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Salazar Reynosa rode up the darkened drive of the small compound his wife had been using to hold the son of the man who had killed her father. There were an extra ten well armed men on sight, scattered about as more took care to load the bodies of the dead onto the back of a truck. The only light coming from a few scattered vehicles and a couple spotlights mounted to the roof of the house they approached. His driver pulled to a stop at the foot of the porch steps and Reynosa got out to find Paloma standing at the top, hand on the railing.


"Paloma, you told me that there wouldn't be a problem. You told me that he would come and that this would all be taken care of." Salazar glances and gestures around them before returning his focus to his wife.

"Mi esposo…"

"No. I let you pursue this because you gave me no choice. It was a family matter and I understand that, but your plan was short-sighted and to get this man here has left me without a weapon specialist and now…I have eight dead men. And the boy and his father have gotten away."

"I will get the cabrón before he can get out of the country, esposo," Paloma declared.

"It is too late for that!" Salazar paced a step before swinging back on his wife. "You used our contacts to send a vídeo of yourself cutting into a teenage boy to an American federal agent. A boy who is also the hijo of that same agent."

"Salazar, I can fix this," Paloma entreated.

"No, esposa," he replied. Salazar brought his hands up and held his wife's face. He brought it forward to kiss her on the forehead then look into her eyes. "You will do nothing. Su venganza será mejor servido cuando no la ven venir. ¿Comprende? Until then you will lay low."

"Salazar-" Reynosa gripped her tighter to forestall any argument and Paloma pursed her lips as she understood that she was on the verge of crossing a line with the head of the Cartel. Wife or not, Salazar had no plans on risking his organization. The fact that this man Gibbs had breached one of his compounds and killed his men was a slap in the face to the Cartel.

"You should have talked to me about this before you made your move, esposa. You knew we had a major shipment going out and we can not afford to attract the attention of the American authorities. Our contact in Bell's organization says it is fortunate that it appears that he came down here in an unofficial capacity so our shipment may be safe, but an example still has to be made for this failure if we are to save face."

Paloma knew where this was going and she didn't like it. For the first time she felt fear of her husband and what he may do. He detested failure and she never thought she would fail.

"What do you plan on doing?"

"People need to understand that everyone must suffer the consequences for their actions. Even you."

Reynosa released his wife and indicated to two of his men to come forward. "Diego, take her to la hacienda. Manuel, go get Señora Hernandez. Take her foot."

"¿Qué?" Paloma started forward but was stopped by Diego. She tried to shake his grip but he only tightened his grip. "Mi madre is an old woman, Salazar! Familia!"

"And because of that, I will have a doctor remove it instead of having one of the men saw it off. Be happy it is just one foot."

With that, Salazar returned to his car and Paloma watched him drive away as she herself was taken to another car. Anger filled her in a way it hadn't since she found out about the death of her father. She may not be able to do anything to help her mother, but she wouldn't let this slight go. Salazar was right, she had been short-sighted and didn't think of the consequences should she fail because failure never entered her mind. She should not have acted as quickly as she did. Needless to say it would not happen again. She needed to plan. Come up with a way to ensure Gibbs paid for the death of her father and Salazar for the slight against her mother.

Fortunate for Gibbs that her plans for him would have to wait. Before she could enact her revenge on him, she needed to take over the Reynosa Cartel.


His destination was less than a mile away but he'd wandered the area often enough on previous visits that he knew the quickest route to get there and he took it. He figured he had a five minute head start if he were lucky so he pushed himself hard and kept his eyes focused on the ground to minimize any dizzy spells.

Dean arrived at his destination ten minutes later and knocked on the door to a small house.

Señora Anita Medina was an older woman of slight build, a mother of two children of her own that had moved on and had families of their own. John had met her a few years ago when he'd started selling guns and pulled her son out of a situation that the kid just hadn't been prepared for. He'd also helped her out once and established a kind of trust. To repay the debt, she had offered to provide a place for them to stay whenever they were in the area. It hadn't been much, but John knew that to her it was a big deal because to invite him in to her home was to invite trouble and the Señora knew this but she took them in anyway. John hadn't wanted to risk that so he'd compromised.

Opening the door, Anita took one startled look at Dean then ushered him in. She clearly didn't need to ask to know that something had happened to John and took the boy she'd come to consider like a grandson into her arms. His tight hug merely confirming her suspicions that John was gone.

"It is okay, nieto," she said in a thick Mexican accent. She ran a hand up and down his back. "It is okay."

Dean held on tight, ignoring the twinge in his ribs, letting the events of the past few days wash over him for just a moment before forcing everything down, locking away all those emotions to deal with at another time. He took a step back and wiped at his eyes before looking down at the closest thing he'd ever had to a grandmother. He wished he could stay but knew this would be the last time he would see her and knew that she knew the same.

"I need our stuff, Señora," Dean sniffed and cleared his throat.

"I told you all the time, nieto. It is okay to call me 'abuela.'" Dean tried to smile and she patted his arm returning his smile with a sad one of her own. He followed Anita to a back room where she went to the closet to retrieve a handcrafted wood box which she turned and offered to Dean. She turned back to the closet and picked up a satchel that her son had left behind, empting it of its contents and offering it to Dean as well. He gratefully took it and secured the contents of the box into it before placing the strap of the satchel over his head.

"Stay the night, nieto," the old woman urged. "Rest for a little while."

"Can't," Dean replied regretfully. "People are looking for me. Some bad, some good, but mostly bad."

"Alright, nieto," she replied, voice soothing and patted his arm, "but at least let me give you a little something to eat. For de road?"

Dean smiled, it came easier this time, and followed her to her pantry where she wrapped up some bread and fruit then went to her stove where she then wrapped up an empanada for him.

"Gracias, abuela."

Anita walked him to the door and gave him one last hug. "Take care, nieto."

"I will." Dean stepped out and waited till she'd locked the door before stepping away. He wasn't surprised when he detected movement to his right and turned to find Gibbs leaning against the wall.

"That wasn't smart," he said, the disapproval clear but not as harsh as Dean would have thought it should have been.

"I needed to get something." He made no attempt to explain himself to Gibbs and prepared himself for a dressing down. And if Gibbs was anything like his old man it'd be a severe one.

"You could have asked."

"You could have said no."

"I could have said yes to." Gibbs nodded then walked toward a waiting car, indicating Dean should follow with a wave of his hand.

Dean watched Gibbs as he walked past him with a bewildered look on his face. He made no move to follow, confusion overriding a righteous indignation that no longer seemed to have a target.

"Well, come on. We got a plane to catch." Gibbs glanced back and noted the look on his son's face. He figured the kid had expected to be reprimanded and, truth be told, if Gibbs hadn't witnessed the scene in the house he probably would have shown more displeasure at his decision.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Dean followed, not knowing what to think of the man who'd rescued him.

"I don't have a passport," Dean said as Gibbs held open the door for him to get in. His only response a quirk of the brow, a nonverbal question asking how he could have crossed the boarder in the first place.

"We didn't exactly run in legitimate circles."

"Don't worry about it, kid," he replied sliding into the back seat next to Dean and shutting the door.

Dean looked to the front as Mike pulled onto the road and headed out. He wondered at these people that had come and rescued him. Wondered why they had done it and the kind of person Gibbs had to be to garner the loyalty that this undertaking had required.

Most of all, Dean wondered what his place would be in this man's life.

Glancing at Dean, Gibbs was wondering the same thing. They had a long road ahead of them but he was determined to make sure he traveled it with Dean no matter what.


Well, that's it for now folks, but don't worry, I plan on writing at least one more part to this story, but it won't be for a bit. Too much real life interference right now. So thank you so much for reading!

Mi esposo – My husband

Cabrón – bastard

Hijo – son

Esposa – wife

Su venganza será mejor servido cuando no la ven venir. ¿Comprende? - Your revenge will be better served when he doesn't see it coming. Understand?

¿Qué? – What?

Mi madre – My mother

Familia – Family

Nieto – Grandson

Abuela – Grandmother

Gracias – Thank you

La hacienda – The ranch