Chapter 1

Of course I'm me

"Of course I'm feeling okay, why wouldn't I be feeling okay, you silly boy," The red head simply looked at Tear, in all honesty he was surprised that she would visit. Though that wasn't the most shocking thing about the meeting, after all what Tear was wearing wasn't standard issue for her at all.

"O-okay." Luke frowned, though that was more due to the fact that his father wouldn't be pleased to see Tear hanging around the manor at all. Especially after they had defeated Van at the absorption gate, they all went their separate ways for the time being. Though Luke had to wonder what had happen during the month that they were separated. After all Tear seemed...rather off to say the least.

"One of the maids let you in right? Well in any case, I'm glad that you came to visit." Luke gave a light blush as the two walked towards the courtyard. It was nice that Pere was working inside at the moment, it gave Luke sometime to actually talk to Tear about his feelings on staying in the Fabre house, even though Asch deserved it more.

"Actually Tear, I've been meaning to as-"

"Hush, can't you see I'm thinking?!" Even though the brown haired teen gave no warning that she was thinking Luke shut his mouth almost instantly.

Actually, the way Tear was dressed was so different from usual that Luke had to wonder if she was the same person. She wore a rather large hood, enough to conceal her eyes at least, actually the robe she was wearing wasn't suited for combat at all. At least not the way Tear fought.

The entire situation seemed wrong, or incomplete at that. Luke knew Tear far too well to be tricked by something like this, even if she sounded and looked exactly alike Tear, Luke had enough experience in that area to know when something was up. And something was definitely amiss, he simply couldn't put his finger on it, but the woman in front of him was definitely not Tear.

"What are you staring at, you. I understand you must be memorized by my beauty, but now is not the time for such things. Now what do we usually do, I mean since I know you so well, you must know what we usually do when I'm over." Luke eyes narrowed, it was probably best to pretend that he knew what she was talking about, the red head may not have been the brightest of the bunch, but he really couldn't yet such a suspicious person go.

And so, it exploded with a bang. The sword crashed down breaking through the armor like paper, the Kimlasca warriors didn't have a chance, even though it was suppose to be a regular patrol, they met such a horrible demon. So, in the grass field stained with blood, a red knight crawled as something stomped his back.

"You are the only one left...go, tell the princess that I will be visiting her shortly." A large woman, taller then most men stated bluntly, her voice was a mixture of pleasure and heartlessness. No doubt she was enjoying everything she was doing, she didn't care if it was in the middle of the day, this was her calling.

No need for thinking, the corpses were her only friends. The blood stained hill in the fields was where she was born, and where she would stay. Yes, this body was made of nothing, only being use for a single purpose. That was for battle.

"How meaningless this is, a waste of time." The woman gritted her teeth, her black armor warped, she would have rather stayed where she belonged, but in the end she ended up a place where she shouldn't be at all. "Those two will surely pay for this later, the Fon master and the replica, but for now I'll grin and bare it. I'll met up with Mary at Daath, the rest of the lords should be there by then." She smirked as she removed her boot from the mans spine, before walking across the field. There was one last thing she had to say, even if it was to herself.

"Ah, I wonder what the other me is like," Worthless musing of a warrior, though she had to wonder why the necromancer didn't come with them. Was he waiting for something, either way none of that was her problem. All she needed to do was kill and smash down castle walls. After all that is what she was known best for, smashing away the worthless things in the world.

"Anise..." The blond girl sighed before she realized she made a mistake, after all even though they were in a cramped space being completely heated like an oven she really should have been proper with her partner. Even if it really wasn't that important.

"That is Dr. Tatlin Phd to you Mary, I know I'm quite smart for my age but-"

Blah, blah, blah That was all the blond woman was hearing as the gears grind in the machine, she started to regret being paired up with Anise, but it was either her or Luke, and no one wanted to be paired up with such a person. Then again, with their current track record one has to wonder why they bothered making a group in the first place.

"Umm, okay Dr. Tatlin could you please cool down this thing. When you said this was the fastest way to Daath, I didn't know it would be this uncomfortable." Mary complained as the pig-haired girl pushed the glasses up. It seemed she would have to take the time to explain such things to a lesser mind.

"Foolish , fool of the foolish dimension? Do you know what would happen if I dared try to put something like that in here. The-"

Blah, blah, blah, Anise once again went on a rant as Mary grumbled. This was going to be a long trip, but even Mary was impressed with the machine, it would be impossible to travel this quickly without it. But Mary had to wonder, wouldn't they attract some unwanted attention in a quick moving tank, even if it wasn't large than a horse and carriage something like the thing they were ridding in shouldn't exist.

Speaking of unwanted attention...

"Eh?! What is this pointlessness!" Anise snapped as she brought down something similar to a scope, hostile forces were following them. Landing in Malkuth was a hassle, since it was so faraway from their meeting place. But complaining about wouldn't change anything.

"What are we going to do?" Mary frowned as the black haired girl gave a lower chuckle before erupting into hysterical laughter.

"WAHAHAHA! I'm happy I have so many willing volunteers for my next experiment. Shall we test the offensive capabilities of this machine?" That didn't sound good, at least not for Mary, maybe she was getting to old for this kind of thing, 28 and she was older then most of the people in her group. Though there really wasn't much she could do about that at the moment.

"Dr Tatlin, are you sure this is a good idea?" Mary sighed as the black haired girl gave a light scoff, it seemed like once again that she would have to explain to this simpleton what she was preparing to do. "Idiot, idiot, idiot, do you understand me at all, we can do whatever we want in this world with absolutely no consequences, plus-"

Another long winded rant was about to take place, it seems like it really was going to be a long road ahead.

"How worthless." The red headed teen held the whine glass as he sat in a rather marvelous room as a green haired boy sighed. The person in front of them was always such a hassle, but even more so the fact that he can't keep still.

"Worthless maggots everywhere, Fon master why did we have to do something like this? It's worthless in the long run anyway right? We could have stayed put, but you insisted on coming here, why? There is nothing but dirt here," The red head snapped as the green haired boy simply shrugged.

"Luke, I have something very important that I must do here, I'll let you have as much fun as you want. Just do this and you can impose your will on anyone you want, just be good for once alright." It seemed the green haired Fon master was irritated as Luke simply scoffed. How foolish, be good? He was talking to him as if he was a child, which was probably the case.

"Don't worry Fon master, I won't screw this up. If we're late however I'm blaming you, you insist on stopping here when we could have been at Daath by now. Grand Chokmah isn't that grand to be honest, after all we've seen such a worthless place before, so seeing it in a different tint won't alter my opinion of this place."

The grand duke was pouting as the Fon master gave a light chuckle, he was enjoying his partner's suffering. Ion wondered if the Luke from this world was as hilarious as this one, probably not. Considering the Luke from where he was from was made of different material then the replica's here. "Ah, Luke who knows what you'll see here, maybe you'll become a little more modest. After all we should try perfecting ourselves the best that we can." Ion snickered as Luke gritted his teeth.

"Do not patronize me Fon master, I'm already perfect, so me trying to be more perfect is pointless. People try to be like me, not the other way around. Now what is the necromancer doing now anyway?" Ion simply shrugged as the red armored duke asked a pointless question.

"I'm sure he's doing something important. Now, we must make a plan about once we reach Daath, unless you are to good for that as well?" Ion lifted his brow as Luke scoffed once again. "Someone like me does not need a plan, we will storm and kill everyone if necessary. Actually I prefer that plan, I hate when other people kill people, speaking of killing people. Do you actually think Natalia will follow the plan? She is just a ragging beast after all.

"No." The answer was blunt, but Ion knew the people that he choice to be the lords, and he knew for a fact that Natalia would probably seek out her other self and kill her. After all she was the queen of Kimlasca, so even if they were in another world she had to be queen. It was a matter of pride.

"Ah, so we are going to ignore her. Probably for the best, knowing her she would be useless anyway, ah but this is rather interesting. No matter how dull it is, now I must wonder, what the other me is like." He then laughed to himself, no doubt he was probably almost as amazing as him.

"Tear...are you alright?" The small blue cheagle asked the hooded figure as her eye twitched. "Of course you strange little creature, I am alright whoever you are." The hooded look alike was failing rather hard pretending to be someone else as Luke sighed, he then looked at the small glass she had offered him.

Normally he would have been more nervous about letting a girl in his room. Though Mieu being there probably would have ruined the mood anyway, it didn't help that she was constantly offering him drinks that she had dipped her fingers in. Actually her nails seemed to have been painted purple, for whatever the reason was it actually looked good.

"Drink it, damn you." The hooded woman snapped as Luke slowly crept back on his bed, things were getting rather creepy as she insisted on Luke drinking it. Which was weird, Luke didn't even know where she got all these drinks.

"N-no I'm good, ah actually I was wondering if I could ask you how you've been." Luke stated as the woman eyes narrowed.

"It's like you don't think I'm the person that I'm saying I am." She sounded offended as Luke tried to harden his face, though he really wasn't the kind of person that could make an evil look. "Actually, that's exactly what I'm asking.

"..." A long pause followed, as the woman frowned slightly, it seems like she was going to be forced to answer some questions...unless. "Actually, I have to use the ladies room, if you could excuse me right now." The Tear look alike left the room leaving the cheagle and Luke staring at a wall, for some reason Luke had an odd feeling that she wasn't coming back.

"Master, was that really Tear?" Mieu asked such a pointless question as Luke cut his eye towards his cheagle friend. "Of course not! She didn't even dress like Tear, all I know that it's weird..." Luke stopped as he sat on his bed in thought, he really didn't know what to do at the moment, but maybe this was the perfect thing to get him out of the manor.

After all, after the events at the absorption gate, people have been treating him as if he was some kind of monster. Stuttering every time he showed, tripping over themselves or simply glaring at him, their eyes stating that he shouldn't exist. This was his excuse to leave, after all this kind of information probably shouldn't be kept to himself as he sat up.

"Hey Mieu, how would you like to go back to Yulia city?"

"Geeze, that was a failure." The hooded woman held her chest, it seems that she wasn't use to a lot of physical work as she looked back at the manor. Her plan was to kill this Luke, but he was surprisingly different then the one from her world. "He actually had manners and wasn't pompous, nor did he have a god complex. No matter what however, she still failed to kill her target, she probably should have been more settle with putting poison in her drink.

"Nothing else to do, but to head to Daath, I wished someone could carry me or something. I'm not good with all the physical labor stuff. I'm too soft I don't have any muscle, can't anyone see that?" She was complaining in the middle of the street to herself as she slump her shoulders. "I can't even complain because there isn't anyone else here to listen."

She would have to suck it up, however, there was no one here at the moment so she would have to find her own way to Daath. She really hated that place, no matter what she would end up there, it's like the script writers of her life didn't have any unique place to put her so they just send her to Daath.

"Who knows, maybe I'll meet up with the others along the way."

Wrecked, that was the only way to describe the machine at the current moment as the hills of clustered swords bodies and metal filled their eyes Mary couldn't help but sigh as she put away her weapon. Not only was their only mode of transportation destroyed, but no doubt they would be sending more troops out after these didn't come back. Even after all of this, night was approaching and neither her nor the doctor had a place to stay, after all they were in the middle of nowhere.

"Hey doctor, what ar-"

The woman was cut off by a large hush as Dr Tatlin played with the scraps of metal. From her small pack a metal spider appeared and started to create something worthless no doubt. "Can't you see that I'm busy, I need to get information about what went wrong, so I can fix it later. I have no time to chat with a small minded fool such as yourself." More insults as Mary sat down on the dusty road, almost forgetting that she was in the middle of an old battlefield.

Why was she doing this? What did she have to gain, things were rather confusing over all, but before she delve deeper into her own thoughts she was cut off by a rather large shout.

"Ah yes, this should be good enough." The small doctor left the wreckage holding two new weapons, it was weird how she could create something so fast, but Mary learned not to question it after awhile.

"Here you go, I managed to make you another blade, though I'm not sure if you need it." Mary took note of the large gun the doctor was carrying. But decided not to question it, it would probably just make her head hurt anyway.

"Well, Dr Tatlin, what are we going to do now?" Mary crossed her arms, but it seemed like she wasn't prepared for the blunt response. "We walk you fool, I can't believe I have to spell out such a simple idea to you."

Author notes.

I wish I had Microsoft word, the grammar checks on that are amazing, an Idea that was actually inspired from a character from Continuity error. Which is also being somewhat rewritten.