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Finally the day they've been waiting on had come Donnie was up early taking blood from Mikey for his testing. Raph went downstairs to get breakfast for all of them. He was happy hopefully that crap was out of Mikey's system and he could gain his weight back. "I can't believe that he lost 50lbs. well I'm going to make sure he gains it all back", he said to himself. Then I'm gonna take him outside, get him relaxed against the porch, and let him watch me kick the shell out of Leo and Don; he thought to himself. He walked back up to the bedroom with a tray full of various fruits and four glasses of milk for breakfast. Donnie rushed in with papers yelling, "Results are in guys."

"Well what's up Don", Leo asked.

"All clear."

They breathed a sigh of relief. They ate breakfast Mikey ate half of it himself no one said anything because they wanted him to gain his weight back; it was the last reminder of their failure to protect him. After they ate Leo took the tray downstairs. Raph helped Mikey attempt to walk downstairs and outside where he sat him on the porch swing. He waited patiently for Leo and Don to come outside and join them. When they walked out he suggested a weaponless sparring session for fun they both agreed to it.

Raph kept it light and normal to keep his bros from guessing what he was planning. Mikey figured it out before anyone else considering he sparred with Raph all the time. He snickered quietly knowing what was coming for the other two, all it was, was a shift in his facial expression. Leo was the first to get thrown out of their little spar. He went to do a leaping split, Raph had dodge it, and before Leo landing Raph did a handstand kicking Leo's shell sending him flying to the front of the porch. When Mikey looked at him he had the makings of a black eye and a couple other bruises. Donnie landed beside him seconds later with bruises all over his arm. Raph stood there looking at them.

Leo jumped up and ran towards Raph, forgetting all he knew about ninjitsu and went for straight out street fighting. Raph tackled Leo to the ground, Leo gave Raph a right hook to the cheek, and they both rolled around on the ground. Don just stared in disbelief and turned around when he heard Mikey chuckling. "He sure is mad at you guys over this isn't he? Don I think you played it smart by not jumping back in there."

"I agree with you on that one Mikey, I knew he was mad, but I didn't think he was that mad. Leo is barely landing a punch on him."

"Hey Leo I think you should give up already", they yelled as Raph tossed Leo at the porch again.

Leo went to get up but Mikey placed his hand on his shoulder, "I wouldn't get up he's mad at you guys too. If you back off now he'll be done."

Leo went to get up when he felt Mikey's hand get tighter on his shoulder. He looked up and saw the pleading look in Mikey's eyes. He sighed and nodded an okay and stayed seated.

Raph turned around and stared at his bros, for once Leo was going to get a lecture.

"Ya can be mad at me all ya want but I'm disappointed in all of us. I'm mad at myself for getting separated from all of youse guys and I put us all in danger. I'm ticked at you two cause you didn't think of a safe way to get us out of there. We're lucky that stuff waited til now to make Mikey sick. Did ya think about what would've happened if Mikey got sick and we had to take care of a sick Mikey and try to escape? I hope we have all learned a lesson out of this. He's our responsibility guys and we got to take care of him not make him sick. Do ya UNDERSTAND?"

Leo and Donnie nodded that the understood and agreed with Raph. They all looked at Mikey when they heard him sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm gonna miss being sick and having you guys around to cuddle and stuff all the time."

Leo spoke up, "Mikey we promised that we would spend more time together and we are going to keep it."

"Yeah", Don and Raph said together. Mikey smiled as his bros got up and started to nuzzle his cheeks and head. He smiled this is the life on my way to recovery, and cuddle time with my family.