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" Mrs. Sandborn is there I need to talk to her...now" said a very upset and very worried Jessica over a cell phone.

Liz and Jess were spouse to go out this afternoon but something had come up and Liz had to bale. Liz had got a call from Maria saying she needed Liz's help but Liz had never made it to Maria's and now Liz was in the car crying and about to be taken to the hospital but someone had to help Jess because now she needed moral support.

"Yes, dear is everything alright you sound hysterical never mind I'll get her" said a very worried Mrs. Sandborn.

She herd Conner's mom yell for Tia and was now waiting very impatiently for Tia to pick up.

"Hello, mom I'll be home for dinner soon I am just helping Conner on his music I told you" said Tia in a impatient voice.

"Tia, this Jess something really bad happened to Liz I don't want to talk about it over the phone and I need you hear for moral support could you meet me at the hospital" said a crying Jessica.

"Jess what happened what hospital and my car is in the shop Conner will have to drop me off. What is going on why are we going to the hospital what happened and were are you" said a now hysterical Tia.

"I am on my cell Conner can come here as long as he is up to hearing what I have to tell I am on my way to the hospital now and I can't talk about this over the phone just that something really bad happened to Liz and my mom and dad are on the to but I need you there as well" said a very impatient Jessica.

At this moment even Conner was getting worried because he had heard the word hospital and him driving that and did not like ether that meant something had to be very wrong. If it came from Jess it was probably worse.

Before he realized what was going on he was in his car on his way to the hospital knowing just that one of the Wakefield twins was in trouble an he was not asking any questions have a feeling that Tia did not know many of the answers.

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