Chapter 12

Loren and Eddie and Max Eric and Katy Marie Duran!

(Eddie and Loren try and work things out)

Eddie: I really wish you would talk to me.

Loren: What would like me to say?

Eddie: I know that I told you a lot last night and I really wish you would let me know what you think because I know that it is hurting you right now.

Loren: I'm not what to say because when we thought you were died and I was not going to see you again I just wanted to find you and bring you home to me and Max. But then when we found out that it wasn't you in the car and when you came back and we were talking I don't understand why you didn't say anything to me than ? Why wait until now to say something. That just makes me think what else you could be hiding from me.

Eddie: I don't know why I didn't tell you about what happen between me and Lea. But I just don't want this to end our marriage because I really do love you and our family. And there is nothing else that happens. But I'm sorry for not telling you sooner.

Loren: I do forgive you because I love you and I know you would not hide anything else from me because we do have a good relationship and you and our kids are my world.

Eddie: Thank you for forgiving me and you and our kids are my world as well. And I really love you.