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"You will never be strong enough. You will never be good enough. You will not go anywhere," was one of the first things he remembered his father saying. Klaus didn't understand why his father hated him so much back then. After his true lineage was revealed the hybrid realised Mikael must have had an inkling about the fact he wasn't his son.

He lost Elijah and Rebekah the second they were turned. They promised to stick together but they were already drifting apart. They weren't the same people they had been before they were turned. Elijah never smiled anymore. Rebekah was bitter, far more bitter than he'd ever been in life. Kol was gone. Finn was suicidal. Nothing was the way it was meant to be.

All he wanted to do was unlock this damn curse. His mother had done it to save herself. She threw him away like those years he had spent dedicated to her meant nothing. Mikael was going to hunt him down for eternity anyway. He may as well give the bastard a good reason to chase him.

Elijah helped willingly, tracking down werewolves for him when they got close, offering to turn people for the sacrifice. At first despite his serious nature and strict morals he still assisted his brother but after a while he drew away. When Katerina ensnared his heart he left for good. He didn't understand, neither did Rebekah, and Kol never tried. He wasn't like them. He would never be like them, no matter how hard he tried. Even with the curse he was still different. He was still a werewolf and they were vampires.

All he had left was breaking this damn spell. It was the only thing that would make it go away, make this damn emptiness go away. Klaus loved his family but there was something missing. All he could think was that it because part of him was locked up. He had to fix it and then maybe the painful emptiness in his chest would go away.

It took too long to realise being a hybrid wouldn't fix anything. Elijah was gone, Rebekah was withdrawn, Kol was in a casket. After all this time all it took to make the pain go away was that half-smug half-fond grin from his Ripper.

Rebekah really wasn't pleased with the Salvatore choosing her brother but got over it after a couple of months travelling together. She hadn't seen Nik smile like that since they were human. Losing Stefan was worth it to have her brother back.

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