Written for the lovely MissingMommy, my dearest Sam, as a part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge — part 1: 75-125 words.

Also prompted by Amber's One Hour, Two Drabbles Challenge, with the character Seamus and the prompt dark.


Seamus is afraid of the dark.

He doesn't tell anyone — that's not the sort of thing you confess when you're fourteen, living in a dorm with four other boys who all sleep just fine when the darkness falls — but he knows that doesn't mean no one knows.

He's striding across the room with his wand lit to open the drapes to let the moonlight in, and he is ashamed.

But shame doesn't stop him from pulling back the drapes because he just can't.

A voice murmurs from the bed beside him, "Seamus?"

Even bleary with sleep it's recognisably Dean.

And suddenly there's a hand inviting him under the covers, brown eyes that understand without words, and he is still afraid, but he is not alone.