Loren and Eddie and Max Eric and Katy Duran!

(Loren and Eddie look for a nanny)

Loren: Okay now that we have a list of nanny's to look at we should get started because we have less than a week before the touring starts.

Eddie: Yes we do so how do you want to do this call than set a appointment up then ask them some questions, or do you want to have a back ground check first than go from there?

Loren: I think we need to run back ground checks first on all the nanny's that we have wrote down than go from there.

Eddie: Okay I will call Jake and see if he can help us run these back ground checks.

Loren: Alright sounds like a plan.

(Eddie calls Jake for some help)

Jake hears his cell ringing

Eddie: Hey Jake the reason why I'm calling is because I wanted to see if you can give us a hand running some background checks on these nanny's we have a list of. If you have time that is.

Jake: Sure Eddie I have time to help I can be over there in 20 minutes.

Eddie: Okay thanks so much for helping us out. I'll see you in 20 minutes.

Jake: No problem. See you soon. Bye

Eddie: Okay bye.