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Maria's POV

I stepped out of my carriage my teal dress flowing after my legs to hug them. My dress was made out of silk entirely and was long sleeved. The neck line was heart shaped, with a design done in a mixture of beads and black sparkles creating swirls, and tight from the waist up everything below flowed freely. My red hair was in spiraled curls with a waterfall braid that also had light blue pearls braided in it. I also had on a pair of teal flats with white beads at the end making a flower.

After me Loveday stepped out and smiled looking at the De Nore castle. She was wearing a red dress that was long sleeved and started out tight in the shoulders then got looser and looser same with her dress that was also a heart shaped neck line. Around her waist she had a gold belt that hung down in the front a bit from the ruby that is in the middle. She had her blonde hair pin straight and black high heeled shoes.

Digweed then got down from the top and grabbed 2 suit cases full of clothes for me and Loveday. You see Loveday's father, Coeur De Nore, is throwing a ball and Loveday needs to come a week early to help the preparations for it. They won't tell me what it's for but I plan to find out, my little De Nore boy would obviously tell me you just got to know what to say.

Soon Robin and Coeur De Nore came out and gave Loveday a big then me.

"Loveday! It's so good to see you!" Coeur said "But I didn't know you where have Maria come!" He said smiling kindly "Cynthia!" he yelled and a pale girl who looked to be twenty wearing a brown dress down with some holes in it that went down to her knees and elbows came running out. "Please make a room presentable for Miss. Merryweather and take her luggage and Loveday's to their room.

"Yes sir" Cynthia told him as she grabbed Loveday's and my luggage.

"Hey Maria" Robin said

"Hello Robin! So what are you doing right now?" I asked him

"Oh, acutely I need to go hunting and checking on the traps with the boys" he told me and no sooner later the 'Lost Boys' came looking for their Peter Pan a.k.a Robin.

The first one had blonde hair that was spiked up in the front that pushed his bowler hat up, really tan, bright blue eyes, kind of muscular, and probably 5'10 making him the shortest. He had on a leather jacket and pants, like Robin, with a dark green shirt. His name is Archer, but I'm pretty sure it's a nickname sense he is a archer... Unless it was his destiny chooses by his parents. Now Archer would be the jokester of the group he makes jokes out of everything... Even himself. Apparently he is also quite a romantic... At least that's what Barbra, a bartender he got 'serious' with, told me one time they were still together and I was here. And finally he is a rebel, well there all rebels, but he's the one who will climb the side of a cliff by a waterfall to see if there's a hidden cave and when he comes up short handed jump off right next to the water fall into the shallow pool. True story.

Next was a boy with raven short hair and dark brown eyes almost black, he is rather pale like a vampire, about 6'3, and almost as strong as Robin. He wore the same thing as Archer but his shirt was a dark dark purple. This was Raven, he is the more serious one of the group that likes to read, he can also be funny and a rebel at times but not as much as Robin and Archer. Now he also likes to write poetry and if he asks you if you want to read one politely say 'no thank you' for it is about scary nightmare things that will kill you in your sleep... Don't ask how I know this... He'll end up mad.

The next boy had fudge brown hair and brown eyes that looked a bit reddish, he was also tan, muscular, but I think Robin is the strongest, and Robin's height which I think is 6". He also had leather and a bowler hat but his shirt was dark red. Now this boy his name is Allister he is the 'lover' of the group you could say. He goes to the pub pretty much every other night and leaves every time with a different girl sense the last time he went. He can be rather... Perverted at time but ounce you worm up to him it gets easier to deal with... Yup still worming up to him. He also loves to pull pranks on people but not as much as Hunter though.

Hunter is his best friend besides his leather and hat he has a dark blue shirt on. He has dirty blonde hair, rather out of this group maybe 5'11, muscular, tan, and dark blue eyes. Hunter is very childish and ether spends his day exploring the forest with Robin, trying to out dare Archer, even though he loses every time, going to the bar with Allister, or having Raven read to him. He is the glue of the group I guess. The one who keeps everyone in the group together by being happy all the time, funny, childish, and immature. He loves playing pranks on people but not really the group, one time he did and it didn't end well for him... Sometimes he pranks with Allister but not a lot. He doesn't like to share the glory or something is the reason.

"Oh Robin, you are so boring at times" I said smiling as I shake my head in a disapproving way to show him how 'disappointed' I am in him.

"I know but you love me anyway" He told me

"You know Maria... You would never get bored with me..." Allister said with raised eyebrows.

What the heck does he mean? I thought as my mind raced to figure it out...

"EW! You sicko!" I screamed with my face scrunched up.

Everyone burst out laughing except Robin who seemed a bit mad. I rolled my eyes and gave Robin back his hat when a idea popped into my head and a evil smirk made its way to my face. I hope this will work and that I didn't blow it by my outburst earlier. I made my smirk turn into what I assume to be seductive smile and slowly turned around so I was facing Allister who slowly stopped laughing when he saw me... Same as the others.

I slowly walked to him swing my hips much more then normally that such out from my dress as I made a show of looking him up and down. I then saw him swallow hard as he looked at me then something behind me. I eventually got to him and didn't miss how his eyes traveled me. I got right up in front of him that if I moved a centimeter we'd be touching and I didn't fail to miss how my chest was even closer than me to touching him.

I slowly brought my hand up and made a swirly pattern with my finger on him as I leaned up, making sure I was touching him now, I got to his ear and in a hopefully seductive voice whispered.

"I just might have to take you up on that offer" I said.

With that said I swiftly turned around and started to walk back. Everyone looked shocked except Robin and Allister. Robin looked mainly shocked, mad, and... Disappointed? Maybe he... No never mind stupid thought. Allister looked shocked, a bit nervous, excited, and... Scared? As I went to pass Robin he looked at me concerned. Probably afraid for his little sister. I smiled at him and winked to let him in on the joke. Soon a smile spread across his face and he winked back. He always was a smart one.

I got to the steps of the castle when I sipped around eyes wide and I tried to look as innocent as possible.

"Goodbye Robin, goodbye Raven, goodbye Hunter, goodbye Archer, goodbye Allister!" I said waving "Oh! And Allister..." I paused for a dramatic effect. "I was kidding Heehee!" I laughed before running in hearing the guys latter behind me.

I went inside and to my great surprise I was tacklers to the ground by someone with bright blonde hair that went to her hips, and violet eyes, she had really tan skin, seemed to be my height at least it felt like that when she was on me. When she got off I looked at her and recognized her immediately.

"Brook?!" I said with a big smile. I looked to see what she is wearing of course it's the normal stuff her 'jean' skinny jeans, a dark purple loose silk muscle shirt that buttons up with white buttons that matched her eyes with the shoulders lace, and black boots that went to her knees.

"Maria!" she yelled.

"Maria? Who is this?" I turned around to see Robin and the lost boys

"This is Brook! She's from the future" I told them.

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