Title: Beauty and The Beast
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo becomes cursed after breaking a rose at a festival. In order to lift the curse, Shizuo must find his true love. Refusing to face the world with his awful curse, he becomes a shut in within his castle. It isn't until a cocky, raven haired man moves into town that the blonde starts to open up again.

Izaya's POV

I didn't know where I was going, all I knew was that I was going. I had to get away. I wasn't running away, no, I am not a coward. I just needed to start over, to start a fresh new life. It was a spontaneous decision on my part. It wasn't too well thought out, and, if I would have thought more about it, I probably would have decided against it. All I had was the clothes on my back and the wallet in my pocket. No cell phone, no computer, nothing.

What time is it?

I let out a sigh and stop walking to look at the people walking to and fro around me. I seem to be in a busy city in Tokyo. Juding by the amount of people and the contents that they are carrying, I would say its around 8-9 in the morning.

I look around and spot a café. It's tiny and not really over flowing with customers, but it looks very inviting and warm. Putting my hands in my pockets, I make my way towards the café. There is a light ding as I push the door open and step inside. Just as I thought, the place is actually quite empty. There are a few tables with chairs set up. There was half a dozen people in the cafe, chatting to one another. In the corner there is a small, comfortable living type area setup. A coffee table was on top of a rug and two couches were placed perpendicularly against each other. There is even a fire place set up to keep the guests warm. The atmosphere was very calming and gave a pleasant homey feeling. If I had to guess, I would say that this café is one that has few guests but the ones they do have are loyal customers.

Turning my attention back to the register, I notice a glass case with assorted colorful desserts occupying it. They all look quite delicious, even to someone like me who doesn't have a sweet tooth. Behind the register is a rather large menu of drinks ranging from lattes to smoothies. I walk up to the register and wait for someone to come help me. A girl suddenly pops up out of no where from behind the register. She has dark brown hair tied back in a braided bun with a few pieces hanging free to frame her face. I can already tell that she is the bubbly type.

"May I help you?" She flashes me a smile and I put on my signature smirk.

"Yes uhh…" I look at her name tag and bring my eyes back up to hers. "Erika, I am actually a drifter. I was wondering if you could tell me what time it is and where exactly I am." 'Drifter' sounded much more elegant than 'homeless man' in my opinion. The girl's eyes widened as she clasped her hands together.

"Ah! I have never met a drifter before! This reminds me of Magi: Labyrinth of Magic where Aladdin…" She goes on and on about this 'Magi' show but I pay no attention to whatever she is saying. After a good few minutes, and her telling me the whole story line of whatever show this is, I cough in my hand to bring her attention back to my current situation. Her eyes snap back to mine.

"Oh yes, sorry~ You're in Ikebukuro and it is currently 9:23 in the morning." I cock an eyebrow.

"Ikebukuro huh?" The girl nods quickly and smiles at me once again.

"Would you like something Mr. Drifter?" I look back up to the menu. There are a lot of assorted drinks, but, without a job, I don't want to waste my money on material things such as lattes.

"Actually, I don't have much money...so no~" I turn to walk out when I hear the perky girl call after me.

"Wait Mr. Drifter! I will give you something on the house." I muse this idea for a second. How long has it been since I last had something to eat or drink? I can't remember. Hey, if it's free, why not? I turn back around and smirk.

"Sure that would be great." I look back up at the menu and decide on a simple latte. I'm sure sugar would not be good on an empty stomach. I tell Erika and watch her carefully as she skillfully starts to brew the espresso and steam the milk. She pours the dark liquid in a white cup and pours some of the hot milk in with it. The barista tops the coffee based drink with a generous amount of fluffy froth and puts a lid on the cup.

"Here you are Mr. Drifter!" I wrap my fingers around the cup and bring it up to my lips. I blow into the cup softly before taking a sip.

Oh. My. God!

This stuff is like…sex in a cup!

So delicious~

"Mr. Drifter, are you going to be in town for awhile." I take another sip and swoosh it around in my mouth, savoring the taste. I shrug in response to her question.

"Depends if I like it here." The hyper girl nods.

"I think you will! Ikebukuro is a great city."

"I see…well, thank you very much for the latte~" Erika smiles at me and waves slightly.

"Come back soon Mr. Drifter!" I turn around and start to make my way towards the door of the café. It opens before I can push it open and I stumble slightly in something hard. I look up and see a really tall man with blonde hair looking down at me through blue tinted sunglasses. He has a rather appealing face, but, underneath those blue shades, I see a somewhat disformed, veiny looking scar running up from the side of his face up to his right eye. He has a cigarette in his hand and I see his eyebrow twitch in instant annoyance.

"Watch where you're fucking going." The man rudely pushes his way past me and walks up to the counter. I glare daggers at the rude man's back.

"Geeze, it was an accident. Get over it." The man stops dead in his tracks. All the people in the café immediately stopped what they were doing and looked over at us. They all started to scoot in the far corners of the café, much to my surprise. The next thing I know, the blonde man is hauling a chair at me. I take a step to the side, easily dodging the chair. Good thing I have great reflexes~

The chair goes right through the glass door.

I look at the shattered glass and back at the man who is looking at me with a very pissed off expression.

"Go the fuck away you annoying prick!" Ha, such a short fuse~ I glare at first before smirking at the man.

"My~ Don't you have a temper~?" The man grabs a handful of straws and throws them at me.

What the fuck, straws? Really? What the hell are they suppose to do to me, give me paper cuts?

"Get the hell away from me!" I open my mouth to reply with a cocky response but am cut off by Erika who starts spewing something about love-hate relationships.

She is…kind of a weird one…

I smile and wave at the blonde man.

"See ya later~" I make my way out the broken door, which is suddenly hit by a stack of cups. I chuckle to myself and put my hands in my pockets. I start to walk down the long side walk, not quite sure where I was going. I guess I should try and find a job...I let out a sigh and pull out my wallet. The sleeve of my jacket falls down threatening to reveal the wrapped wrist underneath it but I quickly pull it back up.

That's the last thing I want to think about right now...

I open my leather bound wallet and count the bills in it. I have enough to maybe rent a hotel room for a few days. How pathetic. I put my wallet back in my jackets pocket and keep walking.

I look up at the blue sky and find myself thinking about the man with blue tinted glasses. He was an interesting human indeed. I smirk to myself and look back forward.

Ikebukuro eh? I think I am going to like it here.

Sorry about the shortness of this chapter ;o; I actually work in a cafe so I just described what my cafe looks like ^^;