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It has been one, or perhaps, two hours since the Eds were arrested for "attempted theft" at the neighborhood. The sun is about to go down in any minutes, signifying the end of the dusk and the beginning of night. The van and two police cruisers is now travelling through a busy highway full of hover cars. Of course, even policemen have to wrestle with rush hour like everyone else.

The obese police officer groaned impatiently, tapping his sweaty hands on the steering wheel of the vehicle while his thin counterpart remains untethered as he reads a magazine. All three Eds are still sitting in the back, and instead of being kept separated by a cold steel wall and thin bars to see through, there is a wide blue energy barrier with the image of a badge on it. It reads "Acmetropolis Police". The barrier is designed to repel violent and strong criminals just encase, the barrier is obviously transparent, allowing officers to keep an eye on sly criminals to make sure they will not attempt an escape.

"This is the most abnormal day we've ever been in, Eddy." Edd said, being mostly down. He looks over to his handcuff. They were more different than the usual steel handcuff. To unlock them, instead of using a key, there's a gap for a keycard to slide over. The hat-wearing Ed is at the same time fascinated by the new technology, but fears for the worst.

"Yeah." The short Ed replied, before saying a line to himself. "Why not throw that fat as a pig guy in here instead?"

"Hey! I heard that!" The said obese police officer yelled, startling the Eds, and especially Eddy. "Don't you talk trash about me, boys. You are only twenty minutes away from bars, if not for this traffic jam."

The big cop's words made the air in the van deadened a little as the three boys stayed quiet, with only vehicle horn noises from outside blasting like mad, threatening to drive anyone nuts.

"Hey Paul, why don't you go easy on these kids?" The thin officer said. "They are sensitive."

"Nate, you have only been on the force for three weeks and you are still gentle and sweet as heck." The other cop said in a grumpy voice. "I have dealt with punks and spoiled youngsters before, they just wanted to get back out there and hurt peoples. They deserved to be disciplined."

"At least I still know what's right and wrong." Nathan said. "I don't think those kids had done anything bad."

"You think so huh? If a criminal does that, it's usually a mask to trick you." Paul replied. "Try talking to them then, I doubt you would get the taste of that-"

Nathan gets up from his passenger seat as he reaches his right arm through the barrier, which has the arm device. The barrier turn green with the image of a positive check mark on it, and then he proceed to go through the energy wall.

"Don't say I didn't warn you Nate." The fat police officer changed his going-to-speak line as he flips open a box of donut, taking one from it and started eating. The wait made him hungry.

The thin police pushed away his partner's words as he sat down next to Ed.

"It feels weird when some random police officer went to the back of this car to chat with some youngsters, does it?" Nathan asked the three. "Don't feel bad about what you had done, it's not quite serious I mean, people can get their stuffs back right? And don't worry about getting a life or death sentence too. Beside, I don't think you three did it."

"Why thank you for your words of encouragement Mr. Officer." Edd said to him.

"H-Hey it's no big deal." Nathan replied, before he felt his face wrinkling upon accidentally smelling Ed's signature foul body odor. "Dang, it is just me or does it smell like somebody didn't use a soap long time?"

"Soap!?" The word struck the feeling of dread into the big Ed, as he obviously dislikes that. Before he could react with fear and do anything else, Eddy quickly grabs him and dragged him to the position where he could sit next to the con-artist. Eddy could also be heard saying "Get over here lumpy."

"You have to forgive Ed, he is not accustomed to soap or other numerous kinds of objects." Edd explained to him.

"Oh, okay." Nathan replied, albeit feeling awkward about some kid who is afraid of soap. "So, while we are trying to get through this traffic jam, we should pass some time with some friendly talks. I will start first-"

The conversation between police and prisoners is interrupted when a holographic screen appeared in front of the car with an electronic beep sound. On the screen is a policeman, and in the background are a group of policemen, wearing some sort of high-tech exoskeleton, fighting off something with their plasma cannons and plasma miniguns, but to no avail. Desperation can be seen on the police's face.

"Attention all personnel! Milton Techton, a Class B Criminal had just escaped from Acmetropolis Prison! Do what you can to stop him before he could wreck things up with his new toy!"

The man then looks up before running away, along with the other suit-wearing officers as all their vehicles are flipped over and destroyed, static then replaced the image on the screen before the screen itself disappear.

"Roger!" One of the policeman in one of the cruiser said, who is an anthropomorphic German shepherd. "I will go ahead and stop him. The other will stay here and escort the van."

"Would you mind if I…speed things up a little?" A booming voice said sarcastically outside before a huge fist made of scrap metals swung down onto the highway, separating it into two halves and making the ground on the highway shake a little. Citizens started screaming and running away from the terror in front of their eyes, trying to find a safe place.

"Let's get the heck out of here! And leave those scums behind!" Paul said as he quickly scrambled out of his seat and opened the car door, running away with a box of donuts in his hands. The four other officers who are sitting in their police cruisers came out too, running from the imminent threat of a collapsing highway.

"What are we going to do?" Edd asked the cop, not knowing what to do next.

"We're DOOMED!" Ed exclaimed while panicking.

Nathan quickly reassures the three Eds before he tries to keep calm and took a quick survey of his surrounding: The back door is locked on the other side thanks to a digital keycard-operated lock, and the other way out is of course, obstructed by an energy barrier which only police personnel can pass through and not for the criminals, and in this case, the Eds themselves.

"Okay." Nathan said to himself as he took a deep breath, and spoke to the Eds. "Stay here. I will try get out to the back using the front. After that, I will open the door for you from there.

"Great. Now get going." Eddy replied to his proposal of a plan as he, Edd and Ed waited and watched, hoping the young policeman is quick enough so they wouldn't get killed.

Nathan passes through the energy barrier and got up to the front. He immediately head to the left side and opened the car door to get out. Just after the man got outside, Nathan witnessed a giant metallic foot, also constructed from scrap metals, kicking against one of the highway's pillar, thus also making the ground he stands shaking. To make the worse, abandoned vehicles started sliding off. And of course, the result is bad when things hit the ground hard.

"Hurry!" Edd cried out in distress as the van slowly slides off the angled surface.

Driven by his need to protect the three young adolescents, the young cop struggled against the turned ground and managed to slide through the digital slot on the van back door. It also makes a digital beep sound, confirming it its unlocked. Eddy proceeded to give the door a kick to open it. The trio jumped out of the van, and begin running with the young police officer. As the robotic behemoth delivered a last kick to the pillar, a large part of the highway was dragged by gravity and collapses to the ground, causing considerable damage to both roads and vehicles.

The four didn't make it to safety when the fall happened. But Nathan, Ed and Eddy barely made it by grabbing onto the ledge, Edd managed it too. However, his weak physique doesn't allow him to hold on for very long. His hands, which cannot even perform a certain physical task such as punching a punching bag, soon loosened as his right hand slipped off. The other three didn't have much time to pull him up when a huge fist swung down at their current location, causing the trio to back off while Edd involuntarily let go due to the shock.

"Double D!" Ed and Eddy cried out in unison at their falling friend, Nathan could only watches on with shocked silence at the sight.

Edd, emotionally terrified, started screaming and flailing his arms frantically in the air. He could not believe death has come to him so suddenly. He still has a long way to go, but why does it have to end with a splat on the ground he thought. His visions became slightly blurry as he tear up, holding fear and sadness formed in his eyes as he is about to have a very hard landing…

However, someone intervened and saved him from the gaping maw of Death.

A streak of black and yellow blur swooped in and caught the falling boy. Edd was extremely surprised at this sudden twist of fate. The descent is changed to an ascension as he felt himself going up, he looks down to see himself was being held by a pair of hands, outfitted with some sort of black and yellow forearm armor, there were some buttons and stuffs on that allow digital interaction, but the smart Ed couldn't examine them fully.

"'ey sport, ya okay?" A voice with thick Brooklyn accent asked him. He quickly turns to face the source of the voice, and felt both weird and shock at the same time to find out that the speaker wasn't a human, but rather an anthropomorphic rabbit with sapphire blue eyes, looking and waiting for an answer from him.

"Oh! Um.." Edd reacted with surprise and nervousness, along with some feeling of fascination. He couldn't believe that he is actually speaking with a non-human being. After getting past those emotions, he gave the rabbit an answer. "I am fine. Thank you uh…"

His sentence is brought to a sudden halt, he didn't know this lagomorphs' name.

"Just call me Ace!" The rabbit, now named Ace, introduced himself to the Ed.

"Very well then, thank you Ace." Edd replied as he finishes his last sentence.

Ace proceeded to land on the highway where Ed, Eddy and Nathan are standing and then put Edd down. After that, he gave the other a friendly wink before flying off to help his teammates fight against the gargantuan robot.

"Double D!" Ed cried out as he immediately ran out toward his friend and giving him a big bear hug. "You have been saved by the Buck Rabbit, the leader of the Animal-Vengers!"

"Ed, it's too tight…" Edd made out some words while being literally choked by the big Ed. "Please, put me…down."

"Okay." Ed replied as he let go of him.

"Actually, that guy is not the Animal-Vengers guy you are talking about." Nathan said to correct Ed's false words. "I don't know if you guys didn't know him and his gang, but I will tell you. He's part of the Loonatics."

"Loona-what?" Eddy asked.

"Basically, as you can see." Nathan said as he points to the Ace and his team fighting the robot. "They are super heroes who fight crime as usual. They are public heroes, not vigilantes who do justice secretly."

"Woah, way cool!" Ed exclaimed while watching the Loonatics battling the giant robot. It was getting bombarded by showers after showers of pink brain ray, orange globs and optic laser beam, along with the other types of attacks. It seems that the robot is about to lose, but it didn't…

Unpredictably, the cyber behemoth glow a dark gray color as it slammed its elbow down roughly, causing the team on the highway to stumble, it even apply to the certain roadrunner trying to use his speed to flank him. Without stopping, the robot uses the other hand to swipe them away, successfully halting them off for some minutes.

"You think you will be safe being protected by the Loser-tics?" The voice once against boomed inside the robot. "No, I am sorry to disagree with you over that. But you are now coming with me criminals!"

The robot's right hand reaches forward to grab the four. They tried to run away from it as fast as their bodies could allow them, but they were captured except for one. The intellectual Edd tripped and avoided it, but his two friends and Nathan are captured.

"Somebody help me!" Eddy cried out as he struggles to get out of its' tight grip.

"NOT GOOD!" Ed does the same as Eddy.

"All of you, hold it right there!" The voice boomed, holding its occupied right hand over the wide gap on the shattered highway. "IF anyone of you tried to stop me, the criminals in my hand will become pancakes!"

This has become a difficult hostage situation. How will the heroes get out of this?

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