Hollywood Heights: Loren and Eddie's Honeymoon!

I do not own the names in this story .Loren and Eddie.

Summary: This is the sequel of True Soul Mates the Honeymoon. I do not own the names in this story .Loren and Eddie.

Chapter 1

Mr. And Mrs. Duran we are almost there so can you please go back to your seats.

Thank you Brenda.

Loren is you alright baby?

Yes baby I'm alright I'm just tired I haven't gotten much sleep.

Well when get we get to the hotel we can take a nap before we go out looking around Hawaii Island.

That would be great Baby.

Mr. Duran we are here and your car is out front.

Thank you Brenda.

Hello Mr. Duran I'm your driver Tim I will be here to take you around the Islands.

Thank you Tim.

So here is your hotel you and Mrs. Duran can go check in I'll grab your bags.

Thank you Tim.

Eddie and Loren walked into the hotel when they were greeted by the owner of the hotel.

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Duran I'm the owner of this hotel and I will take you too sweet.

Thank you so much.

Wow Baby this sweet is so pretty. We have to thank Jake for booking this sweet.

Loren do you want something to eat before we head to bed baby?

Yes that would be nice baby.

(Eddie called for room service to order some food and drinks)

Baby wow you look so hot right now.

Thank you Baby I taught you would like it baby.

Knock, Knock.

Mr. Duran here is or order.

Thank you sir.

Have a good night Mr. Duran.

Baby our food is here.

Thank you baby.

Wow Eddie this food is really good. I love the way they make the chicken stir fry with the rice and pineapples.

Yea it is good.

Baby you really look tired Loren. Let's go to bed.

Okay baby. (Eddie picked Loren up and carried to the bed)

(Eddie put his arms around his wife and started kissing her neck and Loren turned to her husband and kissed his neck and lips and one thing lead to another and Loren made love with Eddie and it was so magical and they both had finally had fallen asleep.)

Nora has you heard from the kids today?

No Max haven't I'm sure we will heard from in a few days Nora. I know I miss them already.

Baby they are alright.

Okay Max so you want to get something to eat?

Yes let's go eat some tacos.

Okay baby.

Good morning Mrs. Duran.

Good Morning Mr. Duran.

Eddie Last night was so great for it being my first time.

It was great last night baby.

Baby I'm going to jump in the shower so we can go site seeing and get something to eat.

Okay Loren I love you.

I love you too Eddie.

(Eddie pulled out his cell and called his Dad)

Hello Pops how are you and Nora doing?

Hi Eddie, I and Nora are alright we are out to lunch at the taco place that we used to eat at.

That sounds great pops.

So Eddie how is you and my daughter doing?

We are doing great we are fixing to head out to go site seeing and grab lunch. I just need to know if you can look for a house for me and Loren because I think it's time we find a house so we can get out of the penthouse.

Yea Eddie me and Nora can look this afternoon, do you know how many rooms you want?

Yea I think maybe 3 to 4 bedrooms with a pool out back and a big back yard.

Okay Eddie I'll look.

Pops I want this to be a surprise for her when we get back to town.

Okay Eddie.

Eddie the shower is free so you can get in baby.

Okay baby.

Eddie let me say to my daughter.

Okay Pops but if you find one send me photos okay.

Okay son.

Loren Dad is on the phone.

Okay be right there.

HI Dad how is you and mom doing?

Hi Loren honey we are doing alright we are out eating lunch. So how is Hawaii?

It is so pretty here and we are going site seeing when Eddie gets out of the shower.

That is good. Well you too have fun and are careful alright.

Yes we will. Tell Mom Hi and I love you both.

Okay honey I will and we love you too.

Max how are the kids doing?

They are doing well they are fixing to go site seeing and Eddie wants us to go look for a 3 to 4 bedroom house for Loren to surprise her when they get back. And he wants a big back yard with a pool. And when we find one to take photos and send them to him.

Wow Loren is going to love that if we can find one before they get back into town. When do you want to go look for one?

How about after we eat lunch baby.

Okay that sounds like a plan.

Loren and Eddie, Loren and Eddie, Loren and Eddie!

Eddie wow this place is so peaceful here with no press following us.

Yes Baby it is peaceful and I love being here with you and how about we take a walk on the beach before heading back to the hotel.

Sure that would be great baby. (Eddie and Loren hand and hand walking along the beach)

Baby what are we going to eat for dinner tonight?

I was thinking maybe tacos or something light.

That sounds good baby .Let's go get ready.

Baby do you want to take a shower with me baby?

Yes that would be great.

Eddie if you don't stop that we won't get something to eat until real late.

Okay Loren I'll stop for now because I know you want to go eat something.

Thank you Eddie. Now let's go please.

Okay baby let's go.

(Loren heard her phone ringing)

Hi Loren, How is your honeymoon?

Hi Mom it's going great Mom and it is so pretty over here and the ocean here is so blue and you can see eight though it.

Wow Loren I bet it is pretty; I hope you take loads of photos.

I will Mom but we are on our way out to get dinner so I will call you in a few days.

Okay Honey I love you.

I love you too Mom.

(Eddie heard his phone ringing)

Hi Son I just wanted to let you know that I found the House I'm sending you the photos now.

Okay Dad thanks. Hold on let me look.

Wow Dad I love it get that one and see the realtor will wait until I get back to sign the paper work and pay the money.

Okay I will and I will let you know.

Thank you Dad.

No problem Son.

Bye Dad

Bye son

Loren and Eddie, Loren and Eddie, Loren and Eddie!

Can I take you to your table sir?

Yes thank you. Can I take or drink order.

Yes I would like an Ice tea with lemon and for you sir. I'll have the same.

Wow Eddie all this look so good I don't know what to order. I think I want the chicken and pineapple taco and rice.

What about you Eddie what are you getting?

I think the same as you it looks good.

Can I take your order sir?

Yes we will have two chicken and pineapple and rice taco.

Okay thank you I will have your dinner out to you shortly.

Baby what we are going to do when we get back to the states because we are going on tour in January.

Loren before we go on tour I have a surprise for you and then we can go on tour baby.

Okay Baby that is fine but.

Here is your order in enjoy.

Thank you.

Hmmm this is really good. What about you Eddie what do you think?

Yes it is really good. So Loren how about we go for a cruise around Hawaii Island and have lunch on the cruise.

That sounds like fun.

Can you all anything else sir?

No we are good can I get the check please.

Yes sir just one second.

Eddie that was a nice place. Eddie how about we get something for the gang back home from Hawaii, What do you think?

That sounds like a great idea. They have some nice shops do you think we should get them?

I was thinking that dolphin frame for Mom and for Dad we should get him that glass piano, and for Mel I was thinking about that necklace with the little diamonds on it, and for Jake and Kelly we should get them a t-shirt.

I like it baby we got everyone take care of.

So what do you all think so far of Eddie and Loren's Honeymoon story so far.