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"I guess so, You know today has been the only day in many years I haven't heard your whispers or seen your shadows Pitch."

"Consider it a gift my sweet." He said a bittersweet smile covering his face. I moved around him barley making a sound on my toes as we kept eyes on each other. The golden orbs he possessed shined in the moonlight ever so faintly. They were like the brilliant gold the art teacher used on the paining I used to own. Never before have I seen eyes like that on any creature, and in this moment I noticed they were beautiful. Ever since the nightmares began I promised that I would hate this thing, this Pitch Black for making my life miserable. Now my mind and judgement is blurry and I do not know what to think.

"I want to see my sister, just tell me what to do." My voice was laced with the smallest amounts of fear, but I did not let it show in my eyes.

"I think you know what to do already Angela, I am just here to accompany you and your choices." He replied moving behind me and placing lithe hands on my shoulders. I had no idea on what he meant, it was like a impossible riddle. I pulled away to move towards my window when I felt a sharp pin prick on my left side. I moved my hands to the site in question pulling out the small knife I had stolen from the art teacher. Gazing upon its sharp edge I knew what had to be done. I knew what the nightmare king expects of me. Turning to meet his golden eyes again he just nodded already knowing my question. I began to have doubts and fears.

"No, I can't do this. How do I even know I will see my sister this might be another one of your tricks! Some kind of horrid grand finale to end my nightmares!" I yelled back at him. He let out a little laugh before explaining my choices.

"Dearest Angela you do not know if what I am saying is truth or deceit. Nothing I may say or do will change your trust in me nor do I expect it to, but do consider this, if I really enjoy torturing you so I wouldn't let you end it in some grand finale of killing yourself. No that would ruin my whole game that I had, this is just another step for you. See mere mortals like yourself have a expiration date especially in mental wards and if I want to have you by my side forever you will need to live forever. It just so happens your sister can also fit in this occasion, and I won't have to drive you to killing your self in some grand finale fashion you implied but instead let you kill yourself for a goal. Which is a much better resolution." His eyes were still locked on mine. I looked for any traces of a liar in them and I saw nothing. Only the raw truth was in them and that was unsettling to say the least. Some people go there whole lives looking for the truth or for someone to speak the truth and only discover lies. Pitch Black, a man I wouldn't consider human even on my best of days was the first person I saw telling the complete truth.

"Fair enough." I replied seeing no reason to prolong the inevitable. Moving away from his grasp towards my window I took a seat and gazed outside. The moon was still in its crescent shape just like the night before. The ground in the courtyard was still covered in snow and the window itself was cold to the touch.

"You know I thought my final nightmare before I would die would be a lot more terrifying. Instead I have the nightmare king sitting beside me in the pale moonlight as this winter night shifts into the twilight hours." I laughed a bit coming to this realization. Pitch did not expect my humor as he gave me a quizzical look.

"Well my naive little lamb, death is not a very easy thing in itself correct. Now your case is special, but death for a person is usually already riddled with pain and fear. So why make it any harder? As for you, your curiosity, questionable sanity, and undying love for your sister will make the whole experience a little bit easier. I on the other hand know death and respect it, that is why I am here to comfort you through it and and not make it any harder then it needs to be."

"Oh." Was all I could reply. Now the King of Nightmares was showing me manners. What other surprises lay wait down this road. I swallowed down a lump of bile while pressing the knife into my soft milky skin. Usually in these times my need for bravery were very little and only my curiosity was fueling the fire in my belly, but tonight seem different. This was not some nightmare or test as Pitch like calling it. No this time I would be taking my life, and I was afraid.

"Will it hurt?"

"Well I can only imagine." That was not the deep answer I was hoping for from him, but I would think he was growing impatient.

"I will die won't I?"

"That's the preferable way, but if something goes wrong and you do not die you will more then likely have some sort of permanent damage to your body. Also it is note worthy you wont see your sister, so I suggest hurrying this along."

"Your no help." I whispered and he just huffed at me. I began to think on how I would go about it. I realized if I did not cut right or took a long time doing it I would live. If I lived my options were losing my sister forever and be on severe lock down for the rest of my life in a straight jacket. That was no future I could live in. My curiosity began to make more questions and fuel the bravery in my hand.

"I will never know unless I try it." Just like a expert fishmonger filleting his prized catch I sliced the flesh of my left arm first. Starting at the base of my palm following the main vein to the top of the inside of my elbow I cut using the knife. It was a deep gash that immediately bled a river of blood. The pain was so unbearable I passed out directly after the cut, but Pitch awoke me. I did the same to the other arm and again Pitch had to awake me. I wanted to scream, I wanted to take back my promise. I didn't want to die and I didn't want live with this fire eating off the skin of my arms. I just wanted to escape into another nightmare for once, because I knew what I was experiencing then was nothing to what I was experiencing now. Out of all the nightmares Pitch would throw at me and all the times I would wake up and wished I was dead I have never felt this much fear.

"Shh child, it will be quick now." He wrapped slender arms around my waist and pressed a cold forehead into my back. I dropped the knife and began to shake, my breathing became erratic and I broke into a cold sweat all in matter of seconds. The feelings in my body were all thrown off by the shock of the loss of blood or the adrenaline pumping into my brain. Time became slow, the immense pain was now numbness and all I could feel was the Boogeyman's hands rubbing my butchered arms. He gently kissed up and down my neck trying to comfort me. I remained frozen as my vision started to blur and black splotches appeared. The moon became very bright amongst the clouds and I began to drift away ever so slowly. I knew in real time that this was probably taking minutes to happen but for me my count down clock was going dredfully slow.

"Once this is over my muse I will find you and I will take you to your beloved sister." The Nightmare King smiled into my back before moving up to my ear and gently nipping at it. I didn't reply, I had no words to reply, my mouth didn't even cooperate in making a simple grunt in protest. I began to think of my sister when he mentioned her. I remembered how when she lived with us she would sneak out and take me to the park. It was on a Easter Sunday that the last time I remember with her before she left. It was before the sun had even come up and we were sitting there on a steel park bench just talking. I remember asking what we were doing there and her reply was very simple.

"Well I decided that we will even be here before the Easter bunny, so when he does show up we will be the first to get the eggs!" Then I would just nod and agree that waking up before the Easter bunny could hide the eggs was a excellent plan. Now I think it is a little ridiculous, but she was only trying to give me a little normalcy in my life. She was already to old to believe in silly stuff like the Easter Bunny, but I think she did it for me. Even when I asked her if she did she would lie.

"Of course I believe in the Easter Bunny. See because one time I had seen him, right in this very park! Just go over there and you will see him to!" Then she pointed at a patch of bushes where a rabbit hole was. I indeed saw the Easter bunny that year, his brown fur and golden eyes embedded forever in my memories, but something else was also begging for my attention. I remember a strange look on my sisters face when I turned from the rabbit hole to look at her again. Her blue eyes were huge with I could only guess was wonderment and surprise. A look I so seldom saw on her face at all, when I asked her what she saw she said it was nothing. And till this day as I lay dying I wonder what put that remarkable expression on her face.

"Goodnight my sweet Angela, may good dreams come to you tonight." I heard barley above a whisper as my vision completely fell into darkness. I could not feel anything and I could not see nothing but black. For a split second I felt betrayed maybe Pitch had lied and let me die. Death was nothing but floating in darkness for the rest of eternity. That was until I heard a very strange voice. It was not quiet nor loud. It did not come from one direction but instead come from any given place at once. The voice was neither young nor old and strangely it was comforting. Then my black world turned into the blinding light of the shining moon with the voice filling my ears.


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