A/N: WARNING: Prepare for A LOT of explanation and a little anger. I was just angry and frustrated, especially pissy. Sorry if it offended and/or upset any of you.

Viewer discretion is advised for a lot of my language. If there IS any.

Hello people.

Now, you may be wondering, "Hey, why's she putting ANOTHER chapter on Spamano - Fucking Perfect?".

Well, for one thing, the name changed to Spamano - You Are Perfect.

And another is that...well, I have to take this down.


I WILL post it on DeviantART for those of you who still want to see it!~

Just go to my account, AngelicRose1 on DeviantART, and I'll upload Spamano - Fucking Perfect, as it should truly be called.

I'll just put this fanfic on Microsoft Word so that I can upload it properly.


Because it will not be on here anymore, I have to say that any and every one who liked it, if you wish to see it, go on my DeviantART page.
Not Angel of the Axis.



I sincerely hope you'll stay tuned for another chapter of Hetalian Facebook and especially Hetalia Kittens.


And for all Bittersweet Betrayal fans, RETURNING AGAIN (or whatever the hell I called it) WILL BE IN HERE SOON!

Now that that's all over, Bye~