I do not own Rise Of The Guardians, or the books the movie was based on. I saw the movie and like it so here is my hand at a story with my favorite characters! Remember it is a darker version then the happy dream works movie, hope you enjoy!

"So, Angela tell me a little about your nightmares that you have been complaining about."

"You don't believe me , so why would I tell you? You think a sleep aid will help and you can get on with your perfect little life. You don't even think I am crazy, I am just faking it." I said to the nervous doctor in front of me. She pushed her glasses farther up the bridge of her nose and adjusted her name tag. She was livid under her calm exterior, I could tell by her fingers running through her long black hair.

"I never said that Angela."

"Yes you did I heard you outside my door, you told that other doctor. I can tell your lying, you get that nervous tick and mess with your hair." Her anger bled out of her eyes stinging my skin and melted the metal table between us. She stood up abruptly fixing her plaid skirt and doctors coat before leaving me in the white room. Yelling began outside the door and I pushed out a small smile on my lips at her expense.

"Score one Angela; Cho zero." My smile faded when the large watchdogs of the state hospital came to escort me back into my room. Only a few minutes walk through the echoing corridors and I arrived at the gray cell, my own personal prison.

"Thanks for getting the Doc all wound up now she's going to chew our asses Angela." The large metal door slammed behind the men's exit with a thundering boom. I looked at the small room with disgust. It was about ten feet in every dimension with only a gray bed as the major piece of furniture. Slipping off my paper shoes I walked to the only non-gray thing in the whole institution. A fairly large window facing a identical wall of windows belonging to the other side of the hospital. If I looked down I would see the small courtyard the building encased. A green flower of life among the gray ash walls. For most of the day the window would be gray, but for the sunrise and sundown it would light up with the colors of reds and pinks. Even a sliver of purple would wriggle its way in before being swallowed by the gray.

"Even in this place you can't drown out the color."

"Oh I don't know, maybe if we just make it darker. Then it would be pitch black." I whipped around to see the owner of the strange voice, but saw no one. I didn't need to see who, or in this case what, was speaking to me.

"There will always be light, the sun will always rise and fire will always burn Boogie Man." I said turning my attention to the window once more. The light bulb in my gray room flickered ever so slightly. He was angry at me, I felt the darkness extending its sharp fingers to my bed. I took in a shaky breath feeling eyes digging holes in my back. A unnatural chill licking my spine sending shivers through my skin.

"I can change that my muse." Suddenly the light combusted in a puff of smoke and glass leaving me in the dark.

"It's not real, it's not real, its not real." I whispered over and over into the window trying to block him out. Then I felt the freezing hands on my lower back through the thin fabric of my hospital scrubs. My eyes began to water and rain tears down my cheeks as the sun receded behind a cloud. The light in the room went from little to practically dark in a matter of minutes.

"Please come on sun, somebody, anything..." The hands were on my shoulders now and I could see there definition in the reflection of the window. It was all to real, this was not another one of my night terrors. This was him, the real Boogie Man here to scare me personally.

"Oh but little Angela this is all very real, you and your intoxicating fear make it so. Can't you smell the sickly sweet scent of it coming from your heart. Well it's going so fast I say you are going into cardiac arrest." He laughed deep in my ears until it rang. I saw the fingers roll down my shoulders and rest lazily on my neck. Then striking eyes and devilish teeth appeared just above my heads reflection. I dare not look not even move from my place.

"Any minute and the sun will come out and you will be gone." I said barley above a whisper. He seem to laugh more at me before running a cold thumb on my jaw line. I shivered and he seemed to enjoy my reactions.

"No little muse the sun is going to stay hidden behind that cloud for a long while and do you know why?" He said sharp teeth only millimetres away from my ear. I felt his cold breath on my neck make all my hair stand on edge.


"Well it's a snow day my dear!" He said in a overly dramatic excited tone. Another tear rolled down my cheek and onto the floor with a small splash. Almost like a small sprinkle of rain hitting the window in the spring time.

"No, no, no! Please go away!" I said shaking like a kitten in the cold. Striking gold and silver eyes filled with anger as my eyes became fountains of salty water. His cold thumb wiped away the river roughly leaving a black smear across my cheek. He moved to the other side of my face applying the same treatment. I shut my eyes hoping the cloud would hurry and pass.

"Open your eyes little muse." He crooned trying to soothe me into it. I remained resistant, but had no choice when I felt a searing cold against my forehead. He planted a small innocent kiss enough to make my skin crawl on my forehead before retreating back into the shadows. I watched his tall slender body move until he stopped abruptly knowing I was watching.

"Soon my muse you will be mine, I can feel it." Then a unexpected entry of my room had him gone almost like a bad dream, almost.

"Angela Marin we need you to come with us please." I shot up out of the bed running over the shattered light bulb glass to escape the room. The watchdogs escorted me through the long halls of the hospital. I heard the gentle moans and yells of some of the other patients bouncing off the gray walls and marble floors. We walked past the windows over looking the courtyard and I had to stop and look at it. Pitch was right, tiny flecks of snow began float down and coat the green patch. I put my hand against the cold glass hoping it would stop snowing. As much as I enjoyed watching the snow this hospital did not need anymore white then it already had. My escort gently pulled me away from the long windows and we kept heading for our destination.

"Alright Angela just go through first door on your left and will see you."

"What about ?" I asked looking at the large white doors the men were pointing at.

"I don't know just go talk to ." I was pushed through the white doors to find a hallway exactly like the rest of the hospital. Following the instructions I went through the door to 's office. Unlike 's his was warm with colors splashing the walls and a window filled with plants. Where his office was unique 's was regulated and identical to everyone else's.

"Well hello Angela! I'm going to be over seeing your rehabilitation from now on." The doctor replied from behind his desk. He was not ugly nor handsome, but more of in between. His brown hair was to curly and his glasses to small for his large curious eyes. I took a seat across from his desk and began to listen to him explain why he was my new doctor. I became bored about five minutes into his speech and began fidgeting with the broken glass in my feet. Weird how I hadn't been bothered by it before. My feet were covered in a light layer of crimson blood. The color had my attention as I thought of Christmas and other wonderful holidays.

"So to start off the healing process I am going to show you some ink blots and you tell me what you see. Now there is no wrong answers so say whatever you think is best."

"Alright." The first card was a splat of ink on a card with no shape or form.

"A butterfly." He showed me the next one and the next all making no sense what so ever so my answer was always the same; A butterfly.

"Either you really like butterflies or you don't want to do this."

"I really like butterflies."

"Okay how about I let you adjust to this new change and I will pick this up tomorrow?"

"That's fine with me." I replied to my new doctor as he had a genuine smile plastered all over his face. I was escorted out and led back to my room. In the time I was gone they swept up the glass and replaced my light. I was relieved spending my time looking at snow dance across the sky. Dinner rolled around, but I decided to watch the snow and skip the dinner. Not like I was missing anything great it was basically pig feed anyway.

"Lights out!" I heard echo down the hall barked out by a hospital watchdog. The lights all made a shutoff sound and I was left in my room in the dark beside the window.

"And no sign of a sundown today." I whispered as the snow clouds blocked out all sight of the sun. Moving away from the window I laid down in the hospital bed. Pulling the covers over my nose and lying perfectly still I tried to fall asleep, but knew it was a going to be easier said then done. I closed my eyes for second before I heard a chilling echo of laughter down the long hospital walls.

"Now my dearest Angela our game begins. What will it be today, hmm how about a nightmare that leaves you sleepless for days and howling for help?" Pitch said as a whisper in my ear that I knew wasn't really there. I felt my heart beat erratically as my face got warm from fear. I swallowed and found my throat was filled with cotton and I was only swallowing down bile. A loud bang from outside the tiny room caused me to gasp and bite back the shriek I was dying to let out. The only things I could hear was my heart in my ears and laughter; his laughter. It went silent for about seven seconds before someone began to beat madly on my room window. I must have jumped five feet out of the bed before landing on my stomach hitting the tile floor. I crawled from the bed to the room door trying to unlock the nob but it wouldn't budge. I saw a sick shadow form in the windows reflection with sharp teeth and golden eyes mocking me. All of the sudden my attempts at opening the door were answered when it flew open causing me to land back on the floor. It was just in time because the windows refection began to grow large pointed fingers attempting to grab my legs.

"No!" I slammed the door with my foot and leaned against the door. The banging began again as the shadow fought furiously to escape. I yelled at it to stop and tried covering my ears to block it out but it kept going. Soon the door was bulging from its frame until I began to wail out in tears.

"Please Pitch stop! Stop it right now!" Just as spontaneous as it began the door stopped heading my words. I breathed out a shaky shallow breath and rubbed away my tears of pure terror from my face. using the door I pushed myself off the floor and looked through the small window to see if it was gone. I only saw pure black in the room except for a pair of golden eyes and shiny sharp pointed teeth peering out from under the hospital bed. They did not blink but keep straight eye contact with me. I stepped back from the window and began to run down the seemingly endless hall. I could only see the dim red lights of the emergency exit signs guiding my way as I ran.

"You know what they say Angela, you can run but you cant hide. Especially from your own fear." Pitch spoke from nearly every direction of my hearing. I ran faster the only sound of my heavy breathing and skin of my cold bare feet hitting the tile. I saw the main office door and tried to open it, shaking and banging no one seemed to answer and I yelled in frustration.

"Please open up! What the hell, open up now!" My fist began to bleed from hitting the door when I heard a low rumble from down the dark hallway. Large golden eyes peered through the darkness as I saw in the dim red light a gigantic dog snarl at me. The teeth were sharp and pointed much like Pitches and the eyes were just the same. He seemed to have no fur but a sand like substance replacing it. The beast let out a howl much like a owl screeching in the night before charging. I turned on my heel losing my footing but regaining it as I ran to turn a corner. I jumped down some stairs and rolled on my knees, but feeling a sharp pain in my shoulder. I felt the hot breath of death on my neck as the dog hissed and growled.

"Please." I breathed turning to face the beast, but instead saw a woman standing there. She had my brown hair and round nose. Her lips were dark and smiling as she looked at me through striking blue eyes. They were like ice daggers and pierced through all the darkness around us. She was the perfect shape and form of my sister from before I was in the mental ward. Even her clothes she wore, a simple tank top, jeans, and jacket were like my sister. Every aspect of her screamed Juliana, but something seemed off. Maybe it was because she seem to smell like the dogs breath or when she spoke I could hear a rumble in her voice just like the dogs growl.

"Oh little Angie why are you crying? You know you are so ugly when you cry." I she picked up my face with icy hands and wiped the tears away. I stood up shakily holding my aching shoulder as she embraced me. I smiled in her as I remembered my sister. She was about ten years older then me if I remembered correctly. I remembered her smile and funny sense of humor and her exotic laugh. There also something else that pulled in my brain to remember, it was night just like this. It was dark, cold and snow had just fallen freshly on the ground. I was at home with our parents all day and Juliana had come to take me with her, she was seventeen at the time. Our parents weren't the nicest people and Juliana had plan to run away with me. So there I stood looking out the screen door as she and our father screamed at each other. He threw punch knocking her to the ground. She tried to stand up but he let out a yell and kicked her again. The I heard a loud shot ring out from the world. My sister slumped onto the ground and I saw bright red splash across the white canvas ground. It was like a beautiful abstract painting, my father was the artist my sister the paint. He came back inside the house minutes later just like a artist covered in paint. A hour past and my father left with the police leaving me and my mother alone on the cold winter night.

"Poor Angela it's okay child your not alone you have me." I came out of my memories as my sisters double melted into the slender body of Pitch black. Eyes widening I tried to pull away from his grip but he held on with the strength of a thousand men. He used cold fingers to tilt my head up and steal a soft kiss from my lips. I pulled my face away until he stopped and a angry expression quickly replaced the empathetic one. He faded into black and I was pulled to the ground by a unseen force. I was then pulled up the stairs and down the hall with lightning speed. Lifted to my feet I was met with Pitch Black's angry face as he threw me in my hospital room and slammed the door.

"You will learn to appreciate and love me little lamb." His voice rang out seeming to echo and bounce off all the walls. I gasped out opening my eyes from the nightmare that had just plagued me. The mornings sunrise was just beginning as I crawled over to its colors and warmth.

"I will never love you."

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