The New Ghostbusters

Ch. 1: Something Old

I walked into the dark and dank room and fumbled for the light switch. When I finally found it, the overhead light flickered on reluctantly casting shadows everywhere. I cast my gaze around the room and saw a lonely set of lockers in the corner. Upon opening the door to one, I saw a uniform. It was a simple beige coverall with gray pants and a black shirt underneath with boots on the bottom of the legs.

Hooked on the side of the interior was a black dust covered pack with a round bottom. It had wires, hoses, and indicator lights running along the surface giving it the look of some bizarre futuristic weapon. And it was a weapon. A ribbon cable connected the circular bottom of the pack to a port in the top. A hose protruded from one side of the curved bottom and connected to a type of wand with two grips, one behind and one in front of a small box that was further encrusted with wires, switches, and indicators.

Further inspection of the lockers revealed a box with more equipment in it. Small rectangular boxes that featured a hand grip sticking out of the back and a cable that connected to a foot peddle. Also tucked in with these gizmos were meters that featured a set of 'ears' that came out of the sides when activated. A screen displayed a readout that told you your proximity to the target.

This equipment hadn't been used in decades and whether it worked properly was in question. But the fact remained that it was time for this stuff to see use once again. They were back and it one of the biggest surges the city had seen. Only reports stated that the phenomenon had swept across the entire nation. Heroes were needed to combat this menace. But the only ones who could were either dead or too old.

Besides, hardly anyone still remembered them. I myself had found out about them only by accident when I was researching the occurrences at the library. I hadn't said a word about my discovery because I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. I didn't know if this place would still be here. I was relieved when I found the structure still standing. They were everywhere and people were scared to leave their houses at night. Now it was time to resurrect the force that had defended this city so valiantly in the past. Because when the world's souls are in danger, who you gonna call? It was time to bring back the Ghostbusters.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by a scream that could have woke the dead. Without even thinking, I grabbed the pack and rectangular box and ran to investigate. What greeted me was a sight that one only expected to see in a nightmare or a horror film. There was a real ghost a few yards away from where I was approaching a young woman in a menacing manner. As though by instinct, I drew the wand that was connected to the pack and toggled the 'on' switch. The pack made a humming noise as it powered up and indicator lights leaped to life.

"Hey! You! Yeah you, the pug ugly ghost threatening the girl! Were you born that way or were you deformed during your life and that was exaggerated when you came back?" My verbal attack had achieved what I desired. The ghost had turned its attention on me and away from the girl. Only she wasn't running away. She must have been too scared to run. That would complicate things. After all, I was wearing an unlicensed nuclear accelerator attached to a particle thrower. That meant that I had a weapon that could punch holes in solid concrete and atomize an entire city block if it went critical. And it would complicate my job a bit if I had to worry about hitting civilians.

I raised the particle thrower as the ghost bared its fangs and prepared to charge at me. As soon as it let out a mighty bellow I hit the 'fire' button and a brilliant orange undulating stream of energy erupted from the end. It caught the ghost and immediately wrapped around it like a tentacle. I stood dumbfounded momentarily as the ghost howled and struggled in the confinement stream. It lashed out at me and brought me out of my stupor. I realized that I needed a trap because if I let the ghost go, it would attack me or the girl in its rage at being caught. But I needed both hands to keep the wand steady. I couldn't get at the trap. I needed help.

"Hey, I need your help!" I yelled at the girl who was still crouched in the corner.

"What?" She looked at me as though I was crazy.

"I need you to get the trap! It's hooked on the side of my pack! If you can get it, then we can trap this ghost!"

She slowly and nervously started inching her way towards me, recoiling in fright when the ghost lurched towards her.

"I'm scared," she said as she backed against the wall.

"It's alright," I encouraged. "The ghost can't harm you as long as it's in the stream. Now come on, this equipment hasn't been used in decades! I don't know if it'll last much longer!"

After gathering her courage, the girl started making her way towards me again and finally made it to my side.

"W-where's the trap?" she stammered.

"On the left side of the pack, the rectangular box with the black and yellow stripes on it," I informed as she looked.

"Got it!"

"Great, now place the pedal in front of my foot and slide the trap under the ghost!"


"Now, let's cut this ghost down to size. Close your eyes," I instructed as I stomped my foot on the pedal. An inverse pyramid of light shone from the trap and encompassed the thrashing ghost. Just as suddenly, the ghost was sucked into the trap with one last howl of anger as the trap closed.

I opened an eye and peeked at the trap. A few arcs of blue electricity played across its surface and an indicator light winked on but that was it.

"It's in there," I said as I opened both eyes.

"Are you sure?" the girl asked as I knelt down to pick up the trap.

"Positive," I answered as I turned to look at the girl who had helped me.

She appeared to be about nineteen or twenty, just a year or two younger than me. She was wearing jeans with a designer label, a form fitting maroon tank top and an unzipped purple hoodie. Her pretty face was framed by shoulder length wavy brown hair and she had brilliant cobalt blue eyes. As I took in these details, the trap started smoking. "Ah, yes. We should probably do something about that. If my research is right, then there should be a containment unit in the old Ghostbusters firehouse. This way," I smiled as I spun around and walked towards the dilapidated building I had entered earlier.

"Who are you?" the girl asked as she followed me.

"The name's David Harder. What's yours?"

"Arianna Daemon."

"That's a lovely name," I complimented as I walked down the stairs to the basement. "What are you doing here anyway?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"Fair enough. I'm here looking for this place actually. It used to be the headquarters for the Ghostbusters, paranormal investigators and eliminators. What with the sudden nationwide explosion of paranormal activity, I thought it was time somebody did something about it. I started researching about ghosts and accidentally found out about this place. I thought it was worth a look and here I am. Ah-ha! Here's the containment unit! Now, where did I put that paper?" I set the trap down and started fishing through the pockets of my jacket. I finally produced what I had been searching for. An old and folded up paper with some sketches and writing scribbled on it.

"What is that?" Arianna asked as she looked over my shoulder.

"This is part of a schematic drawn by Egon Spangler for the containment unit. He built all the equipment the Ghostbusters used back in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Wow, the unit is really dusty. It looks like it still works though. Now, if I've read this correctly, then there should be a hatch right here," I said as I pulled on a handle. "Now just slide the trap in there, close the hatch, enter your grid, synchronize the field, pull the lever and the ghost is safely deposited in the containment unit."

"What will you do now?"

"I'll be wanting to move as much of the equipment to a new location ASAP. After that I'm planning on finding some people who don't scare easily and want to help bust some ghosts. Do you know anybody like that?"

"No, but I'd be willing to join."

"You sure about that? After all you could hardly move when we busted that ghost."

"I'm sure, especially since I know that there's a way to defend against those monsters."

"Great, welcome to the Ghostbusters. And I think I know two other individuals who would be interested in joining."

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