Title: Private Moments

Pairing: Brian/Mia

Summary: A short, post Fast Five, utter fluffy wuffy one shot.

Disclaimer: I own nothing unfortunately…so, you know, please do not sue, I simply borrowed them for a bit. I'll give them back…..PROMISE ;) xx

I wrote this at half 12, while waiting on my meds kicking so any mistakes I take full responsibility for. I hope you guys enjoy. This was just rattling around my head

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***Authors Note: thank you to those who reviewed my first story "If You Make This Promise", and made it a favourite…. you gave me the courage to write this. 3 xKx***

It was after midnight when Brian blinked awake, face down in the pillow, arms under it. He raised his head and opened one eye to look at their digital clock and then turned his head to Mia, who was currently tossing and turning and throwing pillows and sheets either on the floor or over their bed. He waited a few minutes when she'd finally given up and flopped back letting out a frustrated groan mixed scream.

"You ok there babe?"

"NO!" she huffed. He raised an eyebrow and turned from his stomach to his side to face her.

"Mi? What's wrong?"

"I cannot get comfortable. This bed and this baby hate me. I just wanna sleep" the last part of her sentence was almost a whine and Brian fought a smile.

Instead of answering he threw the sheets off himself and flopped on to his back.

"Ok…use me"

"What?!" she turned to face him, in surprise.

"Pretend I'm a pillow"


"Well that maternity thing we bought you is clearly doing nothing babe" He gestured to it on the floor before looking back at her. "Come on" he said "I can't be any worse"

Mia sat up on her elbows, looking at him.

"You're sure about this. We could be here a while, coz I've been up for an hour, nothings working…."

Brian raised an eyebrow and smirked at her. Catching his glance, Mia shook her head and threw a pillow at his head.

"That's how this whole thing started O'Conner!"

Brian laughed "Okay Okay…..come on. Get comfy"

Mia eyed him a bit suspiciously before realising her husband was serious. He lay on his back, hands crossed resting behind his head and eyes closed.

"Do your worst baby

For the next 20 minutes Mia moved, squirmed, shifted, wriggled and changed positions beside him until eventually, something clicked and Brian opened an eye. She had one leg over his, head on his arm she'd wrestled from behind his head, and their baby bump, resting against his side, kinda on his stomach. She sighed as she settled, and Brian kissed her head, with a smile.


"I Love You Brian O'Conner" she mumbled sleepily

"I hope so" he smirked.

Within minutes she was asleep and Brian pulled the sheet up and around them and was rewarded by a swift movement from Mia's womb for his troubles. He smiled. He loved that feeling. Every little movement and kick amazed him. They had their own little person in there.

As he wriggled back down against Mia, he realised he wasn't in the best or comfortable position, but looking at Mia, who was sound asleep and comfortable, he didn't care. She was his girl and if he had to sleep like this to make her happy and well rested for the rest of her life, he'd do it for the rest of HIS life.