Title: Beauty and The Beast
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo becomes cursed after breaking a rose at a festival. In order to lift the curse, Shizuo must find his true love. Refusing to face the world with his awful curse, he becomes a shut in within his castle. It isn't until a cocky, raven haired man moves into town that the blonde starts to open up again.

A tall young blonde walked down the busy, bustling streets of the New Year's festival in Tokyo. He was dressed in the finest, dark blue kimono with a blue and white kimono over lay on top. The sun had already set causing the streets to illuminate with a array of colors from the festive lanterns that hung on the sides of the booths. Not even out of high school yet, Shizuo Heiwajima had much more on his mind than enjoying the holiday festivities. The only reason that he had come to the festival was because he was forced to by his friends. After the death of his parents, Shizuo started to crack. The blonde had gained one good thing but picked up another problem. He inherited a boat load of money from the result of their death; however, emotionally he was destroyed. He was angry. He hated everything and everybody. Everyone was always just so damn happy and he hated it. It pissed him off. Didn't anyone know how cruel the world was?

A bright red flower caught the corner of the blonde's eye. Turning into the direction, he saw a booth that had a single red rose encased in a glass container. An elderly young lady was sitting there at the booth by herself. Hesitantly, Shizuo walked over to get a closer examination of the flower. He wasn't quite sure but the rose seemed to speak to him.

"What's with the rose?" The older lady tilted her head up and smiled at the man. Shizuo looked down and saw that the lady had cards all sprawled out among the table.

"Would you like to know about your love life? $5" Shizuo felt his eyebrow twitch in irritation at the annoying question.

"My love life? How could you tell me about my love life?" The woman's face remained static as she continued to smile. The smile was only making him angrier and angrier as he narrowed his eyes at the woman. "Tch, hoaxes like this piss me off." In the heat of the moment, Shizuo pushed the glass containing the flower off the booth sending it shattering to the ground. Glass shards spread across the concrete with petals cut into pieces. He turned around and started to walk away from the booth. Only a few steps away, a gust of wind caused him to turn around to see a red glow coming from the elderly lady. His eyes widened as people started to clear away. The red glow started to spread across the street and come towards him. In attempt to get away, Shizuo turned and started to run the other way. The red glow had caught up to him as he ran and he felt a weird feeling start to surge through his body. It started out as a tingle then turned into a pain that he had never experienced. It felt like the muscles in his arms were twisting and ready to burst. He fell to the ground when his legs gave out from the agony. The small old woman walked over to the fallen blonde and looked down on him, her smile never wavering.

"You use your anger to make you strong but now you will have a curse that will really make you strong. Find your true love before your 25th birthday and the curse will be lifted. However, if you don't, you will forever remain cursed."

New story :O Just putting the idea out there~ Let me know how you like it so far! This will become my new, main story once baby bump is done. It's going to have a dark, romantic, fluffy feel to it.