The Vow And It's Consequences

Chapter 30

Sirius Black

Sirius Black paced the bedroom agitated beyond belief, he felt so lost, so tired yet so very vengeful the desire to hunt Dumbledore down and kill him was very strong. His mind couldn't help but go over everything Snape had said, the proof of his words at least about the abuse was laying innocently enough on the table. Then there were the recorded transcripts of the social workers, there were even pensive memories but he didn't have them. They were locked up, a set with Lucius Malfoy and a set at Gringotts so if anything happened to Severus then it would be sent directly to Madam Bones. Sirius couldn't help but admire that, their sense of self preservation and making sure they won in the end. If James had done that…he wouldn't have spent time in Azkaban, Merlin he owed his freedom to Lily, who actually had the forethought to state clearly in her will who the secret keeper was. Lily…James Merlin, if they knew what Dumbledore had done he would kill them.

How could she have left Harry to be abused? What kind of woman was she? And it was her job! It was a good job she was in prison now, Lucius true to his word had made sure of it. She would never get a job involving children again; never allow harm come to another child in need of a social worker. If Harry had died…no force in this world would have kept him at bay. Even if he had revealed the magical world, nothing but getting revenge would have mattered to him.

Stepping out of the room, he began to wander around the manor in mindless curiosity. Prince Hall was structurally a bit like Grimmauld Place, but much nicer…well that was putting it lightly. Grimmauld Place was so disgusting, he'd hated growing up there, this place was beautiful and Harry would grow up here. Sighing softly, his fingers running along the wall, this hadn't been how he imagined what it would be, stuck in Azkaban imaging his release and getting to raise his godson.

Sirius stopped at the doorjamb, staring into what could only be Harry's bedroom. It was filled with an assortment of children's toys and teddies. A stuffed welsh green dragon, an animal teddy he couldn't see properly but the whiskers gave it away, a cute light brown teddy bear with a purple t-shirt on with HS sewn on sat in the centre of the bed, it caused his heart to jerk painfully. Harry wasn't a Potter; no he was a Snape…as much as he hated to admit it, better a Snape than heaven forbid dead. It was going to take a lot of getting used to; he was so used to belittling Snape and making his life a living hell. Yet here he was, part of his godson life, he still didn't quite understand the why. He knew there was a reason…but he couldn't think of it right now his mind was tired as was his body. Then he saw on the nightstand a large leather bound photo album and a few pictures in frames. A picture of Lily, James and Harry together, one with Lily and Snape together by a tree, the last one was Lily on her own, beaming at the camera with a charms text book in her hand unsurprisingly. Lily was rarely without a book during the seven years he'd known her at Hogwarts.

"What do you think you are doing?" demanded Severus eyeing the Black heir suspiciously, as he turned a corner to see Sirius Black looking into his son's room.

"What do you think I'm going to do? Steal my own godson's belongings? I'm sure I could find a use for a stuffed animated dragon." said Sirius, biting his own tongue, damn this was difficult.

"Animated?" echoed Severus, peering into the room to find Black was right, the dragon was animated. Harry must have fully accepted and embraced his magic for that to have happened. Severus withheld the smile at that, well it had been a long time in coming, considering he could transform into a cat and did so more than once.

"Go near my room, Black, you'll find yourself trying to get around minus your arms and legs." stated Severus coolly.

"What happened to you?" said Sirius, Snape had always said what he meant, was down right vicious but there seemed to be something different about him…a new ferociousness to him. He didn't know if he liked that or not, especially with not being sure how it came about.

"Do you think you were the only one to suffer in life, Black? That it's you the world was out to get?" sneered Severus almost nose to nose with Sirius.

"No," said Sirius, his eye twitching slightly.

"Liar," hissed Severus, he knew Black's tells, always had done, they knew each other well, too well, but not in a good way. They had compiled a list of their weaknesses and constantly tried to use them. "The world doesn't revolve around you, Black, it never has. You weren't the only one to grow up with parents that detested the very sight of you. You were however, lucky enough to get away from them."

"Don't start pissing about who had the worst life," snapped Sirius defensively, not wanting to admit that Snape had a point.

"After everything Harry's been through we'd be hypocrites to complain," replied Severus with deceptive quietness.

Sirius had to reluctantly nod his head, not able to refute THAT statement even for a second. Sure he'd been whacked a few times by his parents but they'd never truly lifted their hand to him to really hurt him. No they'd just made him feel inferior and a great big disappointment. He'd never told anyone how it affected him, then he'd felt better doling out the shit his mother gave him onto others. It had become a way of life to help him cope with his self esteem even if he didn't show it.

"Look we won't ever get on, but can we try for Harry? I meant what I said before…I'd do anything." said Sirius weakly, part of him was dying having to ask Snape this but for his godson he'd Abseil butt naked down the biggest slope in the Antarctica for a year without warming charms

"Wont get on?" repeated Severus staring blankly, biggest understatement he'd ever heard. "I hate you, Black. I always will, I loathe you more than I loathed James Potter. Don't try and deny the fact you despised me as well, only your hatred ran pretty fucking deep since you tried to kill me!"

"I didn't mean for that to happen!" spat Sirius, running his hands through his hair. At the time he'd acted nonchalant about it but truth was he'd almost become a murderer, no better than the Death Eaters running around killing people. He'd tried to hide his true feelings with falsities, that Snape deserved it, that he had it coming. Unfortunately the Dementors had seen right through it, and it had haunted him on more than one occasion stuck in the hell on earth they called Azkaban.

"YOU SENT ME AFTER A SODDING WEREWOLF, BLACK! WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?" snarled Severus loudly, incredulity thrumming through him.

"I wasn't bloody thinking, alright?!" sighed Sirius, rubbing his left temple as a headache formed causing him to wince in pain, Merlin that hurt like blazes.

Severus felt like throwing his hands in the air, but reluctantly realized he'd probably never receive an acceptable answer. Just like he hadn't from Arabella Figg…or just like he knew he wouldn't receive one from the Dursley's and Dumbledore.

"Snape…why did you bring me here?" asked Sirius, "In all honesty." he asked solemnly. His blue eyes gazing at Severus' hoping for an answer.

"Haven't you figured it out yet?" asked Severus, giving Sirius a look to say he thought he was an idiot.

"You don't need me, Snape. Although your actions would suggest otherwise…I just cant figure out your game plan." admitted Sirius.

"Gryffindors," said Severus exasperated. "If Dumbledore got his hands on you and made it seem like I am an unfit guardian, and take you before the Wizengamot to ensure you get the boy…what would happen?"

"You told me he doesn't know…" said Sirius seeing the flaw in that logic.

"Not yet, but there will come a time when he finds out, it is…inevitable." replied Severus. He would try his hardest to keep it from the old manipulative bastard for as long as possible, but he had to be prepared for all eventualities. The more people he had backing him, the less chance Dumbledore had of succeeding. If it went that long, Lucius was trying to get more evidence to present to the Wizengamot an airtight case he couldn't talk himself out of. Dumbledore was as slippery as they came, he could convince a brick wall to move, so it had to be presented with caution.

"So bring him down…I'm sure between the two of us we can get away with it…make sure there is nothing left to find." said Sirius darkly, his blue eyes gleaming with murderous intent.

"He deserves to suffer, you will leave him alone or I will kill you." said Severus, "He will have his name disgraced, and the magical population would go from revelling in his presence to reviling him. All he would be remembered for is the wizard who dared to harm Harry Potter, their beloved saviour. He will see his good name and image crumble before being carted off to Azkaban or worse fate still…he kiss. He deserves no less, and I will see it through even if it means my end. If you want to do something, hurt someone, concentrate your efforts on Pettigrew."

Sirius swallowed thickly, he meant it, he honestly, truly meant it. "Where's Harry?" asked Sirius changing the subject nervously.

"Minerva is tutoring him," said Severus eyeing Black suspiciously was he up to something? He hoped not because he would do as promised. He wouldn't allow all their hard work to go down the drain. Dumbledore would suffer the tortures of the damned, he would ensure he did.

"What happens when she goes back to Hogwarts?" asked Sirius, tutoring was the most important milestone in a wizard's life, he for once actually agreed with his parents on that.

"An alternative will be found, at least by summers end he will be caught up with all children in development." said Severus automatically. "Minerva suggested Lupin; I don't think I can stand more than one Marauder under my roof even for a night."

"Remus," croaked Sirius, remembering his old friend. He hadn't been at the trial; did he even know that he was innocent? Had he read the newspapers? Where was he staying? Did he even get the Daily Prophet? How would he get by without James and him? Merlin he hoped he wasn't homeless, everyone had suffered so much because of Pettigrew's betrayal and the rat would die by his hand. "Does he know?"

"Yes, I met him for a drink yesterday," said Severus sardonically, "Of course I don't know! I just told you I can't stand you never mind Lupin here."

"If both of you are quiet finished…Harry is in the living room." said Minerva scaring the crap out of Sirius.

"Did he….?" asked Severus feeling very foolish.

"No," she said quickly, not letting him finish. "I threw up a silencing spell around him; now that you've got it out perhaps we can work towards a common goal? Keeping Harry safe and happy."

"Indeed," said Severus as if he hadn't started it and was completely blameless.

"I sent a copy of the newspaper to Remus, I know he probably doesn't have the money to spare for such trivialities." added Minerva, "I have no doubt you will be hearing from him soon."

"Did you add anything else?" asked Severus suspiciously.

"No, as I said, you are his father now, Severus. The decision on who tutors him is entirely your own." said Minerva firmly.

Sirius grimaced, oh yes; going to take a lot of getting used too…he wondered what Remus would think. At least he wasn't going to be the only one with their mind reeling over what had happened. He had a lot of apologising to do; he had suspected Remus of being the spy and kept him out of the loop on a lot of things. Such a fucking idiot he had been, Remus had always been true.

"Good." said Severus, although it looked as though he would have to use him, he was drawing blank on anyone else to use other than Draco's tutor of course. "How did he do today?" he asked as he walked towards her, and joined her going down the stairs, Harry had been left alone far too long. He needed have worried of course, since Flippy was there playing with him handing him crayons as he coloured in with his tongue peeking out between his lips…in the exact same manner Lily did when she was concentrating. It took him everything to stop himself smiling at the scene before him.

"Very well, we have covered quite a lot in a short space of time. Helped of course by the books you've been reading him. Now we are beginning our numbers and letters, not with a quill, he kept snapping them poor lad." said Minerva, her lips twitching showing her amusement.

"That can come later," said Severus flippantly, he didn't care about that right now.

"Lunch is ready, Master Snape, I will be getting it now." said Flippy standing up when he realized they had returned.

"Thank you, Flippy." said Severus respectfully as the Elf disappeared.

Thirty chapters already?! Can you believe it wow my stories seem to run on forever these days don't they? alright they got everything off their chests and will now work will Pettigrew continue on under the radar and make life hard for them all in a few years time? or will Severus come up with a way to kill a piece of someone's (Voldemorts) spirit? with a potion? and avoid him coming back at all? but still have to deal with people like Crouch Jr? Pettigrew? will Harry ever be able to have what we would call a 'normal life?' will Remus make an appearance? will Harry take more kindly to him giving Sirius another reason to be jealous? :D hehe still like torturing him now and again ;) R&R PLEASE!