Chapter 1

Cosmic Cube and Free Wills

"Got a guess as to what's happenin' with the Tesseract?" the brunette asked the other next to her. They looked over the giant chamber that surrounded the glowing cosmic cube that lay in its centre.

"Well, isn't the Cube a doorway to another end of space?" the male by her side asked. He carefully watched over the scientists scrambled below his perch to find out what was happening. He kept his arms crossed and held onto the yellow bars in front of them.

"Well, yeah. That's what they said, Clint." She stretched her arms over the bars, lazily drawing her head back and looking at the grey ceiling.

"Well, it's got to be inference from the other side then," he continued, his eyes never straying from the sight of the science experts below. "Also, Director Fury just arrived." He smirked when he heard her groan.

But she continued with their conversation about the cube. "So, like…maybe something's trying to enter our world?" she asked, bringing her head forward and looking at him.

He looked at her briefly from the corner of his eyes. "Keep your gun on you then. Your mutation might not work on aliens or whatever it might be."

She grimaced at the thought. "Aliens…this is total shit."

They suddenly heard Fury over their earpiece, "Agent Barton, Page, report." The two easily slid down the rope and met up with their boss. Agent Page continued to look around, letting Barton talk with the older male. She hardly listened to them, her curiosity more on the science around her.

"I gave you this detail so you could keep a close eye on things."

"Well, I see better from a distance."

"Have you seen anything that might set this thing off?"

"No one's come or gone. Agent Page has went through everyone, they're all clean. No contacts, no IMs. If there was any tampering, sir, it wasn't at this end," Barton finished by crossing his arms.

"'At this end'?" Fury asked in confusion.

"Clint and I were just talking about this, sir. The Cube is a doorway to space. Well, doors open from both sides," Agent Page explained in place of the archer.

They flinched at the small burst of energy the Tesseract decided to give off, blue light crackling. They stepped back, the female agent farther back than they did. The entire population of the chamber stopped and watched the cosmic cube. It started to gather a large amount of energy, swirling blue light building and suddenly shot out towards the receptor platform that sat below the dome. It was a shock to all when an electrifying blue portal began to open, momentarily showing them the blackness of space and the stars that shown brightly. The energy then shot out, spilling across the room and floating up into the air, concentrating at the dome.

Once the blue energy sizzled out, they saw what the Cube had brought forth. In the middle of the receptor platform a man kneeled on one knee, in one hand a sceptre that contained a sharp blue light between its blades. He slowly rose from his knee and looked at the humans before him.

Agent Page took note of his features as other agents cautiously approached the unknown with their weapons. He was tall, his black hair pulled back. He wore strange armour consisted of black leather with green cloth and golden plates of armour. Upon seeing his face, though incredibly handsome, she didn't need to read his mind to know – she could so easily see in those green eyes the madness that swirled within his mind. Pure rage and madness, and power.

"Sir, please put down the spear!" Fury yelled at the possible hostile.

He slowly looked down at his weapon…and fired. Clint pushed their boss out of the way and Agent Page landed onto the ground from the blast when the energy hit the machines to the side of her. The hostile jumped, the bullets not even gazing him, and he stabbed the closest agent. He quickly turned around and threw two daggers at the men across the room, effectively hitting them in their necks. With ease he continued his onslaught.

The female agent scrambled onto her feet, cursing herself for not being ready, and grabbed for her gun. But as she watched the other agents shoot at him, she noticed none of it affected him. Fear took her over as she kept her aim on him, her hands slightly shaking.

With a last kick to an agent, the hostile paused and assessed the damage he caused. When Clint struggled to get up, the unknown man took him by surprise and gripped his hand that held his gun. "You have heart," the taller man said as he touched the sceptre to Clint's chest.

She watched as a pulsing blue glow slipped into the agent's chest. His eyes hardened to a stone-cold black that quickly dissipated into a glowing blue. She could feel the blankness of his mind when she tried to prod it with hers. It was then that she realized that her fellow agent belonged to this unknown individual. When Barton replaced his gun into his holster, she said in panic, "Barton, no."

Because of her mistake, the hostile looked back to her. Despite the fact that she aimed a gun towards him, he walked towards her, a malicious smile on his face but a curiosity in his eyes. With his own weapon he hit hers out of her hands, the gun sliding away from her reach. Unable to move from fear, she only gasped when he gripped at her throat and brought her face close to his.

"And you, my dear, have gift of the mind," he said as he placed the tip of the sceptre to her chest. "You shall be of use." Her mind struggled against the dark energy that clawed for control of her mind. Though it was only seconds, her mind felt as if it resisted for hours and she soon succumbed to the dark magic, her abilities be damned. He smiled at the new addition when she calmed and stood before him with a blank expression. She went and took back her weapon as he took control of one more agent.

"Please don't." Fury paused in trying to run with the briefcase that contained the cosmic cube. "I still need that."

"This doesn't have to get any messier," Fury said, his back towards the hostile.

"Of course it does. I've come too far for anything else." The SHIELD director finally turned and faced the oddly dressed man who controlled three of his agents. "I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose."

Well, fuck. Here's another Loki fanfic. Even though Salvation Trilogy is probably more than enough…well, I wanted to do a darker Loki, I dunno. /shrugs/ Chapters are going to be short but they'll come out more quickly.