Carlos and Logan we're in the middle of a one on one hockey game outside, in the scorching heat of LA. They would have called it a draw long ago after they sweated through their hockey jerseys, but there was a bet in place, and money is on the line. Carlos whipped the dripping sweat off of his forehead, they've been playing non stop for a half an hour now, it felt like two hours since they were sweating and out of breath.

"Okay Carlos, one last shot and then we're done. Deal?" All Logan wanted was a long drink of water, but he was now determined to win.

Carlos and Logan went to their starting position and were ready to face off. Carlos took the puck from Logan, but Logan was fighting for it. After a few times of racing up and down Carlos got a hold of the puck. The look on his face read that he was going to win, then all of the sudden his chest felt tight, he tried to take deep breathes, but he was struggling to breathe.

Carlos then started to slow down, and Logan took his chance to steal the puck and win the game. Logan then scored the final point and cheered with victory. He was expecting to hear a groan of defeat from his opponent, instead Carlos on his knees struggling for air. Logan's heart skip a beat as he skated over to his little buddy.

Logan placed a hand on Carlos' heaving back. "Was is it Carlos?"

"I can't breathe Logie." Carlos wheezed.

Logan's medical instincts kicked in. Carlos was having an asthma attack. Logan quickly ripped off his skates and ran to Carlos' duffel bag searching for an inhaler, after what was only three seconds, but felt like an eternity, Logan found Carlos' inhaler. Logan quickly rushed over to him and put the small device in his mouth and pressed it, letting Carlos breathe the medicine into his lungs.

After a few moments Carlos finally caught his breathe. Logan then took off his hockey equipment till he was in his tank top and shorts, then he helped Carlos do the same. Logan then led Carlos under a tree for some shade. Logan packed the equipment back in the duffel bags and went to sit next to Carlos, keeping his friend's inhaler in his pocket just in case.

Carlos took slow deep breathes, obviously exhausted from his ordeal. Logan wrapped his arm around his shoulders. "You feeling better now, Buddy?" Logan asked.

"A little." Carlos took another breathe. "That was scary."

"I know it was. Why don't we go up to the apartment and relax for a little bit?"

"Okay." Logan helped Carlos to his feet. Logan had to carry both their bags, but he wished he could help Carlos walk to the apartment.

After a few minutes they reached their apartment, Carlos immediately went to sit on the couch. Logan took their bags to their rooms and joined Carlos on the couch.

"You feel any better Carlos?" Logan asked.

"Yeah, can we play more hockey soon?"

Logan was stunned. Carlos wanted to go through all of this again? Logan took a deep breathe, he wanted his tone of voice to be gentle, but firm. "Carlos you had an asthma attack, a bad one. People die from that Carlos, and-"

"I could've died?" Carlos had tears ready to spill over and roll down his cheeks.

Logan felt his heart plummet with guilt. "No, buddy that came out wro-" Carlos started to sob, Logan then wrapped him in a hug. "Shh...shh..It's okay, you're okay Carlos."

"I don't want to die."Carlos muffled into Logan's shoulder.

"You're not going to die, Buddy. I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that." Logan couldn't think of anything else to say, he knew how rare it was to die of an asthma, he didn't know why it slipped out. After sometime Carlos started to settle down. Everything that happened started to wear him out and Logan could tell.

"Why don't we take a nap?" Logan suggested. Carlos nodded in agreement, Logan then kissed the top of his head and led him to his bed for some much needed rest.

Carlos was already curled up underneath his favorite blanket. Logan was about to leave, but Carlos looked so innocent, so fragile, he could find the strength to leave. He laid down on the bed and Carlos instantly cuddled beside him. Logan wrapped his arms around him, stroking his hair and humming a lullaby to coax him to sleep.

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