better on his battered body. Regardless, it was a weight of his feet, as he curled up shivering at the cold. The top half of his body was warm for once, since he still had the jacket on. Eventually the soon to be five year old fell asleep, wondering what he would get for his birthday. Dog treats? A coat hanger perhaps? Or maybe more of Dursley's old cast offs...he knew better than to expect anything now though.

Next chapter Severus Snape makes an appearance, will Severus know who he is? or will he actually see the child a few times before actually seeing him with Petunia and realising who the child is? Will Severus be stubborn and refuse to do anything until his conscience gets the better of him and he goes and retrieves the child? or will he threaten Petunia in Cokeworth and take Harry away? will Severus keep his distance or will he be unable to the second he sees harry's eyes? ;) he always did have a weakness for green eyes lol will this be a magical adoption story (not his appearance changing just making Severus his adopted father and have him appearing on the family tree. Will the Prince's still be alive and when they find out about harry they have Severus put in to be his heir? or will they have died and sev gets the money and house or will harry grow up in cokeworth happy? will Severus take a few years sabbatical from Hogwarts to raise harry or will harry be going to Hogwarts with Severus? attending primary school at the same time? R&R PLEASE :D