I guess this would be considered a drabble? There's a tiny bit of romance and humor in this, if you have a mindset similar to mine.

Summary: It was all because of the iPad.

All Because of the iPad

"Help me hold this," Alaude said to the only other person in the room as he looked in a drawer for a charger.

Tsuna obediently held the iPad. In Alaude's hands, the electronic device looked a little on the small side, but once Tsuna held it, it seemed overly large. When Alaude finally found the charger, he turned to face Tsuna. Cute, resounded in his head, not that he'll ever admit it. Alaude took the iPad back, and gently patted Tsuna on the head as a thank-you.

Tsuna's face lit up at the small gesture, and he gave a shy smile. Cute, Alaude thought to himself again. Thinking that there was no one around other than himself and Tsuna, Alaude allowed himself to give a small smile, which of course, made Tsuna smile even more. The cuteness overload made Alaude blush slightly.

Notcing his red face, Tsuna reached up on tippy-toes to touch Alaude's forehead, and then asked, "Um, do you have a fever? Your face is kind of red."

Alaude mentally slapped himself for blushing and managed to mumble, "No."

Hearing that made Tsuna happy, so he smiled some more, which made Alaude plug in the charger, charge the iPad that caused everything, and do some paperwork to take his mind off a certain small animal. No one noticed that Daemon and Mukuro were videotaping the whole thing.

I was browsing through some fanfics, when I suddenly realized that FFn doesn't have enough A27, so my mind somehow came up with this amazingly short story filled with cotton candy. 'Cuz you know, cotton candy is fluffy and sweet? I suck at making jokes T-T. Anyways, I can just imagine Alaude furiously scribbling away at some paperwork while Tsuna watches him :D SPREAD THE A27!