Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I just like playing with the characters.

In the year 2020, Vampires took control of society, and ordered all humans placed in vampire custody. The people who were not captured formed a Resistance movement, headed by the Human Council, which began to plan the Insurgence.

The backstory to my story comes from hitntr01's amazing In Need of Rescue. You should read her story, as it's better than anything I have ever written, and is very scary. I am using her concepts of the farms, the machines that are used to draw human blood, the vampire language Vampiri, and the Rules with her permission. Everything else is my own concoction, and I freely take the blame for it.

Chapter 1 - Memories

All my early memories are of pain. The terrible pain of the electric shocks given by the death camp guards; those shocks from the electric cattle prods that lit up the darkness behind my closed eyes and sent me into spasms, writhing on the cold concrete floor of my cell block.

It's generally thought that it was because of this pain and my hatred of my tormentors that I was given the twin gifts: the Sword of the Sun and my own toxic blood.

I found the Sword at the darkest moment of my life, and the poison that ran through my blood was only discovered later, by accident, after I survived an attack. Any vampire who tasted my blood, however small the amount, was no longer immortal. Their immortality ended the second they sipped my unwilling blood, as they would die when I did. And they all tasted it, as my blood was harvested and sold in bottles in the grocery store.

This was all thanks to Aro's master plan of making human blood available to anyone with the money to buy it. Aro had set up the camps as part of his newly created world order in the year 2020. The camps were designed to house humans for the controlled harvesting of blood, which was sent out to the public through a centralized distribution process that marketed to his new vampire-controlled world. Because he disregarded the legends of humans with toxic blood, and pooled all of the blood taken from all facilities, my private poison was available throughout his entire vampire world for about $2.50/bottle.

Everyone else in my barracks, twenty other occupants, pleaded with me not to fight. Why go through this pain? Just go to the room with the machines quietly, and let the machines draw the blood as they were designed to do. Then there wouldn't be problems with the guards.

But I never could just let them take my blood. Even though I had been bred specifically for the purpose, my blood, body and soul were my own. I didn't exist for vampires to freely feed upon.


I'll be doing occasional updates to this story until after the completion of my other story, Her Keeper. Then I should have a more regular posting schedule.