A/N: I wrote this with a friend, specifically Paulsgirl34. (Check out her stories and stuff!) We wrote this over time via texting and then I took it upon myself to be a sort-of editor. Making sure everything's in the same tense, adding important details, etc. Let me know if anything seems weird or unclear!

Chapter 1: Dinner

"You'll love the Beatles!"

I listened intently to my friend, Emily as she described the band, thinking that it sounded pretty cool, even if their name sounded kind of gross. Who named anything after a bug? Ick.

"You said they play tonight?" I asked.

"Yes, they have this really cute guitarist named George! He will be mine," Emily said, hugging the poster she got off the window while no one was looking.

I laughed. "If they're cute, who cares if they sound good?" I asked, peering at the poster and the four lads on it. Even from the grainy picture, I had to admit they were rather attractive.

"They're definitely cute," she said, practically drooling, "I swear they will be the most famous band ever one day!"

"A band from Liverpool?" I asked with a dry laugh, "They'll have their work cut out for them, that's for sure!"

On the dark stage, drums were being moved and microphones checked.

"Well, I have a secret. I live next door to one of the band members," Emily said out of the blue, keeping her voice low so others wouldn't hear.

"Really?" I asked, interested. I didn't know anyone in a band. "Which one is that?"

"Paul McCartney. He's really talented. And he's cute!"

"That's gear!" I said, then looked at the stage as four figures made their way up onto it. "Oi, is that them?"

"Yes," she said, taking the curlers out of her hair and touching up her make-up.

They were teddy boys, and I wasn't too surprised by that. It was a tough town, and it seemed boys were either teddy boys or the victims of such.

"Which one did you say you liked?" I asked, watching one of the guitarists (there were two) with interest. I sincerely hoped we wouldn't end the night going after the same guy. Then again, who was to say either of us would end up with any of them?

"The youngest looking one standing kinda to the right, a little bit behind Paul," she replied with a smile on her face.

"Oh, ok," I said, noticing that he too was rather attractive.

But I was looking at the other one.

"The other one is John," she said, winking at Paul, who waved at her.

"John, eh?" I said, nearly melting as he began to sing some lyrics. To be honest, I don't think I was actually hearing a word he sang, just the voice he sang in. The others joined in, but John's voice kept my attention.

"Yeah, he and Paul visit me quite often," Emily continued.

"And you don't invite me?" I said, faking anger. I smiled to let her know I was joking. Although, I was surprised I hadn't met them before if they were such friends with Emily.

I supposed I hadn't really been as close as I used to be to her, though. Not since the adoption when I was 14. For the first years of my life, I had been living at a foster home that happened to send its children to the same school Emily went to. Once I was finally adopted, by a couple who didn't really seem to like anyone at all, I switched schools. Only recently, after moving into my own flat away from them, had I reconnected with my primary school friend.

"They're coming for dinner tonight after this," she said, smiling hopefully at George.

"Really? Well, I'm just going to invite myself over, then! I can bring dessert." I said, smiling as well. In the past month, I had been visiting her nearly every other day.

"Ok, I think the whole band is coming, too, so that means I'll get to meet George," she said, eyes sparkling.

"Gear!" I said, grabbing a drink and enjoying the music. They were quite good, although by no means perfect. No one playing at the Cavern Club was perfect, but that was part of the joy of it!

Too soon, they finished their set and as the applause rose from the audience, many of whom were drunk, the four band mates pat each other on the backs and walked off stage with their instruments.

"That was brilliant," I breathed.

"That was more than brilliant!" Emily said, laughing, high on life.

"There's not even a word!" I agreed, finishing my drink. "They can certainly play some music!"

I paid my tab and got up. "I guess it's time to go, then," I say, grabbing my coat and shrugging it on.

"Come on home with me. You can help da and I make dinner," she said. She had lost her mom about the same time Paul lost his, as she had informed me during the songs. Because of that, the two were close.

"Be there in half a moment, I'm going to run home and grab dessert. Convenient that I was baking yesterday," I said, "I'll be over as soon as I can get there!"

I left the Cavern Club, taking the bus home.

Emily walked into her house and to see her dad in the kitchen. He had already begun the process of making dinner, knowing enough about teenage and young adult boys to know that a lot of food was necessary.

"Hi, da," she said as she walked up the stairs to her room. Although she had already gotten dressed up and covered her face in make-up, she began to adjust everything to be sure she looked as nice as possible. George was coming over, after all.

I grabbed the blueberry pie sitting on the table and rushed back out. I thought about touching up the light amount make-up that I had actually bothered to put on earlier, but waved it off. I really didn't want to deal with hair or face paste.

I simply walked out the door, locking it behind me, and walked the few blocks to Emily's house.

Once there, after quite the uneventful walk, I knocked on the door.

Emily's dad opened the door.

"Hi," I greeted as he invited me in. I could see Emily in the kitchen making spaghetti. A whole lot of spaghetti!

"Hello," I said to her, setting the pie on an open counter and heading to the sink to wash my hands. "How can I help?" I asked.

"Bread's in the oven," she said, "Can you check that? I forget to set a timer."

I did so, a pleasant aroma of garlic and butter coming from the oven.

Soon, there was another knock on the door.

"Is it them already? They're early!" I said, wondering if they were only early because of the promise of food.

Her dad answered the door once again.

All four boys walked in. Paul turned his attention to Emily and said, "Come on, Em, is the food ready? You cook as good as your mum!"

George and John sat at the table as if they lived there, completely comfortable.

Ringo gave me an odd look, then sat next to John. "Hey, uh... Who's that, then?" He asked. He had obviously visited before, and was confused by the addition of another person.

John shrugged, completely unconcerned. "I dunno, do I?"

"Lads this is Courtney, my darling friend Courtney," Emily said, passing around plates of spaghetti. "And good job, tonight, boys. Eat up! There is plenty of it."

"Hello," I said, a bit shyly.

John, George and Ringo waved and Paul nodded his head in hello. They dug in, George especially. I was surprised to see how much the skinny man could eat!

I sat down, ending up across from John, and started spinning my own spaghetti around my fork.

Emily ended up between Paul and George.

George turned to her and said, "This very good!"

She said, "Thank you!"

A moment later, she and Paul were talking as if they'd known each other forever.

I quietly ate the spaghetti, listening with amusement to the various conversations around me.

George was also quiet, but his mouth was stuffed with noodles. That could have been a reason to his lack of conversation.

"Did you see some of those birds tonight?" John said between bites.

Ringo nodded, "Too bad we didn't have time to go on the pull," he said with a sigh, 'Another night, I suppose."

John agreed, then smiled. "Although, I wouldn't know where to start!"

My eyes flickered to his, and we made eye contact. I quickly looked away towards the salt and pepper shakers in the middle of the table. I had never been the one with social grace.

Emily treated Paul like a brother, talking and joking casually with him. "So, Paulie boy, my birthday's Saturday. Are you coming?"

"Of course!" Paul said with a smile.

"Birthday party, you say?" questioned John, "Count us all in!"

"That is," Ringo added quickly, "If you'll have us."

"Of course! I'd love to have a handsome bunch a lads like yourself at me party," she replied.

Ringo blushed and took another bite of his spaghetti.

"Well, that leaves Paul out," John joked with a mischievous grin and a glance at the bassist.

"Be nice, Johnny. So who is the extraordinarily handsome young lad sittin next to me?" Emily asked, motioning to George, the only Beatle she hadn't yet befriended.

"Ah, that's George," John said, simply.

George waved as he finished chewing, then said "Hello, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too!" Emily said, turning her attention to him, "You did fantastic! I've heard Paul talk about you."

"Ta," George said, not really sure how to respond.

John laughed. "Poor lad's not experienced with the ladies," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

I giggled at John's comment. I was a sucker for anything that made me laugh, even a little bit.

"Well, then bring him over more! We can teach him, can't we lads?" Emily laughed, having known John for too long.

John smirked. "Don't worry, Georgie, we'll teach you a thing or two!"

"Queer," Paul said, coughing as he said it.

John smacked him. "You wish, Paulie."

"You two behave! Da is sitting right there," Emily said, motioning to the middle aged blonde man sitting at the end of the table.

Ringo snorted quietly. "John? Behave? Good luck."

"Sorry, sir," Paul said politely.

George looked at Paul and Emily and said, "So are you guys like together or..."

She interrupted and said, "No, nothing like that. He's been my best friend since we were born, practically."

"We're just good friends," Paul added.

Emily stood up and asked, "Can I get anyone anything?"

"None for me, love," Paul said.

"Hold on, I'll come with," I said, getting up, "There's pie if anyone wants some."

George looked excited and everyone raised their hands. I smiled and followed Emily into the kitchen.

While we were gone, Paul elbowed George and told him, "Emily is so in love with you."

John laughed. "You can say that again! Look at you, George, getting all the birds!"

George blushed and we walked back in. Emily set George's pie in front of him first, and made small eye contact, but John, of course, said something stupid to ruin the moment as she handed Paul his pie.

"Pie! How romantic!" John said, looking straight at Emily and George.

I walked in and set pie down in front of John, Ringo, Emily's dad, and my own spot. I was glad for my waitressing skills, gained from working at the local cafe, a job I wasn't too fond of, but it paid the bills.

"Shut up, John. George wouldn't be interested in a slob like me," Emily said, sitting and trying to fix her hair again, even though it looked perfectly fine.

John raised an eyebrow. "Slob, me arse." He looked at your dad. "Pardon my language, of course."

George swallowed his pie. "Who said you were a slob?"

"I just am. You're too handsome for me, anyway. And John, please behave a little!"

Paul finished his pie and put it in the kitchen.

George shook his head. "I think you're beautiful," he said quietly.

"Well, thank you," Emily said in a tiny voice even quieter than George. She shovelled pie into her mouth and blushed.

Paul just gave John a look, who in turn gave me a look and we all started laughing.

Wiping tears of laughter from my eyes, I said, "Well, look at that!"

John nudged George. "Gonna ask her out, then? We all know you want to! And you better do it before Ringo does."

"What?" Ringo said, confused.

That started another round of laughter.

George turned to Emily and asked, "Do you want to go see a movie with me sometime?" He sounded shy and fidgeted with his hands.

"Sure," Emily answered back brushing hair behind her ear.

George smiled. "Gear."

John laughed. "You've done a right good job, Geo."