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In chapter 23 of my multi-chapter piece, 'Can You Save Her, Agent Booth,' I touched on the fact that Booth hadn't heard from Brennan for the entire seven months while they were apart, he in Afghanistan and she in Maluku. In my story, Brennan admits to Booth that she wrote to him often, and that she kept all the letters, never having mailed them. He mentions that he would like to read them someday, but I never again explored that aspect of my story. This is my spin-off from that little snippet of time.

I intend to update this from time to time, but not as regularly as I did my first multi-chapter piece, because I will be working on another multi chap as well – the sequel to CYSHAB. This is intended for me to be able to escape to, from time to time, posting each chapter almost as a separate One-shot, though they will all be related in the sense that each chapter will contain a letter from Brennan. These chapters will take place several months after B&B enter into their exclusive relationship, which followed her tragic ordeal at the start of CYSHAB. You don't need to have read the previous piece in order to understand this series, but you may be a little lost in some of the context surrounding the letters, as I will be referencing past experiences that occurred in my story, and not in the show.

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Booth and Brennan were snuggled on the couch, watching television at her apartment one evening when Brennan felt Booth's eyes staring at her. She turned her head and smiled up from her place against his shoulder.

"What are you thinking about, Booth?" She met his lips as he lowered them to hers in a soft kiss.

"Something that you told me… After I brought you back from Maryland, to my apartment… that night…" Booth's words died off. Neither of them needed reminding of the time to which he was referring. Her kidnapping and subsequent torture, although now in the past by several months, was still fresh in her mind many nights while she slept. The nightmares had lessened, but had yet to subside completely. Often she would awaken to Booth soothing her and whispering nonsensical words of comfort into her hair or neck or forehead – wherever his lips rested at the time when her nightmarish visions plagued her. She was only just starting to control the sudden overwhelming anxiety that controlled her body from time to time from the simplest of triggers – a certain smell like that of the mildew covered mattress to which she had been tethered, the echoic sounds reminiscent of those she'd hear in the damp basement whenever her tormentor trotted down the stone stairs, or even a sound similar to that of his painful whip, whether it be a sound effect in an action movie they were watching or from a vehicle backfiring below the apartment window. Booth had warned her that her emotional recovery time would be a much longer endeavor than her physical healing, but she hadn't realized just how deeply affected she had been during that short time of capture. Every day, she was thankful that Booth was at her side and that he was willing to help her through these difficult steps.

Refocusing on what his memory of their many conversations might be, she nodded slowly. "OK, what did I mention to you that night that has you concentrating so deeply tonight?"

"You mentioned that you wrote to me while you were in Maluku. And that you had kept the letters." He shrugged, not wanting to get his hopes up too high, and hoping to convey a sense of nonchalant curiosity. "I just wondered if, you know, you would let me read them…? Someday?"

She smiled at his awkwardness. Her normally cock-sure partner had a vulnerable side about which she had been learning more since they'd spent most of their evenings at either her place or his since resuming their working schedule. Brennan could count on one hand the number of nights they spent apart.

…The first time was when she was away for a book signing and he could not accompany her on the overnight trip.

…The second and third times were when he was on a stake-out and had refused to let her stay with him, though she promised to remain silent throughout the job. He told her that he would not be able to concentrate with her napping beside him and he would worry too much about her safety, should the stake-out go south.

…The fourth time was because she was being overly-stubborn, resulting in their first real fight as a couple, during which time she went home and cried into her pillow, his pillow, all night, and he spent his night pacing around his living room until his war-torn feet ached, matching the ache in his heart.

…The fifth, and final, time was when she had been quarantined to the lab, thanks to one of Hodgins' genius-experiments-gone-wrong. But Booth had spent the night in his SUV, in the employee parking garage of the Jeffersonian, just in case she needed him for anything during the night.

And during all the other nights and evenings, weekends and work days spent together, Brennan learned a little more about Booth's insecurities, many of which he hadn't let her see before. And all of which he still kept hidden from the rest of the world, swearing her to secrecy from telling anyone, especially Sweets, who had happily regained his favorite team-council-sessions, since their approval to be in a personal relationship and still remain partners.

She sat upright slowly, dislodging herself from Booth's side. "You can read them any time you want, Booth. I'll go get them for you." She stood, but paused when he took her hand in his.

"You don't have to let me read them if you don't want. I just wondered… I dunno… I just thought that maybe I could learn about what you were thinking…feeling…during those months…"

Sitting back down beside Booth, she kept hold of his hand. "Booth, I wrote the letters for you to read. I had every intention of mailing them to you… initially… But then…" She lowered her eyes to their intertwined fingers as she sighed quietly. "Well, you'll see when you get to it, but at one point I started to doubt whether or not I should send them…I started to doubt how you might feel about hearing from me and the things I was writing about." Brennan raised her eyes to her partner's, holding back unshed tears for a time that she felt not only lonely, but alone. "It will make more sense as you read them, Booth. I'll be right back." She laid his hand onto the narrow strip of couch cushion between them as she rose to her feet once again and headed to the back of the apartment, into her office.

Booth watched as she left the room, wondering what could have possibly happened to cause her to doubt herself, or to question his desire to have received communication from her. Knowing that she wasn't going to verbally explain anything further, he resigned himself to waiting until he got to the point in his reading at which she apparently changed her mind about communicating with him.

He smiled at the woman he loved as she reappeared at the end of the hallway, carrying a pile of papers in her arms. He thought she was beautiful, graceful…She was the most precious thing in the world to him, and he was astonished every day that he was finally allowed to be with her, that she loved him in return, and they were engaged to be married. He smiled as she approached and stretched his arm out on the back of the couch waiting for her.

She slipped back onto the couch, folding her legs beneath her and moved easily into her favorite position, tucked against his side with his arm draped across her shoulder as he pulled her close. She placed on his lap, a bundle of un-mailed envelopes, tied up like a package with a piece of twine wrapped around them in a gift bow fashion. With a small smile, she noted his raised eyebrow at the size of the pile. "There are quite a few letters here, Booth. You won't get through them all at once."

"Well then, how about if I read one every now and then, maybe every few days…as if I was actually receiving them…?" He smirked at her and pressed a kiss to her temple.

She nodded in agreement with his suggestion and caught his eyes with hers. "Would you rather be alone while you read, Booth? I can go into my office…"

"No," he cut her off immediately. "I want you right where you are, babe." He pulled her tight against him as his voice grew husky. "I always want you here, Bones. No matter what I'm doing. Always…"

Brennan ducked her head at his comment. It had been months, and she still wasn't used to his constant adoration or compliments. Brennan had always been a confident woman; confident in her appearance, in her intelligence, in her abilities. Yet, Booth's constant attention to her was something to which she still was unaccustomed. But it pleased her…he pleased her…and she aimed to please him. With a shy smile, she nodded and tucked further into him, pointing to the letter on top. "OK, you can open that one first."

Day Zero

Dear Booth,

It's been precisely 2 hours and 18 minutes since we said goodbye at the airport. Thank you for coming to see me off. I know we said goodbye last night over dinner, but it meant so much to me that you came today. There was a small part of my mind that wondered if you would risk reprimand to come say goodbye, and another part, the logical part, told me that you wouldn't. I am glad my logic was mistaken.

Booth, something is bothering me. I miss you. Already. This is not normal. You know as well as I do that we have spent time apart in the past. Days, weeks, months…Why does today feel so different? Why does this parting seem so… definite? So final? I am confused, and as you know, I don't like feeling confused. Whenever I'm confused, I come to you for clarification. But you're not here. I can't call you. It's now been 2 hours and 26 minutes. 27 minutes.

I find it disconcerting that we've not even been apart a day… If you were here, we could talk; I know you would be able to interpret the source of my discomfort.

When we parted, and I told you not to be a hero, I hope you know I meant that as a compliment. You are a hero already, Booth. I know that your valor and dedication to our country will override your self-preservation-instinct. I hope that you don't place yourself in unnecessary danger. I know that's asking a lot of you, especially as you are going to a warzone. But, Booth, I won't be there to have your back; to help keep you safe…you won't have me, your partner, at your side…

I know… I know…I can hear your voice in my head now, telling me that you have your 'Brothers in Arms' to help guard you, but it's not the same, Booth. I'm used to being the one to help keep you safe. Does that make me selfish? Deep down, I know that your Army Comrades possess the capabilities to protect you better than I ever could, but something inside my brain wishes that I was going with you; or that you were coming with me.

I don't know when I will get the chance to mail this, or how long it will take to reach you. However, when you do finally receive it and read it, please know that you are missed. Already. (Yes, I know I am repeating myself. But it is a sentiment I thought was worth reiteration.)


PS: I find that I am unsure of the proper closing words to choose. "Fondly" is too acquaintance-like. "Sincerely" is too formal. "Love"…. Is this an appropriate closing for partners? "Always" might be the best choice…after all I will always be your 'Bones', and no one else's. Though, I am sure you know that I do not agree with the possession of other human beings, I hope you understand what I mean.

PPS: It has now been 2 hours and 48 minutes. I feel better after writing this. Thank you, Booth.



Booth folded the letter and replaced it into the envelope out of which it came. He studied her elegant handwriting on the front of the envelope, tracing it lightly with the rough pad of his thumb. He kissed the top of her head as she remained silent, waiting for him to comment on her words.

"Thank you, Bones." His words were whispered and full of emotion as he breathed into her hair. He hated that she was sitting on that airplane, unsure of her own emotions, not understanding her own anxiety. Hated that he allowed them to part ways without insisting that they discuss in depth what had happened between them on the steps at the Hoover and during every awkward interaction that followed. "I love you, Baby."

She turned teary eyes up to him, finally able to understand why she was so terribly disturbed as her plane ascended into the skies,beginning what turned out to be a 7-month separation from her partner. She was in love with him, and she hadn't told him. He went off to war not knowing her true feelings for him. And she let him go.

"I'm so sorry, Booth…I should have told you…I never should have left without telling you… I didn't realize…" she choked back a sob that threatened to escape her throat.

"Shhh…" Booth palmed her cheek and bent down, capturing her lips with his in a tender and heartfelt kiss, effectively cutting off her from her self-condemnation. Pulling back slowly, he wiped his thumb across her cheek, drying the errant tears that were springing free from beneath her brilliant blues. "Don't, Bones. You weren't the only player in this game."

"But, Booth, you tried… you tried to tell me…"

He placed a finger on her lips, his calloused pad grazing against her softness as he traced the bottom curve. "No." His tone was final. "We're not going there, Bones. No more regrets, remember? We're here now, we're together…" His words betrayed his own feelings of guilt when the thought about the way he scared her on the steps of the Hoover that night. He took a gamble, and he lost, setting into motion the collapse of their fragile house of cards. She ran to Maluku in search of a dream, and to escape from him; and he shipped off with the Army, intent on training young snipers and determined to get over his love for Temperance Brennan. Regardless of his own internal battles, he refused to let her dwell in those dark moments, refused to let her take the blame for their rough patch, when, in his eyes, he blamed himself.

She grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her face, gripping it tight in her strong grasp. "I know… no more regrets… I know we talked about that… but it still hurts…why does the memory still hurt so much?" Her brow wrinkled and she looked at him pleadingly, asking to understand why she felt so raw, after so many months.

"Bones… They're memories… they're in the past and they can't hurt us anymore. I dare think that the feelings will become less intense as time goes on, but I don't think they will ever dissipate completely…" His brows knitted together in thought. "Look, Bones, don't dwell on it. Just – just accept that it happened and that it's over…We're gonna be fine." He kissed her tenderly when she smiled in resignation.

"Thank you for the letter, Bones. I love that you wrote to me…" He kissed her again, and when he heard her kittenish moan, he felt a tug below his bellybutton and deepened the kiss, pulling her lip between his, tickling it with his tongue, asking for her to open to him. She did so without hesitation, parting her lips and welcoming him into her warmth as she reached up and wrapped her fingers around his neck.

Booth growled into their kiss, feeling a familiar stir increasing down low in his gut. He was still amazed at how this woman affected him. Whether she flashed him that special little crooked smile, melting his heart, or she opened her mouth to his probing tongue, causing his cock to spring to life like a coiled spring, she amazed him…aroused him…drove him crazy with want…

Blindly moving the pile of letters from his lap, Booth stretched his hands around Brennan's ribs and pulled her over to his lap, so she straddled his thighs. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and crushed her body to his, grinding her crotch against his growing erection. Booth's hands slid down from her ribcage to her hips as he helped pull her tighter against his aching cock. Inching his fingers beneath the bottom hem of her tank top, he pushed upwards, peeling the shirt from her body in a painfully slow dance, he was, as always, grateful that she didn't bother wearing a bra when they were home. Trailing his fingertips along her skin lightly, he elicited goose bumps along her surface as he moved. Breaking their kiss just long enough to tear the shirt over her head, Booth's lips immediately found her long, milky-white neck, and latched on as if she were his life-blood.

He sucked hard, intent on marking her, knowing that since it was Friday night, her lovely pale skin would have two days to recover before she had to return to work. She knew what he was doing and let her head fall back, baring the straight column of her throat to his attentions, loving the fact that he still enjoyed claiming her by leaving his marks on her body. It was primal; she knew it was wrong on some level. But she didn't care – she loved him and she loved the uncontrolled side of Seeley Booth.

Removing his mouth from her throat, after making certain that she would see the evidence of his want for her, Booth licked his way over her collarbone, eliciting delicious moans from her deep in her chest, which only served to further arouse him. Her mewling-like noises sent shockwaves strait from his ears to his dick as it strained to break free from his sweats.

"Bones…" he groaned in desperation, "Oh God, baby… how do you do this to me…" His teeth skimmed and nipped as he worked his way down towards her beautiful breasts. Taking one in each hand, he squeezed them and brought his mouth to one perfect nipple before the other. In turn, he teased each pert little nub until she was writhing in frustration.

"Booth, please….Please… No more teasing. Please…I need you." She was breathless. Her core had long pooled with wet warmth, evidence of her desire for him; evidence of what his ministrations did to her. She swiveled her hips against his, trying to create the pressure she so desperately needed to feel. "I need…. I want…" She couldn't think; she couldn't put together a complete, coherent thought.

Booth licked his way back up to her mouth and spoke against her parted lips. "What do you want, Bones? Tell me what you need, baby…I'll give you anything you want…Just tell me…Let me take away all your pain…leave behind just good memories…" As his gravelly voice reached her ears, in between the panting breaths he took while massaging her breasts, taking her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, pinching them firmly and causing her to squirm even more.

"You…I need you… I want you… Booth, please…"

He wouldn't let her plead any longer. He scooted forward to the front of the couch cushion, allowing her to circle his waist with her long legs so he could stand up, bringing her with him. Once she had locked her ankles behind his back, she stood with ease, cupping her bottom with his right hand and forearm and bracing her back with his left. He moved them quickly through the apartment towards her bedroom, where he deposited her carefully upon the bed, peeling away her little yoga tights as he pulled away. He caught his breath once again as he admired her naked form sprawled across the deep burgundy bedspread.

Brennan was not shy about letting Booth look at her, she knew he was a very visual lover, enjoying the view anytime she allowed it – which she made certain was at least once a day…She silently watched him with darkening eyes as his own dark chocolate browns roamed the length of her body. When he reached her blue oceans, he matched her crooked smile with one of his own and crawled up towards her from his stance at the foot of the bed. He hovered above her body and lowered his lips to just graze hers, not quite kissing.

"How do you want it, Bones? You're calling the shots tonight, baby… Hard and quick? Or perhaps slow and deep and all-night-long?" He tugged her bottom lip into his mouth again, but as she tried to kiss him back, he pulled up, waiting for her to answer with a raise of his eyebrow.

She blushed as she considered his offers and smiled mischievously. Wrapping her arms around his muscular shoulders, she pulled him down to her, loving the feel of his skin beneath her fingers. "Take me, Booth. Hard if you want…Slow if you want…I just want you to fuck me 'til I can't think straight. Fuck me until all I can mutter is your name…"

She knew exactly what she was doing… Not only was Booth a visual lover, but he was also very alpha-male and got very turned on when she swore in bed. That combination was irresistible for her, because when Booth lost control in the bedroom, he always made sure she was well taken care of. Not that he didn't make sure other times, in fact he always made sure she came first – several times – before he would tumble over the edge. But there was something about Seeley Booth turning animalistic on her that she couldn't resist.

"Ah-ha-ha" he chuckled, his voice deep and rough with his insatiable desire for her. Just listening to the way she described what she wanted caused his prick to get harder – if that was even possible… "You wanna play that way, huh, baby?" He reached for her arms and pulled them from behind his shoulders, stretching them above her head while he met her hungry stare. "Well, if Dr. Brennan wants to get fucked, then Dr. Brennan is going to get well-fucked." He plunged his tongue into her mouth and took control of the kiss immediately, loving that she didn't put up any sort of struggle to his aggression, but instead welcomed it.

Pressing her arms into the pillow behind her head, he made sure she understood that was where he expected them to stay and she wasn't about to argue. Her body quivered with excitement as he moved his mouth to her jaw then down to her neck, where he paused to suckle at the hollow of her throat. Booth knew that his fiancée wanted it hard and fast, but he couldn't help but take his time licking her skin… He loved how she tasted on his tongue, how silky smooth she felt…and oh, the little noises she made drove him insane… So, he lavished attention to her throat and collarbones before traveling down towards the perky, heaving mounds that were begging for more attention. Taking a breast in each hand, Booth took turns sucking and nipping, squeezing and massaging.

Brennan's body writhed beneath her partner's ministrations. She let herself get lost in the feeling of his strong lips, sensual tongue and chesty groans that vibrated from his body into hers with every move. She arched her back off the bed, thrusting her pelvis against his torso, desperate for relief that had been building up to an almost painful level. She could feel her own juices leaking from her core and gently pooling beneath the bottom curve of her ass. She tried to rub against Booth's abdomen, planting her feet flat on the bed and spreading her legs wide to accommodate his body. But he knew what she was up to, and pushed his body away from hers ever so slightly…adding just a little bit of erotic torture as he chuckled against the valley of her delicious tits.

"Please, Booth…" She groaned in that throaty, heady voice that drove him mad. "Don't make me wait so long…." She swiveled higher, catching just a bit of his barely-there tummy, just enough so he could feel her blatant, wet desire for him.

With a feral growl he started to move his mouth further down her body, licking and nipping her sides, waist and stomach playfully before he settled at her bellybutton. He paid her adorable tummy an ample amount of attention with his mouth as he moved his hands up and down her sides, from her hips to her armpits and back down, teasingly playing at the side swells of her breasts as he moved past them. When his palms finally settled at her hips, Booth moved his mouth yet again. From one prominent hip bone to the other until finally his lips… and his tongue… oh his tongue, she thought…. Was finally just above where she needed him.

Brennan nearly blacked out when he finally dove in without warning, using his fingers to spread her swollen lips apart as his tongue assaulted her alert little clit. Instinctually, her hands flew from their place on the pillow down to his messy, spiky brown hair, where she threaded her wiry fingers to hold him in place. Booth didn't reprimand her for moving her arms; in fact, he simply smiled against her dripping core, taking her little nub carefully between his teeth so he could flick it with his tongue repeatedly. He knew her hands wouldn't stay up there long…he was surprised they had stayed up where he put them for as long as they had… Cockily, he silently congratulated himself for yet another successful round of making his poised and controlled partner lose her composure completely.

Booth moved his hands to Brennan's thighs and spread her wider while pushing them up, essentially tilting her entire pelvis upward. With her body angled like that, he used the flat of his tongue and licked from her opening to her clit and back down again, savoring the juices that were dripping from her body. Understanding this was the position in which he wanted her, Brennan removed her hands from his soft hair and looped her arms around her own bent knees, spreading herself open and freeing up his hands to (hopefully!) torment her body further.

"Perfect, Bones," he mumbled against her sopping wet pussy. "You're perfect… you taste perfect, you look perfect, you feel perfect…Fucking Perfection…" As he spoke, emphasizing his curse word against her soft folds, she could feel the words pulsate from his lips to her body and she groaned in appreciation. "You're like a goddamn goddess, Bones… Fuck yeah…"

Once again, he caught her by surprise when he, without warning, pushed two thick fingers into her body, hard and fast, while suckling her sensitive nub. He pistoned his fore- and middle- fingers in and out at such an incredible speed and pressure that when he raised his eyes from his purchase on her clitty, he could see her tits jiggle with each plunge into her pussy. She met his tempo, thrust for thrust, as he fingered her to the edge of oblivion. When he saw the tell-tale shake of her thigh, he knew she was seconds from breaking… He buried his fingers deep and twisted his hand to he could stroke the upper side of her inner walls while he sucked hard on her clit, holding it between his lips as he hummed, sending shivers to collide with her own building tremors. Letting go of her nub with a loud POP as he pulled his lips away, he breathed hot air against her pussy. "Cum for me, Bones. Now…"

As always, she couldn't resist his order to cum, and she screamed his name as she shattered, grinding her body against his hand with vigor as her nectar flowed freely, covering his fingers and seeping onto his upturned palm. Before she could completely ride out the aftershocks of her long-awaited climax, Brennan found herself being bodily turned over and pulled to her knees. The fog in her brain hadn't quite cleared when she felt him spear into her cunt from behind. Taking her the way he wanted to, just like she asked.

Booth pushed her head and shoulders to the pillow as he pulled her hips and ass up to meet him. He didn't even bother to take his sweatpants off completely – that'll take too long, he thought… He simply pushed them far enough down to pull his throbbing steel-carved cock from its confines. Coating himself with her juices that had puddled in his palm, he quickly shoved into her, bottoming-out as he felt his heavy balls bounce off her still-engorged clitoris. He placed one splayed palm across the small of her back and held her hip with his other while he watched the place they were joined as he pumped in and out of her body. He pounded her hard and fast, just like he knew she liked, making sure that she could feel his throbbing member press against her cervix at each stab.

Without notice, Brennan felt her body start to tense up. Mere moments after her first plummet over the cliff, her body was gearing up for another, immediate, fall. Pushing her hips back to meet Booth's rhythm, Brennan started groaning incoherent syllables. She could feel the blood rushing from her extremities towards her center, building up to what was sure to be a blinding release. She didn't think – she didn't analyze her actions – she didn't try to form a thought…Brennan simply let her natural bodily reaction take control of the situation, no matter how primal…Booth was giving to her exactly what she asked… She could only scream his name, deep and throaty, hoarse and sexy… His name dripped from her lips in a mantra that matched his pace – with each inward thrust, she moaned for him, with each outward pull, she took a breath and readied herself to say it again.

Booth was mesmerized as he listened to her and watched their bodies coming together repeatedly. He loved her ass, her perfect heart-shaped ass, he thought. He loved her curves – the roundness of her hips, the inward bend of her waist and the perfect straight line of her spine. He moved the hand that was on her perfectly-squeezable hip and moved it across her bottom, bringing his thumb to the tight little hole that puckered from between her soft cheeks. Without penetration, he placed a slight bit of pressure on the outside of that ring and rubbed little circles, letting the coarseness of his calloused pad cause a friction that sent her overboard once again.

As Brennan felt Booth's ministrations, she knew she couldn't stop from falling once again. She swiveled backwards and felt his thick cock spreading her wide, pressing deeper than any other man had ever pressed and then she felt the slight tickle against her anus…She knew he wasn't pushing in; not long ago, they had discovered that she got much more enjoyment from anal play when he simply rubbed her, tickled the tight muscle when he was taking her from behind. And by the time he was on this fourth or fifth circle, she was trembling.

"You like that, baby? Huh?" He asked her, already knowing the answer, but unable to stop himself from pulling the encouragement from her lungs, if even just for an ego stroke. "This hard enough for ya?" He growled and when he spoke the word 'hard', he shoved himself in with as much for as he could muster.

"Uh…huh…Yeah" She couldn't think…she couldn't talk…

"What's that, Bones?" He bucked into her hard, once again.

"YES!" She screamed into the room. "Yes, Booth…Yeeeee…..uuuhhhh…nnnngggg…" And she splintered once again, quivering as he continued to pump in and out, but with less vigor, letting her ride the waves of her orgasm.

When Booth recognized that his lover was having difficulty remaining in that position, he slowly pulled out and let her roll to her side. He gently rolled her onto her back and finally shucked his pants before pushing his knee between her thighs. "That was good, Bones?" He lowered his lips to hers and spoke against her open mouth. "You were beautiful…You're always beautiful…But Jesus, Bones… When you cum…Oh my God… beautiful…"

He wiggled his hips into place as she opened her legs to him and positioned himself to enter her once again. When he gained her eye contact, and permission that she was OK to keep going, he rocked his hips forward and slowly spread her with his girth once again. This time, despite the fact that he was desperate for his own release, he was going to take it slow. He rolled in and out, pushing all the way in and holding it there for a fraction of a second before pulling back out and repeating the motion.

She reached up and palmed his cheek as she watched his eyes travel over her face, almost in reverence, and she felt a swell of emotion build in her chest. His lips were parted as he breathed, his brown eyes were almost black and tiny beads of sweat had formed on his brow and upper lip. She brought her other hand up and wiped his forehead and settled on his stubbly cheek, dragging her thumb across his upper lip to catch those droplets of moisture as well.

He moved deliberately slow, moving inside of her silky walls, feeling the way they snugged him perfectly, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle that were finally reunited. Her inner muscles worked at milking his dick, but he wanted to make her cum once again before he let himself plummet to the bottom. He kept the leisurely pace as he let one of his hands travel her torso, gently trailing his fingertips across her now-overly-sensitive flushed skin. When he hit a particularly ticklish spot, he craned his neck to kiss it if he could reach, or he would rub it with his palm, as if he were kissing it gently.

"Bones…Let me take all your pain away… no more hurting, baby…" He lowered himself to her further, now resting his weight on his elbows as they dug into the pillow cradling her head. "Let me always take your hurt away…Temperance…" He laid a soft kiss against her mouth and while he kept the pace slow, he pressed further into her core, letting more of his weight fall against her body with each roll of his hips. "I love you…so damn much…"

Brennan looked up at the beautiful man hovering above her and she couldn't stop the flood of emotions from building up inside. This man, her partner, her fiancée, her best friend…He wasn't just giving a part of himself to her, he was giving all of himself – every last ounce of what made him Seeley J Booth… his strength, his passion, his loyalty and so much more. Sure, they had given themselves to each other for months now; but in that very second, on that night after rehashing feelings she didn't understand when she flew into the skies, heading for Maluku, she saw something behind Booth's eyes that she hadn't seen before. She couldn't describe, even to herself, what it was that she saw – but it was a gentle, loving, accepting openness. Not that he hadn't been all those things already, hell he'd been those things for eight years, but as she felt him moving inside, after he had given her exactly what she asked for, and now he was giving her what he wanted…something wonderful snapped. She felt warm tears fall from the corners of her eyes and drip slowly back towards her ears. Still holding his face in her hands, she met his rocking motions by rolling her hips slowly against his.

He watched as her eyes involuntarily fluttered closed from the pleasure she was feeling, and she forced them back open, trying to maintain eye contact with him. He smiled down at her, loving that he could make her feel good. "It's OK, baby, close your eyes…just enjoy it…" He turned and kissed her palm where it held his face and leaned into her grasp as he watched her face.

She did as he asked and let her heavy lids fall into place as she arched her body towards his. She felt him still watching her, but she didn't mind; she loved knowing that he liked how she looked. Brennan let her lips fall open, allowing her to breathe easier, as she felt another round of swells building up in her body. "I love you, Booth…" she whispered into the otherwise quiet room, the only other sounds were her heartbeat and the pattern of his breathing that was like music to her ears. "Amazing…"

He ever-so-slowly started to pick up his pace, nothing frantic, just slightly, once he felt her walls start to squeeze in a very familiar pattern. He smiled more when she let her hands fall from his face and grasp his biceps. He lowered his mouth to the shell of her ear and breathed gentle words of his love. "More beautiful than a spring sunrise, Bones… More brilliant than the stars in the sky… Let go for me…one more time, baby…let me feel you, Bones. Be mine…be with me…complete me, Temperance…"

Temperance Brennan never, ever, considered herself to be a romantic-type, but as it had been since the beginning, Booth made her discover things about herself that no one else had ever done. Listening to his words, feeling his movements and understanding his meaning, she felt almost as if she were floating mid-air… and suddenly, as with everything that evening, she expectantly felt herself on the precipice once again. Her eyes flew open and found his immediately. "Cum with me, Booth. Please…." She started to force him to pick up the pace by rocking her hips faster. He readily obliged by meeting her tempo and began thrusting deeper. "Booth…hhhmmmm…!"

He felt her shatter around his pulsing cock and thrust into her hard once more, pushing himself over the edge with her. He stilled his body as he shot streams of heat deep inside her body, nuzzling into her neck while she milked him dry with her inner caresses. Struggling to maintain his own body weight above her for much longer, his shoulders began to burn and he tried to roll to her side, but instead, she pulled his body down to hers.

"I want to feel you, Booth, it's OK…You're not too heavy, lay on me…" She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and held him tight. "I want to feel your body on mine."

"Babe, I'm gunna crush you," his words were winded, but he was concerned that he would hurt her.

"No, you're not." She wrapped her exhausted legs around his thighs and pulled him down, finally feeling him rest his body. "I love you, Booth."

"I love you too, Bones. Thank you for the letter…" he said with a smile against her neck. "Can't wait for the next one to arrive…"

She chuckled at his tired playfulness. "Maybe the mailman will bring one for you tomorrow, Booth. Or maybe the next day…You'll have to wait and see…" She grinned and let her fingers trail the muscles in his shoulders and neck as she felt him place a kiss on her temple. Suddenly, she felt the need to breathe, "OK… that's enough," she playfully pushed him to the side, "you were right… you can crush me…"

He laughed out loud and opened his arm to pull her near. When she was settled in her usual spot – her head on the front of his shoulder, her forehead against his neck, he sighed and, using his toes, he pulled the folded blanket from the foot of the bed and draped it over their cooling bodies. "Good night, Bones. Sweet dreams."

"Good night, Booth…Thank you for reading the letter." She place a gentle kiss against his throat and snuggled into his warmth, letting sleep claim her, knowing that if she needed him, he would be right there at her fingertips.

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