Chapter 18


He gave a smug, twisted smile at the young agent, who bowed before him. Her dark hair brushed against the sides of her face as her head lowered, but brown eyes never broke eye contact with him. Her face showed boldness, while her posture was submissive yet still tense. She was trying to hide the unease she felt towards him, because now she had sworn her loyalty to him. She isn't sure what to expect afterwards.

And it amuses him, how her mind is reeling with simple worries.

After a moment the brunette pulled herself back up, straightening her posture with her hands clasped behind her back. There was a rigidness to her as she quietly waited for him. Her eyes rarely left his form, only to quickly glance around her and then back to him.

She visibly relaxed, though just a fraction, when he ordered her to follow him. She complied as he turned on his heels and went to leave the room. She silently wondered what would happen to the traitor of the group, but didn't voice her ask. She had the general idea that Loki wouldn't let him live.

Just as they stepped from the room, she heard the rustle of the men moving behind them. She heard Ethan's laboured breaths become erratic from fear. But she didn't bother to glance. Oddly enough she felt detached from the situation; at least she thought so before they were farther from the room. A sudden thrill of satisfaction ran through her body when she heard an agonized scream.

By that point she was walking side by side with Loki. He watched her from the corner of his eyes, seeing the slightest sign of elation showing through the emotionless mask she had adapted after swearing loyalty. From the connection through the golden band, he felt the relief and twisted happiness that ran through her at the sounds of the traitor's suffering. She was enjoying the revenge.

"I suppose I should thank you," she hummed as they continued their walk. She turned her head more towards him, eyes looking up at him for a short moment. "Scum like him are undeserving. This world will not miss that. So thanks," she lamely said with her gaze back in front of her. Her hand unconscious rubbed the golden metal around her wrist, whether a nervous tick or a source of comfort, it was unknown.

Calculating eyes watched her closely, and soon a warped smirk followed. "Information then, I believe you can give that to show gratitude."

Her brown eyes looked back to him, ready.


"What threats are there to my plans?" Loki asked as they stopped where Dr Selvig was working with the Cosmic Cube. They had conversed a great many things on their way here, but now was the real business.

She paused before answering his question, pulling all the information she had from now former workers. "SHIELD will always be one," she confirmed what he already knew. "Some time ago, Fury made a plan of putting together a team. However, they are a threat to each other as much as they are to you," she added, knowing that fact could be used as an advantage.

He turned to face her completely, little space between the two as he spoke. "I want to know everything you know about this team of his. Is there any problems with that?" He lightly mocked her, despite being serious.

She was aware he was testing her, and she nearly scoffed. Instead she gave him a mildly conceited look, her lips pulling upward. "Something as simple as information? Don't doubt me, sir. They feared me because I was a telepath. I was given high level access to files because they knew I could get to it otherwise.

"Anyways, it was called the Avenger's Initiative." She started to explain, trying to pay no heed to their close proximity to another. In all honestly, it didn't bother her, but it's not something that could be overlooked easily. "Though the idea was scrapped, I'm quite positive Fury will bring it back. There were six who were part of that plan, one of which you've already have, Barton. All have their own skills, powers.

"Stark is a genius with a weaponized, metal suit. His weakness, the miniaturized arc reactor in his chest and him without his suit," she lightly tapped the middle of her chest as she spoke of Stark. "Rogers is basically a human experiment that now has super human strength and reflexes, along with a shield that can honestly withstand anything." She specifically stressed the last word, knowing it was the truth.

"Romanoff is a master spy and expert fighter. You may have a silver tongue, but so does she," she added with a light smile, before becoming serious again. "Banner is, hmm, how should say this," she stopped for a moment, tapping her chin in thought, "someone with a bit of an anger issue. No…quite a large anger problem. Angered, threatened, he becomes what could easily be described as a monster. No known weaknesses in that form, but it seems like he has no control, with no mind when he is like that."

Loki easily took in her words, understanding her little hints and warning. He didn't bother saying it, but the warnings were useless. He wouldn't need it. He would win. "Meaning he would even attack allies," he mused at the benefit.

Ivona nodded. "Precisely. And it's something you can take advantage of," she stated as if knowing what ran through his mind.

"And the last one?"

There was a lull of silence between them as she hesitated to answer. She knew of the last one and all that came to mind was his feeling of hate towards him. "…Thor." The brunette silently watched for any reaction towards his false-brother's name.

And the only reaction she got was a roll of his eyes and a shrug. "He will be of no concern." He brushed it off as a joke, seeing the demi-god as no real threat at the time.

"Er, okay. I'm guessing the bridge, it was the only way of getting here from Asgard?" Inwardly, she was baffled at herself with the question. The name of…realm that she hadn't known of before, had so easily rolled off her tongue as she spoke. But she kept that to herself, planning to think about that matter another time.

"There is also the use of dark energy, but the only one other than I who could do that, well it'll be quite the strain on them," he answered, a slight hint of dark humour in his voice.

She nodded, letting go the matter of any possibility of Thor's return. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, she gave a tight smile. "Then the only worry is SHIELD and four possible 'superheroes'."

"Let's start the preparations, shall we?"

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