Notes: E/O Challenge – Double drabble – confession and charm.

Sam burst into the hotel room, letting the door slam against the wall behind him. Dean sat up in bed, gripping his .45.

"Hey! It's just me!" Sam shouted. Dean slipped the gun beneath his pillow again.

"Dude, what the hell? It's two in the morning!" Dean turned on a lamp. Sam looked terrible. He was pale and sweaty.

"Wait –are you JUST getting back from Mrs. Cole's house?" When Sam remained silent, Dean started to laugh. "You really charmed the old goat, huh?"

"She's not old! She—she's only 48 years old."

"What the hell did she do to you?"

"After what she did to me, I feel like I should confess my sins to a priest!" Sam said.

"Believe me Dean, even you couldn't handle her. Things happened in that bedroom that should never happen during sex – ever." Sam shuddered at the thought.

"That makes me want to do it even more," Dean said, a perverted grin forming on his face.

Sam grabbed his pajamas and a clean towel.

"I seriously need a shower. I feel so violated."

Dean stood there for second as the shower turned on.

"Hey Sam! How was it!"

Sam stuck his head out of the bathroom, and answered with a grin.

"That's mah boy!"