Jimmy was about to leave the abandoned building when Miguel jumped him and tied him up next to the room with Lois and Ricky in it. He had heard the whole conversation. Jimmy tried so hard to get out of his ties, but he couldn't break free and help Miss Lane. He couldn't even yell when he heard they were going to kill her.

He struggled as hard as he could but it was too late. There was the loud bang of the gun and her scream then the thud of her falling to the ground. He was over far enough on the wall to see some of her limp body sprawled out on the floor through the doorway. He screamed through his gag as loud as he could but there wasn't a sound to be heard.

Ricky came in with at least 4 criminals, including Miguel. "And now for you" he cracked his knuckles

Jimmy had been tied up for about two days; they had been beating and torturing him. He could barely feel his legs. What he did feel was the dark bruisings around his one eye and the cuts and scrapes from the nails and knifes. They only gave him stale bread and cold water only enough to keep him barely alive.

Jimmy could feel the heat of the sun streaming through the window onto his face. He closed his eyes to take it in when the men came back. He could only make out Ricky with the only eye that wasn't swollen.

"Hello, Jimmy" Ricky said in a devious voice. Jimmy stared at him hatefully

"Oh come on now, why can't we be friends?" Jimmy kept on staring

"Ok, we'll have it that way. Miguel- knock him out." Ricky took a hand gun from inside his bulging suit and gave it to Miguel. Miguel walked up to Jimmy and threw his hand back like he was going to back hand him. Miguel came down with a hard swing as Jimmy got knocked out cold.

Jimmy woke to a bad headache near the back of his neck. He couldn't see anything: his vision was blurred for a few minutes. All he could make out was sand and a hot sun shining down on him. He started sit up and move around when he felt something by his side. He started to see again and he could make out what the object was. It was Lois's body; he jumped back onto his hands.

"Lois?" He got over the shock and crawled toward her.

"Lois are you ok?"When he got to her side he turned her over. She was blue and cold. Lois was gone. Dead. And it was all his fault.

Jimmy looked around. There was sand and desert for miles around, nothing on any horizon. He decided he had to move forward and try to find a hospital. Jimmy walked for as long as he could before he fell to his knees, dying of hunger and thirst. He started to crawl but finally gave in to the heat and passed out.

A red car drove up and saw a boy a little ways of the road. They took him to the nearest hospital where he was I.D. as James Olsen of the Daily Planet. The hospital called his co-worker Clark to come and get him and take care of him.

Clark rushed into Jimmy's room. Jimmy was wearing a hospital gown, lying in a slightly up bed with his head back. "Jimmy! I'm so glad to see you are you ok? What Happened?"

Clark saw the look of shock and sorrow on Jimmy's face. "What's Wrong, Jimmy What happened!?"

"Mr. Kent?"

Clark rushed to Jimmy's side "Yes go on Boy Go on"

Jimmy looked Kent straight in the eye "They Killed Miss Lane" He started to tear up, putting his hand in his hair.

"What? Are you sure?"Jimmy nodded his head slowly

"I saw her body. They shot her and beat me. Then they dumped us somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in a desert somewhere." He paused sobbing "Oh Mr. Kent, she's gone and it's all my Fault, It's all my fault" He said crying hard

"No this can't be! Where, Where did they leave you?"

"I think a couple miles from where they found Me." he cried harder, "I'm so Sorry, so sorry"

Clark ran out of the room looking for the people who found Jimmy. He found them down in the lobby talking to an officer, no doubt about Jimmy. It was a Man and a woman in their mid 30's, wearing summer clothes that looked like they were going to a beach. Clark ran up to them so fast he almost ran into them.

"Where did you find him?"

"That boy you mean?"

"Yes, Where?"

"We found him out near Shirley Road, Next to the gas station. East of Timothy County"

"Thank You" Clark ran and took off into the sky suit and all. He didn't care if they saw him. He needed to find her. She couldn't be gone, she just couldn't be. He loved her. He didn't want her to go; he never got to tell her that he did.

He flew as fast as he ever flew before. Everything was a blur to him. As soon as he saw the gas station he took off into the desert across the road. He searched. But it didn't take very long to find her; she was only a few miles away from the road. He landed down right beside her body.

Clark held her in his lap crying. He saw the bullet wound in her heart and knew this was meant in spite of him. He stayed there by Lois's side till he couldn't cry anymore. Then he took her body to the morgue where they could I.D. her to be buried. Clark stood outside the morgue in his bloodied suit, he was stunned. There was a mental block in his mind, he couldn't think straight. All he knew to do is go home.

When he got to his house he went inside and went to bed. When he woke up the next morning he got ready for work following his normal routine. He turned on the news like he usually did for latest updates on stories, when he saw it. It all came back to him hitting him harder than before. Jimmy was in the hospital and Lois was dead. There was no meaning to his life anymore without Lois, he just couldn't take it.