It was a cool summer night at a small cul-de-sac of Rathink Avenue. Small and distant stars shining on the dark, blueish night sky like embroidered white jewels on a dress. As opposed to blazing heat heating everything during a usual summer day, cool Canadian breeze blows through the air, cooling things down.

At this time, mostly everyone had already got their dinners and are spending time in the night like hanging out with friends along with a variety of activities. But for a certain group of three boys, they have just finished their kind of activity: Building a scam.

About this group of three boys, it consist of: A tall and strong but unintelligent boy named Ed who acts as the powerhouse, an intelligent but scrawny and weak boy named Edd who acts as the brain. And finally, a short but also short-tempered boy named Eddy acts as the de facto leader of the group.

This group of boys works together for a single purpose: To scam other kids out of their money to get their favorite treat. The precious Jawbreaker. However, they usually fail at this task and sometimes had conflicts with each other. Nonetheless, they still go on doing scams until they reach their goal.

And tonight, they have finished building a scam. Using materials gathered from a local junkyard, they effectively turn trash into values. They made a spa and sauna scam named the "Chez-la-sweat". The scam was named after a previous one, after it was destroyed involving an accident with Ed, who was being used as a towel post at that time.

After they have finished building the scams, they decided to call it a night and will bring the other kids over to scam them tomorrow. Now, they are now lying on a clear grounds where they had constructed the scam.

"Summer is just great. No school, no homeworks and no detentions!" Eddy remarked. "It's just all about scamming!"

"Oh please, Eddy. Would you mind stop thinking about your greeds for a minutes?" Edd replied. "Take a look at the night sky and see how nature gave us fantastic gift and famed astronomers astounding discoveries? Like the Solar System, the stars and-"

"Yeah yeah whatever Double D." Eddy interrupted, obviously not interested in astronomy topic.

"Oh oh! What about UFO's and doomsday meteors Double D?" Ed asked, getting excited. He has an interest in old monster movies and love to reference them at some cases.

"My apologize Ed, today scientists haven't proved the existence of UFO or aliens." Edd answered. "And about meteors, some of them had been discovered but had not yet reported to collide with our planet."

"Aw...I wish can see those.." Ed said, disappointed.

Right at the moment Ed mentioned the word 'meteor', one is drifting through the night sky, entering the Earth's atmosphere and proceed to crash at whatever location it chooses, never caring about how much damage it will do.

"Hey..did you see that?" Eddy exclaimed upon getting back up, he had seen something in the sky.

"What is it Eddy?" Edd asked, looking after him.

"METEOR!" Ed shouted as he gets up and jumped excitingly.

"What a discovery of a great astronomical event!" Edd commented excitingly. "If only we have a telescope, it would have been an amazing experience to take a closer look at it."

"OH OH! It's heading toward us!" Ed shouted again as the meteor is seen heading toward them, flashing in a bright blue light. "It must be the Glukorians's Weapon X from Planet 88!"

"It's heading toward us!?" Edd exclaimed in shock, he didn't expect this great discovery would be a threat to their lives.

"We can't leave here, my scam would be ruined!" Eddy said, his greed is much more dominant than him.

"But Eddy, our lives are more important than the scam right now!" Edd argued back to Eddy.

"Quick! We must reach the the bomb shelter and warn the Central Command!" Ed said as he
immediately grab Edd and Eddy and started an attempt to run away before the meteor makes impact against the ground.

But it was already too late.

Time seems to have slow down for the Eds as the meteor touched the ground with great force. It knocks off its axis and nova, burning off any grass and trees within its range. Eddy, upon looking back, is also horrified by the destruction of his newly-built scam.

Edd tries to urge Ed to run faster and warn him about the incoming blast, but his sentences seems to be slowing down, so as Ed's movement.

The nova eventually engulf the three before flashing in blue again.

This is the night where the Eds disappear from the cul-de-sac.

But this will also be the night of their new adventure.