Title: We'll Talk Later

Rating: T

Summary: One scenario of how Riona finds two Claddagh Rings that Booth's had for years.

Scenario Number 1-Set between "The Goop on the Girl" and "The Parts of the Sum of the Whole", Season 5-We'll Talk Later

Riona's POV

Booth and I were in his apartment. I was curled up in his arms, comfortable for our "Buffy" marathon. Booth started snoring within five minutes of starting the episode, and I quickly joined him in the land of sleep.

I wake up, and my entire body was cold. So, I carefully extracted myself from Booth's arms. I then headed to his bedroom. I started digging through his dresser to try and find one of his sweatshirts. My favorites were his Penn State sweatshirts. They were warm and comfy, and they smelled like him, because he wore them the most. On the rare occasions that he was wearing a sweatshirt, that is. I found the one that I wanted, and I pulled it out. I slipped it on, and I went to shut the drawer, but I saw two Claddagh Rings. I knew Booth very well, and only he knew me this well. I ran out with the rings in hand.

"Booth! Booth, wake up!" I yelled, shaking him roughly.

"Bones? What's wrong?" he blearily opened his eyes, immediately scanning the room for any threats.

"What're these?" I held my hand open, revealing the two rings.

He closed his eyes and put his face in his hand. "Forgot I put those in my sweatshirt drawer. Damn it."

"Booth, what are these?" I repeated.

"I got them for us. I love you, Bones. I love you. Not in a professional, atta-girl kind of way. I've had those for years. I got them during our first year of being partners, when we were in LA," he explained, a grin spreading across his face as he keeps talking, probably remembering how he got them.

"You love me?" I whispered, disbelief coursing through me.

"I always have. I love you."

"I love you, too, Booth. I do," I told him softly.

"Then, we'll talk later. 'Cause there are other things we can do right now." He scooped me into his arms, and I squealed in delight.

The rings were left on the coffee table, and Booth and I were finally together. Because of two rings.