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'Mom? Pop?' a Helga and Arnold fic


chapter 3


"They're my parents!" Arnold repeated.

"Don't tell them who you are! Keep it secret!" Helga whispered. She looked at the door. The couple had come in and started looking around. "They obviously don't have a clue that you're Arnold so don't tell them yet."

Arnold nodded and looked up at his cap. He took it off, putting it behind the phone. "They'd recognize it." He explained. Helga nodded. "Now what do we do?" he asked.

Helga shook her head. "Dunno."

"We needa talk to them. I wanna know the story from their POV." Arnold grabbed Helga's hand, and for a minute, she thought she would faint. But on the outside, her face was still normal. "Come with me?"

Helga took a few moments to let herself get back to normal before she nodded and returned the squeeze on his hand.

A short minute later, all four were in the kitchen, just starting to talk. "So what are your names?" Arnold started.

"Pete and Naomi. And you?"

Helga and Arnold looked at each other with a 'what now?' look on their faces. "He's Gerald!"

"She's Phoebe!"

"Hm. So Gerald, Phoebe. How long have you lived here?" Naomi asked, stirring sugar into her tea.

"Well I've been here a while, and Phoebe doesn't live here."

"I see."

"So tell us about this Arnold guy. We might know 'em." Arnold said, trying not to sound anxious.

"Oh!" Naomi smiled. "He was the cutest little thing! He had just learned to walk when we had to go back to Africa to help cure a disease. We're world travelers you see, and doctor comes second. We agreed of course. But only for a little while since we didn't want to leave poor Arnold. We left him here in the boarding house with his grandparents, thinking it would only be a little while. But we were so wrong."

"What happened?" Helga questioned. Arnold's grip on her hand tightened, so he wouldn't cry. Helga's cheeks flushed.

"Well," Pete continued. "Our plane was lost in a sand pit. We were forced to travel by foot. After we had finally reached the village, Naomi had caught the disease before it was identifiable. It turned out to be small pox. I tried all types of medicines. I even tried combining their medicine with ours, it worked. I can't remember what it was though, since it was so long ago. After curing from small pox last year, we knew we had to come back, even though everyone would think we're dead."

Arnold couldn't help it anymore. He had to cry. Covering his face, he got up, quickly hugged Naomi and took out his cap. He ran upstairs before he cried any harder. Helga looked down and wiped a tear. Naomi and Pete had never been more puzzled. "What was that? Is there something wrong with Gerald?"

Helga shook her head. "You see, Naomi, Pete, Gerald's." Helga paused.

"Gerald's what?"

"Gerald is. your son Arnold." Helga looked up to see the two most surprised faces in her life. Naomi even started to tear.

"He's missed you a lot. My father's never been any help. He calls him orphan boy. When the parent's day weekend rolls around he's always sad, and now we both have family time line projects. At first he didn't wanna tell me about you guys."

"My poor baby." Naomi whispered. Helga slightly nodded. She stood up.

"Excuse me for a minute." Helga ran up the stairs to Arnold's room. She knocked lightly.

"Who is it?"

"It's me."

Helga saw the tear's trail on Arnold's face as soon as he opened the door. He shut the door as soon as she was inside.

"What do I do Helga? What? What?!" Arnold was starting to choke up again. Helga took his hands in hers and smiled at him. He'd never looked more puzzled.

"Why is this supposed to be a sad thing? They're your parents Arnold. They love you."

"I know. But... but. I missed them so much."

Helga smiled. "Don't tell me. Tell them."

Arnold looked at the door. *She's right. I need to talk to them.*



"This is kinda embarrassing, but can you come with me? Just for support?" Arnold looked at Helga with big, pleading eyes. She smiled and nodded.

"Just for support."

Arnold smiled and rubbed his thumb against the back of her hand. "I dunno what I'd do without ya Helga." Helga's cheeks flushed.

"Let's go. If you wanna talk to them, now's the time." Arnold nodded. Together, they opened the door and went downstairs.